Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We Predicted It...

...And once again our prediction materialized to the letter.

Bernie O'Hare, after being MIA for a short period, is on the prowl and attacking his long time friend and confidant County Executive John Stoffa.

Snakes with Two Heads (28 pics)
WHAT!!! Yes, this just in: O'Hare questions his now former benefactor - "Where has County Executive John Stoffa been during this nonsense?" We said this would eventually happen because that's who O'Hare is...he is an opportunist who takes advantage of situations to support his depraved mental state, as well as evil friends like Ron Angle and John Stoffa. But, here he is attacking Stoffa when in the past he would lift him up for the very same thing he is now attacking him for.

NorCo residents who once may have doubted - are now presented with pure evidence that O'Hare is nothing more than a two faced snake willing to attack with one face or the other, or both - depending of course on what's in it for him. 

The art of betrayal is witnessed here when O'Hare goes on to say: "while acquiescing in a cabinet-level official who is involved with a subordinate, is simply unconscionable."

He must have really been scorned by John because he also says: "He knows this.  he's getting bad advice from people who know nothing about County government or, more importantly, people."

We find this remark hilarious at most, and amusing at least, because of all people who know nothing about people, and of all people who have given Stoffa bad advice - the winner is Bernie O'Hare!

O'Hare promised Stoffa that he would handle COAF for Stoffa...not to worry John, I will take them down!!! (-:we all know how that worked out for him:-) But what John didn't know was that behind his back O'hare was planning his betrayal...and betray him he has.
John Callahan and every politician out there better be watching this. Our prediction is that if Callahan does run for CE he will lose because of his association with Bernard (the disbarred attorney) O'Hare. We certainly will NOT support Callahan because we feel that any politician attack by O'Hare, who then aligns himself with O'Hare can't be too smart, no matter their academic education.

Once upon a time, they were the best of friends. Thay had but one purpose in life, to hurt the very people they were supposed to be serving. They recruited the despicable, wretched and evil methods of destruction practiced by the notorious and disgraced Bernard O'Hare III...But then COAF happened! And one by one they have fallen. And all the kings soldiers, and all the kings men could not...ahh - forget all that! Turn them over because they'er done!!!


  1. Pushed Stoffa under the bus and now advocating for Callahan. Is this the same Bernie?

    Not that long ago, he loved Stoffa and called Callahan ones of the worst politicians ever.

    Why the flip-flop?

  2. Word has it an old nickname for O'Hare when he was young was, shifty O'Hare. It is easy to see why. He is angry becasue after the demise of Angle, O'Hare's privledges at the courthouse have been drying up. So he now will throw Stoffa under the bus. You know how rats are. You throw them in a well with no food, and they feed on each other. That seems to define Stoffa, Angle and O'Hare pretty well.

    Now O'Hare is on a big open government fling. Of course that has only occurred in the past few months, where was he for the past six previous years? Woprd is, he knows about another incident with a former county official with Stoffa and an employee but delets all references to it. See, it has been said that the only "rumors" O'Hare will print are the rumors he approves of.

    He is now throwing Stoffa under the bus to help his new master, John Callahan. Check out his fawning post about how wonderful it is that Mayor Callahan is raising all the fees and taxes in Bethlehem. It is kind of funny that O'Hare thinks this is "courageous", since when Callahan ran against Charlie Dent two years ago, O'Hare told us he was a terrible Mayor and dishonhest.

    So we now know who O'Hare is working for and old Stoffa is the last rat to float on the good ship Northhmton County. The other two rats are gone and one of them is gnawing on Stoffa's leg.

    O'Hare wants to survive and is jumpinmg on the money laden Callahan ship.

    Just think, for months O'Hare attacked our friend Ron Heckman beacuse he was pondering a run for execuitve and now he is attacking Glenn Reibman.

    O'Hare has been given his new orders, get Callahan elected. Of course we know O'Hares batting average with elections, so maybe the Callahan folks should hold off on celebrating.

    PS: Ron Heckman is running for County council and while I am disappointed he choose not to run for Execvutive, I respect his decision and am happy he will run for county council and will help make sure he gets elected. I know as long as he is on Council, Gracedale will be treated fairly.

  3. Mr. Callahan should disassociated himself with O'Hare immeidately. I'm afraid he's listening to Mr. James Hickey on this one. Which is interesting, as Mr. Hickey's last boss, left office with a 29% approval rating. Mr. Callahan needs to recalibrate.

  4. The Republicans must be licking their chops at the prospect of running against "Johnny Casino" with huge property tax increases on his record. Property taxes haven't gone up in Norco in a long time. All that could change dramatically when "Johnny Casino" takes over the reins.

  5. Word is Glenn Reibman is running for County Executive and has the money to expose Johnny Casino for the fraud he is.

  6. I will support Glenn. He would never try to dump Gracedale and I believe him.

    He also left Stoffa millions of dollars of county money that Stoffa has squandered on meaningless buildings and paying almost $30 million for the swaption, when he could have dumped it for around six million. Now the county is almost broke.

  7. "I'm afraid he's listening to Mr. James Hickey on this one. Which is interesting, as Mr. Hickey's last boss, left office with a 29% approval rating."

    reibman's approvals were always low after his aid was indicted. and hickey was long gone when he lost to stoffa.