Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Do Your Duty - 2012

Don't Forget to Vote!!!


  1. I need to point something out. Mr O'Hare has gone out of his way to slander our friend Glenn Reibman in order to help his new patron John Callahan.

    In the procxess he hads tried and failed to drive wedge between Mr. Reibman and his friend Mr. Heckman.

    We all know that Mr. Heckman was thinking about running for county Execuitve but he has had to deal with some personal issues that may have put that kind oif run in jepordy. There has also been some sabotage that I am sure he will hsare with you iof you ask. There are some very evil politicans out there. I spoke to him and he is running for County Council and he hopes he can count on the support of the entire community. As to Mr. Reibman, he stated they are friends and will remain friends regardless of what anyone says.

    Please, as always do not bleieve anything that the hater O'Hare puts on his hate blog. We all know from experience what he is capable of and we all know that he tries to create disharmony.

    I will support Mr. Heckman and Mr. Reibman for whateveer they run for and I hope the COAF and Gracedale union will do the same.

    They are two men who have proven by deeds not words that they care about the poor and elderly in our community.

    Tahnk you and God Bless.

  2. Both Glenn and Ron have my vote for anything they run for. I remember Ron speaking up for Gracedale on numerous occassions. I also remember himn not letting Ron Angle shout him down. That is what we need in government. Knowledge and courage.

  3. O'Hare is already allowing racist teabagger comments by Clem(angle) and others on his blog. He preaches non extremism yet obnly allows his hater friends to post. He is deleting any posts thta call him on his allowing vile and racist comments. He is angry that Presdient Obama won.

    O'Hare is just an angry old white man who sees his already marginal existence threatend even more. He can't hide from the truth but he and his followers can pretend the truth doesn't exist on his hate blog.

    He really is a sad little man. Like his pal Angle, he fears people of color gaining politcal strength. He is more comfortable with his extremist racist friends.