Monday, November 5, 2012

Sandy II - I now Continue...

I left Tracy in the caring hands of my sister in Christ (Iris). Feeling compelled to witness the ravaging effects of our fallen world. I walked in the direction that would eventually lead me to the water. Young Brian followed, as he too felt the need to witness this tragedy.

We came across much horrible destruction. Roof tops without walls or foundations. Debris everywhere we looked. But today was a calmer day for us...but not for all those who like Tracy - lost all. Their agony continues.

The house in the background once sat atop of the foreground foundation. How (I thought to myself) can these people...our people - ever rebuild without the building block of Jesus? I quietly prayed.

We continued to assess the damage. Brian climbed the steps to get a glimpse of the roof tops to the distant left, and the closer right, which once housed a family on the foundation he stood on. He couldn't fathom what he was seeing, and would not have believed it without seeing it! We came across a woman searching through what was left of her home. As I was going to capture the moment in time, and her pain as she sifted for photos and other possible keep safe - she looked at me and pleaded...please don't take a picture of my house while I am here! Seeing the torment in her eyes I said: it's okay - I won't...I won't - I'm so sorry. Respecting her wishes, we continue on.

The light of Jesus shone on us from the heavens above. Providing all who could see it a genuine sense of peace. After all, our hearts were in need of His level of tranquility in order to continue our experience of the horrors caused by this storm.

...To be continued.


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