Thursday, November 1, 2012

Water Is More Important...

...than human beings?

The nonsensical ignoramus is so critical about saving a water treatment plant in Allentown, but in NorCo he threw our seniors residing at Gracedale under the bus time and time again.

He says there's "No Democracy in Allentown", conveniently forgetting the tyrants he backed in know - Ron Angle and John Stoffa. Who simply stated, operated the county using deceptive tactics intended to bamboozle The People they were suppose to be serving. He goes on to say: "democracy in the Queen City has been replaced by something more nefarious. It's an urban growth regime in which politicians and select members of the business community co-opt each other, not for the benefit of the community, but to advance their own business interests."

Did you get that! "not for the benefit of the community, but to advance their own business interest". You have to laugh. In his demented mind he sees others as defarious, while not seeing himself, and the other two as the rotten, despicable, vile and vicious men that the are. When you talk about immoral and unethical practices their picture automatically comes up out of thin air. Notice that you don't have to look too closely to see the evil intent they plot with.

It's funny that a student responds to his teacher when asked: what is democracy? With an answer that describes exactly what happened in NorCo saying: Democracy is the freedom to elect our own dictators! Yes indeed, Ron and John.

We don't believe we have the right to tell the good folks of Allentown what to, or not to do, like BO feels he has the right to. But we do believe that when the electors of any county in any state ask for a vote on a matter of interest to the engaged taxpayers, it should be so. And we believed that because we believe in Democracy! And in a TRUE Democracy such as ours...the government serves at the pleasure of We The People.

Any politician who feels that the People are too obtuse to know what they want, should tell the People so before they are elected, and then wait to see if they get elected.

This Supreme Court established that Bernard O'Hare lll is a prevaricator. And we all know that he is a hired gun for the other two, who are also known to go out of their way to deceive their constituents. But, Ron is gone because he thought the People were too dull to notice the truth...WRONG - we proved to be sharper than a two edge sword. Soon, John too will be gone...and Bernie? Well, no one cares what he has to say any more. He's just a big old baby with almost zero friends left to play with.


  1. "and Bernie? Well, no one cares what he has to say any more. He's just a big old baby with almost zero friends left to play with."

    So then why do you give him credence and write on and on about him?

  2. Just remove baby BO - stay off Thiis blog.

  3. Once again you have outed the evil clown O'Hare for what he is. He does indeed believe he, Angle and Stoffa are the ones who should tell others what they need. He doesn't even realize what a hypocrite he is, writing about Allentown. That is the problem when someone is driven by hatred.

    He continues to blame the loss of his patron Angle, not on real democracy but an evil conspiracy. he continues to attack the very unioons he use to defend when Glenn Reibman was county executive.

    O'Hare is not only an evil clown but a supreme hypocrite, who beleives the rules are for everyone but him.

    He hates the People who stoped the conspiracvy of the three little dictators and the unions that made him look like the fool that he is.

    A thank you from all the people of Northampton County. Keep watch!

  4. Gracedale is still without power. It is a disgrace. The company had "no comment" on the issue. Stoffa and Marcus are no where to be found. The generator is underpowered.

    We must hope this is not more devious trickery by Stoffa and Marcus. Our elderly deserve better. I will give the Administration the benefit of the doubt but not for long.

    Why didn't Mr.Stoffa tell the entire truth about the situation at Gracedale. Maybe there needs to be a dmonstration at the Home to how Northampton County leaders treat the elderly and poor in Northampton County.