Friday, March 30, 2012

How Can They Expect Our Trust?

When all they have done is deceive us! And that ladies and gentlemen of NorCo, is putting it politely.

Unfortunately, We The People of this great nation of ours sometimes deserve what we get. We respectfully mean that we are not always as politically inform as we should be to elect the right candidates. And because we're not...we buy into any, and sometimes all political manure shelled out by the less than honorable politicians during any given election period.

For example - if Gracedale employees eligible to vote in NorCo during Stoffa's last election...would have been more involved in their local politics, the likelihood that they would have voted for Mr. Stoffa when he deluged Gracedale with his campaign material, would be small to none. Instead, many of them, for lack of knowledge, voted in his favor only to regret it today.

Apathy is also a big problem for our counties, cities, and states. The lack of interest is sometimes unbelievable. And politicians like Stoffa and Angle bank on the lack of interest to win elections when they conduct their campaigns.

The volunteers of this blog are certainly dedicated to keeping our readers informed, exposing the truth with the salt and light that ALWAYS overcomes the darkness. However, unless we all unite in an effort to bring back TRUTH and HONESTY to our local government, it may not happen as quickly as it can, or should.

Anyone in current government who is corrupt, and tempted to pull the wool over The Peoples eyes (and we all know who they are) have labeled our blog (for obvious reason) a hate blog...but let us set the record straight - we are a group of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents seeking trustworthy government - PERIOD.

While the nonsensical ignoramus is sometimes painting a picture of us as racist because as he put it "we consort with Tricia", whom he claims is a racist in his crazy attempts to defame her because she refused his questionable manly advances...well - we are here to BOLDLY proclaim that O'hare has been less than truthful AGAIN.

Please note - in order for our group to be racist - we would have to believe there are more than one race...and we don't! We believe there is only one race - the HUMAN RACE. We are all brothers and sisters whether some of us like it OR with it or crawl under a rock.

One of the great things about the Coalition Of Alzheimer's Families is that even though we do not agree with each other on everything, we agree to disagree civilly and respectfully, and that certainly paved the way for the many successes the group has experienced over the last two years.

Someone recently asked: What makes COAF members so extraordinary? The answer of course was simple - we are  an extensions of each others families and lives, and have vowed to continue the battle beyond our biological families...and so we shall -HERE WE ARE, holding all who promise to serve accountable for their deeds.

By the way - congrats to Trish for dumping her subscription to the MCall...eventually they will get the message when it comes to the less than honest O'Hare, if not, eventually he will sink them too.


  1. I don't understand. What's the deal with The Morning Call?

  2. bo blog won a award from the M.C. but you could vote as many times as you like not one vote per person need I say more.

  3. The Morning call just like the Express times has to be sent a message, and cancelation of subscription is the best method. They have to be made aware if they are not, that because of his unspeakable actions using his hate blog and all of the evidence that exist relating to his inability to tell the truth, OHARE should not be encouraged by being lift with awards. He is not a journalist! and should not be treated a one. Real journalist get a college education on their way to earn that title.

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  5. -----Original Message-----
    From: Tricia Mezzacappa
    To: publisher
    Sent: Fri, Mar 30, 2012 2:50 pm
    Subject: blogger awards
    Dear Mr. Ryan.
    After observing that your newspaper handed out an award to Blogger Bernie
    O'Hare, I am unable to accept delivery of newspapers to my home. My subscription
    is cancelled effective immediately. This man (or should I say worthless piece of
    vermin) is as despicable as they come, and anyone who props up his intentionally
    false and defamatory blog stories with rewards deserves to be out of business.
    This is a start. Goodbye.

    Tricia Mezzacappa

    I had to take out the "cc" part of the email, so as not to publish the email addresses of select folks I communicate with. Lets not forget that loser gets a prize only because of the fat wads of cash that exit the wallet of Mr. Angle and enter the bank account of the morning call. When Angle stops supporting this joke of a newspaper, O'Fathead and Angle will be placed on the 'pay no mind ' list with about 500,000 other people.

  6. So!!!!!
    It is of consensus, that one needs a degree in Journalism in order to be ordained a Journalist. Hence, that person who we all know and (fill in your thought) having no degree, would be considered a......

    "FAKE" Journalist......

    So he is the "little teapot" that met the "kettle"

  7. Yes, and thank you for calling out the hate blogger who insists that I am a racist. My belief is the same as your own, we belong to the human race. It is irrelevant which color someone happens to be. O'Hare feels he is entitled to defame me because he still cannot grasp the obvious fact that he was rejected. Let me make one minor correction to your comment about rejecting his "manly advances."

    While one would conclude they were "manly advances" because O'Hare looks like a man, evidence to the contrary was wholeheartedly confusing as to the anatomical distinction between a man and a woman. TIC TAC TIC TAC TIC TAC.....

  8. There is a major difference though, Rev. Martinez is for real, not just in title but in his walk. Ohare is a disbarred lawyer and a FAKE JOURNALIST.

  9. I canceled my subscription to the Morning Call when we started our fight to save Gracedale.
    when they would put Bernie's garbage on the front page and did not want to print our op- ed's let alone any storys's we wanted printed.
    I was contacted many times after that to resubscribe I told then when their paper is fair and impartial I would think about it. Well Iam still not back.

  10. According to O'Hare you are all getting sued by he and Angle. He is deleting most comments that don't attack Gracedale and his enemies so I doubt you can post. The reading is interesting.

    You should check it out. The post on Gracedale and the comments should leave no doubt that their is still a strong desire to destroy the Home and sell it in three years.

    Next year is critical. We need to elect the right person and people. Believe actions not words.

  11. If Angle and bo sued it will be with not be with Angles money. Is it true that the delay on the law suit with the doc. is costing Angle $200.00 a day in interest? Do not forger his fathers will, The 90-10 so that he cant sell his land for development.

  12. Don't be afraid of the O'Hare /Angle lawsuit, he is trying to silence you. He can't stand that people are not afraid of him. Even politicians like Dent and Panto fear him but you defied him and thta pisses him off.
    He can sue but a judge will toss it faster than a bad burrito!

  13. I doubt that he will sue but if he and adngle do, they will surely be in for a big surprise, and they will lose again.

  14. Someone said O'Hare shut this blog down and that is why there are no new entries. Is that true?

  15. Not TRUE - Plain and simple. How could he shut down what he does not control?

  16. He shut it down, alright. You got nothing. He surgically shut you up with pinpoint precision.

  17. Some good news from the Council meeting according to reports.
    Gracedale has positive changes evident,
    and much to the chagrin of the #1 fan of the "boisterous bloviator" Scott Parsons is doing a good job.

    "Cemeteries are full of people who thought they could not be replaced"...unknown

  18. Anon 6:322, explain?

  19. Let me a sure you this blog is alive and well !
    just taking a little R & R

  20. Word on the street is, this blog is alive and well it is here to tell the truth against the hate blog. bo every brief you filed with the court has your home address on it. You put your address on it, no brainer to get it. Every paper filed against you in court has youe address on it. It is public record. DADADADADADADA////////

  21. Hooray, good for you. O'Hare has nothing but scare tactics. Don't let him silence you. He is a bully with the money support of another bully. You beat them before and they have nothing.

    There isn't a sane judge in the world who will buy into his shamefully crazed paranoid attack on this group.

    You are fighting the good fight. Court folks have been overheard speaking about how off the wall O'Hare has become. You rattled his cage and he is doing his angry two year old impression.

    We have work to do between now and next November. We must stay the course!