Monday, January 31, 2011

The People Did It - Gracedale Is Back On The Ballot ;-) is official, and as Dee Rumsey, head of the Voter Registration Department said during the meeting this afternoon, it is absolute.

The number required, 19,631 - the absolute number, 19,651. As we understand it, there are still names to be checked which can only increase the absolute number.

We anticipate the CC will finally do what The People have been asking for, and what is morally right, and then a court will decide in The Peoples favor. More to come.

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  1. Way to go COAF we knew you could do it.
    There is a road ahead of you yet, but don't give up. Thank's to all of you!

  2. You will not win this Battle. Court will overturn it. By the way why have you failed to tell the folks that Gracedale's population has fallen

  3. Battle Cry...

    The population at Gracedale has fallen due to the lack of stability caused by council and the administrations push against the will of the people to sell the home. Gracedale's population will soar like the eagle in your photo once the voters speak, Gracedale is management is improved and stability in ownership has been firmly reestablished.

  4. I would like to thank the 23,000+ people who signed, thank you for caring.

  5. hey bernie (Battle Cry) stop the nonsense, you forget that you are not a lawyer, you’re not even a former lawyer as depicted in are a disbarred lawyer. And remember that your were disbarred for lying, and for shafting your clients.

  6. What do BO, Dutch8, The battle cry of freedom, Holla81, have in common?

  7. @ Anonymous 11:21PM They're all delusional Ron Angle fans that only want one be in the limelight at any cost, no matter who or what they hurt!