Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Worst Thing To Happen To NorCo?

Ron Angle!!!
Ron does not speak very well, or even intelligently. But yet he is lifted up as NorCo's bulldog by none other than his crony Bernard O'Hare III.

We have to ask: why? And, is he really? Or, is he just full of bull?

We The People believe that his buttocks have finally become jealous of all the bull that comes out of his mouth.

We have discerned that Angle is really just a slimy little bullfrog who has been carried by a slimy bigger bullfrog for the sake of self benefit and monetary gain at the expense of those he was supposed to serve - We The People.

But we are not concerned because Ron is just a has-been who will never be matter what he attempts.

Ron is so arrogant that he continues to tell himself (in an effort to convince himself) that he was always doing what was right. The problem he fails to recognize is that he belligerently refused to hear the people who sought his support. He slapped aside the very people who lent him their support. Well, the time is long past due, move on Ron...go and take care of your house, and take care of Ron Jr., he really needs you now.

There is nothing left for you in politics, it no longer spares time or room for you. You had your opportunity and you blew it! Your unhealthy interpersonal behavior destroyed it. So be a man if you can...and walk away. It's all that's left for you to do.

Just keep in mind Ronnie boy, that it is all your own did it by aligning your self with John and Bernie to ravish the county...and in that, all three of you have failed! However, one by one We The People say - your all done.


  1. Republicans are going crazy that this guy still speaks for them. Angle says out loud what Republicans really say only in private. Cusick is doing everything he can to keep clear of Angle's stench. Congrats to Angle and O'Hairy for making people disgusted at them and the Republican party for selfishness and hatred.

  2. This is a very good and accurate post. It took a near disaster for Gracedale for people to finally see how awfull Angle, Stoffa and O'Hare are.

    Ron Angle lives on in his own mind and claims a record "for the little guy", he never had. Ask all the disposed folks out there and the renters about this alleged kindly man. He is, and always was a fraud.
    I actually feel bad for the Republican Party, they let him loose to go after people like Glenn Reibman and other good people, and then they relaized they could not stop him. There are many. many good Republican people who do not consider this man representative of them. The Republican leaders must publicly repudiate this man or have to deal with the fallout.

    Glad there is at least one blog telling the truth about this guy. He represents one party and one peole, Ron Angle!

    1. Very well said. Ron was never, and never will be for anyone other than himself!

  3. AMEN ! to the two previous comments.


  4. I love your picture. You know, I think you hit on something. I have an idea and I will tell you one day who I am. You have found the right name for baby Angle.

    O'Hare likes to refer to him as the county,"Bulldog". A great disservice to such a poroud and noble breed of dog. I think Ron Angle is the Northampton County "Bullfrog". He makes a lot of loud bellowing noise and jumps for cover at the first sign of trouble.

    All bark and no bite. Let us free the noble breed of Bulldog from association with a coward like Ron Angle and from this day forward refer to him as the county Bullfrog. Unless you feel that is too disrespectful to the frog.


  5. Love it--Ron the Cowardly Bullfrog. That makes The Hairy One the guy on the bullfrog's leash.

  6. I guess the Northampton County Bullfrog will be a permanent fixyure at County Council meetings. Trying to pretend he matters more than he does. Poor old Bullfrog, no one fears his bellowing anymore!

  7. Peanuts had the Great Pumpkin and we have the Great Bullfrog. Long live Angle the Amphibian!

  8. Face off with Angle and you'll see a look of terror in his ugly mug. I vote for "Bull Frog Angle" too.

  9. The Norhtampton County Bullfrog has told a few people he is running for another public office. I am not sure which one.

  10. The Great Bullfrog SHOULD run. As far away as possible.

  11. Anglefrog and The Hairy Ape.

  12. I guess County Bullfrog is mroe PG than Northampton County Bull$#!^^*&.