Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Whats' Going On???

Yesterday, the nonsensical ignoramus creafted a post beating up his friend the Mcall - AGAIN!!!

Near the very end of the post we found the following small piece of information somewhat interesting: "people like to be (1) told what is going on; and (2) asked if it's OK."

Really? Then why didn't he feel that way about the Gracedale Initiative? And we would make one small correction to his statement...                                                                    Are we informed?

...We The People don't want to be TOLD anything!!! We want to be informed. Having said that...the one thing We The People were asking for was information about the future plans for Gracedale...and the second thing that We The People wanted was to be asked if the plans were okay with us - so we could say what we said when We The People uncovered for ourselves the TRUTH - Absolutely's not okay.

You know ladies and gentlement of NorCo - we can't make this  stuff up - no, it's happening as we communicate.

We really don't want to be mean-spirited...but, NI is so ignorant. Today he drafted another post in which he clearly indicates himself, that at the end of the day...he is nothing more than a ugly prostitue with no Johns...not welcomed by even Tony Iannelli of all people, and WFMZ, because when it comes down to thier pockets - they say...See ya, wouldn't wanna-B-ya, thats what Bernie O'Hare says he was told today. Man...they dropped him like a subvert with an STD.

Soon...people will say "Bernie WHO?"

Stay tuned for the fireworks...yes, we promise fireworks ;-)


  1. Can't happen too soon.

  2. I guess you mean soon enough?

    Tony M