Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's Over!!!

flagatsunrise.jpgLove him, or hate him...President Barack Obama is in for another four years.

We as Americans must come together, we must set an example to our government just like COAF did. This is not to lift up COAF, but to speak the truth.

COAF was, and still is, a group of bi-partisan Americans who saw a wrong and decided to make it right. They did not do it bickering. In fact, they often put their political (or otherwise) differences aside because the reason for their unity was so critical.  COAF understood the threats and faced them without fear.

Today is just another day with the same president...but is it just another day with the same People? As true Americans we must put our political differences aside - and ask our representatives to stop bickering, and to start working for We The People!

Positive change will not come just because we hope that it does. No, we must stand up as one heart, one mind, and one voice - and demand from our rep's that they work together to serve the best interest of We The People. We must continue to hold them responsible and accountable for their actions, or lack of actions. We must make sure they understand exactly who they work for, and that their boss will always be watching. And we must continue to organize our efforts to dispel the deceptions that have led to our division.

Are we really all just a bunch of Democrats, Republicans and Independents? Or are we AMERICANS seeking the promises of our forefathers?
Stand United America!


  1. My name is Pat WallaceNovember 12, 2012 at 12:55 AM

    Mr. O'Hare's flip-flop on the Villa matter is a slap in the face to his readers, his profession, and the memory of a 25-year-old woman who just wanted to go home. After fancying himself a keeper of the torch of truth and integrity for so long, and to the extent that he eventually found himself championing the Villas' cause, this reversal in thinking and aggressive behavior is a profound obscenity. Not to mention that his apparent "aquiver" hop into bed with the DA-friendly Morning Call looks like a confederacy of weaklings. Anybody home, Allentown? Feel like moving even farther away.

  2. My name is Pat WallaceNovember 12, 2012 at 12:57 AM

    Take down the Troll blog:

  3. Notice O'Hare didn't allow annonymous comments this weekend, and no one commented. He claims he did it to stop the cowards. I guess that means his crazy hater friends bcause they aren't commenting either.

    O'Hare will never admit the only reason his blog has any followers, is his annonymous policy. Whenever he stops it his oomments dry up.

    Now if only we can dry up O'Hare and Stoffa and have a better county.

  4. ur correct Pat. ohare is a liar who has many different charactors he post comments with, But u cna read the writing is ohare. Then he has people like ron who post with fictitouse name 2, like clem. According to Trish at least half of ohares comments are posted by he himself. But what would u expect from a liar?