Friday, November 30, 2012

The Express Times...

...Also gets a failing grade from us "D".

We are of the opinion that during the Gracedale saga, ET failed miserably to report unbiasedly, or to fairly qualify the history making event known as: "The Gracedale Initiative".

And they were never fair to the Coalition of Alzheimer's Families, who faced the greatest of political GIANTS...and won.

One battle after another they prevailed. This small band of TRUE Americans gave all their patriotic supporters a reason to BELIEVE.

To this day, ET has neglected to recognize the Herculean effort put forth by a small band of brothers and sister - protecting their mothers and fathers.

Consider the front page event it would have been if the Coalition had failed. But because they WON. Nothing...bury the story.

Recently (11/15/12), our spokesperson received a call from ET reporter Tom Shortell, requesting an interview to discuss the Coalitions view on the positive direction Gracedale is headed in, as well as our vision as to it's future. However, the promise of a call back the following day to meet or conduct a telephone interview never came. We have to ask: why was that Mr. Shortell?

Folks, please understand that we're not looking for recognition, we never cared about that, and never will! We only care about the cause, and the TRUTH. Which we felt in our hearts then, as we do today, The Gracedale Initiative was a righteous and worthy cause, and the TRUTH can never be turned into a lie!

So what is the TRUTH? The TRUTH is that COAF only forever wanted to protect those who could not protect or speak for themselves...and that they have done!

So why this post you ask? Well, the express times was in bed with Ron Angle, John Stoffa and the nonsensical ignoramus then. The question now is: are they still? And by the looks of it...
...YES - they are!


  1. Word on the street is O'Hare controls these people like puppets on a string. They do his bidding.

    Thank God for people like you stopping O'Hare's reign of terror. He must be stopped.

  2. Don't blame Tom. I am sure he called the Admisntation for an opinion and mentioned the COAF. Stoffa probably told him mot to talk to them.

    I am sure Jim Deegaan of the Express, or one of the ohter Stoffa apologists at the Express Times killed the interview with the COAF.

    They pinned all their hopes and truth on their boy John Stoffa. They helped get him elected for God's sake. They will never admit he lied througthout the entire Gracedale debate.

    They will never acknowledge there was a plan in place by the previous Adminstration that was helping Gracedale make monery when Stoffa first took office. Once in, Stoffa threw out the plan and fired the consultants. Now why would he do that? Oh thats right he and his buuddy Ron Angle always wanted to sell Gracedale.

    Worst and most untruthful County Executive in county history.

  3. Democracy in action by the citizens of NORCO,and the Express Times gave COAF a TURKEY for some stupid reason.
    History will present the real TURKIES.Maybe the truth about the Express Times is already out??????

    1. Did they really? When did that happen, I did not see it.


  4. I'm sorry to hear that the story did not proceed at this time. While back I spoke with Tom about the untold story of how the COAF, a group of people who at the beginning "didn't even rise to level of RANK AMATEURS" in politics, led the community in such a stunning act of pure democracy--the Referendum and its passage. Tom indicated he was very interested in writing that story some day, and documenting the positive results we are only starting to see at Gracedale in her new era.

    Rather than speculate about what the glitch might have been, I recommend outreach to Tom, Jim Deegan and his staff at the ET. They are used to being heatedly criticized (by ME, for example) but they are tough and they are first of all journalists.

    Hurricane Sandy, the gasoline shortage and many other things have prevented me from submitting the next chapter of the series "This Is A Family" to this blog--but be patient, I'm on it next week!! Best Wishes to All, Don Dal Maso (I don't know how to sign in except as Anonymous)

  5. I agree with Don to a point. I would not be to hard on Tom. He is a reporter but can only do the stories he is allowed to do. Deegan is a big dog and has always been a lover of Stoffa. Now that Till and Owens are gone, Deegan is the senior guy. We will see if he can restore integrity to the papaer or continue to just be a more expensive version of the O'Haters blog.

  6. I don't see anyone being tough on Tom. according to what I understand from the post, Tom made a promise he did not keep. So what else is new with the express times. Was it different with Sara Cassi?

  7. I love that picture of the three goons, you often use. It sums up there old alliance that ruled this county but has now been broken. Tthey look like three angry old men, alone and unwanted