Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Is He Gone Yet???

No...Ross Marcus is still on NorCo's payroll, and will continue collecting our tax dollars until Stoffa is gone, or LuzCo hires him...whichever comes first.

ross marcusWhile we would like to see Mr. Marcus move on, we really don't want to see him in government (at any level).

He should seek employment in the private sector, where he won't be paid with tax dollars to be a puppet. The problem for Mr. Marcus in that arena is that in today's private employment community, those hiring are seeking real workers. You know, managers that know how to manage things, and leaders that know how to lead people. Unfortunately, Mr. Marcus has failed to display either quality while employed under puppet master Stoffa...so back to government employment he must go, where he knows how to manipulate and skate!

According to the ET, County Executive John Stoffa announced last week that Marcus is a finalist for the similar created position in Luzerne County after the "Cash for Kids" judicial scandal.

Why is Marcus considering jumping ship? Because he knows very well that Stoffa won't be in office too much longer. And he also knows too well that the his services will (in all probability) be terminated by the incoming County Executive (whomever that may be). He knows that what he should have done to Ilisa Sacknoff for her poor performance, will surely be done to him. So, jump ship he will - presented with the right opportunity of course.

Sadly, the reality is that he is jumping from one mess (which he helped create), into another mess (which he will most likely make worst). And much sadder is the fact the LuzCo is poised to employ him after enduring the "Cash for Kids" scandal (Luzerne County recovers after juvenile jail scandal).

We can verily say based on our experience and dealings with Marcus, that in our opinion he is mendacious. We can envision him abetting in another scandal for them (LuzCo)...but so be it - let them once again endure the bed they make...and then explain to their tax payers, and their constituency, why they would hire such a duplicitous person.

Stoffa is quoted by ET to have said: "but I'm sorry to see him go, I have the greatest admiration for him."

And sorry should anyone be who has lost one cabinet member after another. We all remember John Conklin and Vic Mazziotti, just to mention two members of his fading cabinet. It seems Stoffa has been left wondering: where did everybody go? More interesting is the fact that his once solid promoter Bernard O'Hare III, is now writing about John Stoffa, the same things we have been saying for years. In BO's post "County Appeals Naughty Email Ruling", he says: "Instead of hammering single mothers with the ultimate sanction for an admitted mistake, Executive John Stoffa should be looking a little more closely at his own cabinet. And the jail."

Stoffa is left with two legitimate questions - where did everybody go? And why did they go?  Well,  in our observation - County Executive John Stoffa made a bed with a bunch of harlots, and for that he must pay the price! And endure any illnesses and complications that come with his poor decision.

Hopefully, in the best interest of the Luzerne County taxpayers - Manager Robert Lawton makes a better decision...one which excludes Ross Marcus.


  1. My understanding is that he didnt get that job..Guess we'll see.

    1. Well if that's correct, Luzerne County has demonstrated to it's people that they are serving them well.

      We will see!

  2. Refering to O'Hater and Ron Angle as harlots, is an insult to all hard working harlots.

  3. How could another county hire him? After eight years he is still one of the least informed people on the topic of Human Services. He has been nothing but a Stoffa yes man, ever since Stoffa was forced to hire him because of a campaign debt.

  4. This whole situation is obviously Bernie O'Hare's fault, word on the street is Marcus and everyone in Luzerne County will do whatever he tells them to do.

    That man is a menace. Thank God for all you fine people who are doing God's work in ending his reign of terror.