Friday, November 30, 2012

All We Have Ever Asked For...

...From our local government is:
Justice, Peace, Protection, Compassion, Liberty, and of course - Fairness.

The question is:  Have they delivered?

Well, truth be told - if we had not fought for our rights...The answer is NO!

That's not to say that some, rather than fighting us, chose  instead to fight alongside of us...For what we all understood was right. We must say that our current County Council is certainly performing better. However, there are definitely two that MUST go. Here's why we feel that way (short versions).

Let us look at who's potentially leaving OUR government (not necessarily by choice):
  • Barbara Thierry. Well, we must always speak the truth, and in so doing we must say that in Mrs. Thierry's case, she never ever represented We The People. Always, to this day, she took Ron Angle's side. The fact that she never voted against Angle says it all. And if we recall back to Thursday, September 02, 2010 when she chose to call for Stephen Barrons resignation, not because she really cared about what occurred relating to a past issue. But because Angle wanted Barron gone! It turns out that Mr. Barron was correct about Gracedale. History has the the proof of that. Ron Angle is gone, and the respectable County Controller Stephen Barron is still with us (By We The People's choice). So yes, her bosses will be firing her...If she chooses to run of course. She receives a failing grade from us "D".

  • Bruce Gilbert. (Another Angle supporter). We feel it is safe to say that Mr. Gilbert was a MAJOR disappointment to the entire community. His overall responsibility was great - being that he was the first Afro American ever on County Council...Did he do his job well, and perform as expected? Of course not! We feel he never ever took a stand for We The People - at all! Instead, he tried with every ounce of sweat (that was often visible) to fulfill Ron Angle's and John stoffa's desires (so that he could get a job). There were times we heard him expressing a different direction of service, but even then it was self serving. For example, when he said something to the effect that he did want "his children and grandchildren" to have to pay...It does not matter what comes after "pay" because the words before "to" clearly tells the story of who Mr. Gillbert was worried about...Surely not We The People. And then, to further illustrate his self service, he and County Executive John Stofffa were the proud recipients of the Express Times TURKEY award...For what you ask? For getting exposed serving themselves. We were recently asked if it was true that we (COAF) supported Mr. Gilbert during his campaign...The answer is YES we did (and that will never happen again). It is true, but ask why? Because during a meeting with him relating to Gracedale prior to his election, he made promises to us that he never even attempted to keep when in office. So he too will be fired should he choose to run. And he too receives a failing grade from us "D".
Please note that we're not picking on these two, all who are involved know that we are speaking TRUTH!

More to come on the other three...stay tuned!


  1. Word on the street is O'Hare controls these people like puppets on a string. They do his bidding.

    Thank God for people like you stopping O'Hare's reign of terror. He must be stopped.

  2. These 2 citizens may be decent people, but I have personally witnessed what has been related to you on this blog.
    They did not serve the County in any area except with the direct eye contact and a nod from the Fallen One,Mr. Ronald Angle.
    I see O'Hare and Angle as one in the same.
    Thank God that the County can now begin to breathe ,and the majority of the Council-minus Thierry and Gilbert-can speak freely for their constituencies.
    Slowly but surely,also with the fall of Stoffa-FREEDOM will once again prevail in NORCO.
    Disagreements are healthy and productive in a democracy,but dictatorship and intimidation must be eliminated at all costs.

    1. Very well said. I also agree that they are in all probability descent people. But they are still not meeting their obligations to those who elected them. Good riddance!

  3. They are both nice people however, neither one have kept their word. Mr. Gilbert tried to make the COAF believe he was with them in a private meeting. Fortunately, they saw thru him and realized though he spoke a thousand words he said nothing of significance. Yes the are Angle's puppets--lol and they too can join him on the sidelines of the political arena when it is election time.

  4. I wil also vote against Tom Deitrich and John Cusick. At the end of the day they showed poor judgement and were for selling Gracedale using flawed information and not asking tough questions. They only went the other way when the referendum passed and they feared th epolitcal fallout.

    Don't trust their word or their judgement going forward.

    Want to elect people that can be trusted not to blow with the wind.