Thursday, November 29, 2012

Listen UP!

COAF Announcement!!!

COAF has been informed that there will not be a Gracedale Advisory Board meeting in December.
A County Council meeting will be held instead on the date reserved for the GAB meeting.
Time: 4 P.M.
Have a great DAY ;-)


  1. Guys, O'Hare has really lost it. He is postng anonymous comments to himself. He is going on and on about threats to kill people he has had to delete. He is writing things as himself and his various aliases that are just crazy.

    The emergence of this and other blogs that counter his lies with the truth has pushed him over the edge. He no longer owns and controls the blogesphere and it is showing. Hater has never been good with stress and pressure and he is going fast.

    He no longer allows any post that doesn't praise him or even mildy disagrees with him, unles he posts it himself.

    This is the guy that has been helping Stoffa run the county?? No wonder we are in such poor shape.

    I feel bad for the people in his life, especially the little boy he has claimed as his "grandson". One dasy he wil be old enough to get away.

  2. Yes, this is the guy that Stoffa thought would be such a big help--to Stoffa, not to the County. Angle has betrayed Bernie too, no more money. The threats of violence he has to delete were probably from HIM in the first place. Good work Bernie, you and your blog suck more than ever. Maybe Stoffa's mental health experts will help you.

    1. Yeah maybe they can turn him over to ilisa sacknoff lol