Monday, February 14, 2011

Could Have Been Avoided

This whole matter of the petition drive could have been avoided if the CC would have just listened to The People.

Consider that Mr. Stoffa had presented a budget back in October of 2010, that funded Gracedale for a full year, if at that time the CC would have listened and worked with The People, we would not be in this mess and they would not have wasted tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars on this matter. But no, that was too simple lets complicate things.

The ex-chair says - it's my way or the highway and decides to do the executives job, creates his own budget, and then he has the audacity to complain that it was too hard, and he will never do that again because no one appreciates him or what he does.

So he creates a budget that by the way was reported in the media to have been inflated so that it appear like the ex-chair was a financial genius, giving The People the illusion that he reduced the budget, and that he is the greatest councilman ever.

This act was in fact unmistakable arrogance, transparently telling The People that he/they would not listen to anything The People had to they want to blame The People for this mess.

All they had to do was LISTEN.

In the mean time The People said "if you don't listen, we will have to petition".

Now, after The People are sued by the ex-chair and prevail, Stoffa decides to add insult to injury by bringing his own suit against The People, saying that The People are trying to interfere with the budget, not so. All the entire local governing body had to do was listen right from the beginning.

This is a major problem with local government today, beginning with the ex-chair. It seems like they may require the assistance of a hearing aid, consider that if they had listened back in October, and not put The People to the test, this whole matter would never have been a challenge for anyone.


  1. Anything that Ron Anle has to do with is file suit if he does not like what is happening.
    This happens so much with him and his now infamous appeals,he cannot stop himself.
    He has now met a brick wall, and he does't like it one bit.
    He is finally losing CONTROL,and he should soon be either crashing out of his cage to do more harm or file suit again.
    He still is unable to see that he is now the former Pres of Council and should modify his ways if he intends to lave a longer career in politics.
    Just ask those people in his own district who came out in droves to set him straight with the detention center.
    He says he received nothing. But if anyone saw him leave a meeting early during those days, he actually said that he was going to have dinner with reps from GEO.
    Now I ask you,who paid,ETC?

  2. When will Stoffa stop using taxpayers' money to file suit against taxpayers because they should really vote on the issue of Gracedale,clearly one of the largest issues to appear in a generation.
    At the same time,an issue which will have an effect on all NORCO residents especially if they have to give up the benefit of having a SAY in the total care of their loved ones.
    Forget your ego, make your budget work without the help of the Evil One.