Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Against All Odds - It's Being Called A Miracle

Rejoice NorCo, democracy works, and our voices were heard by the Honorable Judge Stephen Baratta.

It is being circulated that the ex-chairs sidekick is going to appeal the case he lost two Friday's ago, funded of course by the ex-chair. But that's OK, they have thrown the kitchen sink at us and missed, so we are deady for it. We're running a race with many hurdles hurled in front of us, while our opponent has a wide open lane. Nevertheless, we have cleared every hurdle, and we have the courage and stamina to jump a few more if necessary.

The question is why would they want to continue this fiasco? Don't they get that The People are tired of being tired, and will no longer tolerate such disgraceful and despicable behavior. Can you believe that the ex-chair - soon to be ex-councilman would display such impudent behavior to sue the very people he is supposed to be serving, spitting in their faces at every opportunity.

They ex-chair has brought absolutely nothing but dishonor and shame to the office The People entrusted him with. His arrogant temperament inserts fear into the hearts of every member of council, as well as the county executive (who by the way does not look well these days) and many county employees who shiver at the sight of this very evil man.

Look in the mirror Mr. Angle do you like what you see, because we don't! and we will prove it to you at the polls hopefully in May, definitely in November. You see, you might be able to win your district if no one runs against you in May, but rest assured you won't win the county in November. 92.8% of the NorCo populace sent you that message in the Express Times, but in your pompous demeanor you failed to get it.

You may still be able to salvage your term however, if you vote in favor of the initiative on Thursday when it comes before you. Keep in mind that we will make a mental note of the support and rejections received to be retrieved during the upcoming elections. Also, do yourself a favor, tell your sidekick not to waste his time and your money, it will only work against YOU! He has nothing to lose...but you have everything to lose.

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  1. I think Mr. Angle is very slowly starting to see the light. No doubt this is due in part to the bad news he received via the most recent poll he took. It is Mr. Stoffa, who should be answering the hard questions as to why he is using the taxpayers money to thwart the will of the taxpayers ?