Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Who Does The Power Truthfully Belong To?...

...To The People!      

Our Founding Fathers had amazing foresight. Yes, indeed they did. They envisioned that at various points in time it would all come down to their cunningly designed Constitution. And how correct they were.

Within recent times we witnessed great history take place here in Northampton County, PA. Yes...the tremendous and arduous effort of We The People while enduring much hardship and strife, brought on by none other than the very people we elected to serve us, has demonstrated to the other counties of the state, as well as to the state itself, and to the entire nation, that the true power of the government belongs verily to - We The People.

The message We The People want to disseminate to all politicians today is this: under no uncertain terms ever believe that We The People...will at any given point in time - relinquish that which is rightfully ours.

To relinquish our God given authority to our government would mean our great Nation has fallen to the depth of Socialism/Communism, where the People are oppressed. Told when to eat, sleep, or go to the bathroom...We The People will revolt before we ever allow that scenario to occur. You can bank on it!

In America the Beautiful - we consider ourselves a FREE people because our birth came by way of the ultimate sacrifice, the shedding of blood...and so many willingly did just that to secure our freedoms. We The People will continue that tradition...should it ever come to that.

Today we can look at Allentown (allentown petitions), and see the effects of our labor. With all due respect to the Honorable Mayor Powlowski (whom we are not attacking - simply expressing a voice), when We The People decide that an issue is that important to us that we request to vote on the issue - That request should be honored without question...why? - Because We The People are the BOSS!

We're not suggesting that a group of four or five, or even ten, should dictate the direction of our government...No, we don't believe that at all! We are saying that whenever two or more begin the collection of signatures for the purpose of allowing a vote on a matter considered extremely important to the People, and they collect into the thousands of signatures - no further resistance should exist on the part of the government...Why not? - Because We The People are the BOSS!

And we can look at Bethlehem - when We The People of the City of Bethlehem request a vote on our current matter of concern, with all due respect to the Honorable Mayor Callahan (who we are not attacking either), the request should be honored without question...why? Again, because We The People are the BOSS!

Please understand that for too long we allowed ruthless vermin like Ron Angle to RULE over us. But his downfall illustrates the resolve of a civil group organized to take back our government from tyrants the likes of John Stoffa. COAF as they are known today, executed the processes established for such purposes in a correct and chivalrous manner. Resulting not in civil unrest, but in civil action! Civil action that had not been witnessed in America for a long long time.

The initiative We The People took was for the people, and by the people. And, along with the Blessings from our Creator, the initiatives inspiration has resonated throughout the nation, giving birth to a new America, which ironically was birthed right here in Pennsylvania - Where there is so much Patriotic and historic value.

The Preamble of our Constitution:
We The People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

So...which one of you politicians believe it is better to rule the people, rather then serve the People? What!!! You won't stand up?

Not to worry...
...Your actions, or lack of such - will tell us the TRUTH!


  1. Mayor Callahan will sell Gracedale. He will promise you that he won't, but everything in his career suggests that he will. And, he won't make the Stoffa mistake of issuing the Petitions.

  2. This whole situation is obviously Bernie O'Hare's fault, word on the street is Callahan and Pawlowski will do whatever he tells him to do.

    That man is a menace. Thank God for all you fine people who are doing God's work in ending his reign of terror.

  3. This whole situation is obviously Bernie O'Hare's fault, word on the street is Callahan and Pawlowski will do whatever he tells him to do.

    That man is a menace. Thank God for all you fine people who are doing God's work in ending his reign of terror.

  4. Just removed 2 comments from BO - stay off our blog!!!

  5. Thanks for the good work. Thank you for telling the real side of the story. O'Hare deletes most comments that take his version of the facts to task. He claims all the posts he deletes are from a couple "crazies". he knows many, many people try to post the truth on his hate blog.

    He is now attacking Stoffa, how the worm turns. I am sure he is being told to do that by his new masters. It is said that Stoffa has told him to stop taking baths in the county bathroom. O'Hare claims to "care" about the welfare of the workers. Didn't he claim the "workers" were the problem at the county during the Grcedale fight? Does O'Hare lie?

    Now he is trying to embarass some cabinet official over some alleged affair that is none of his business. Yet word at the courthouse is O'Hare worked hard to cover up an affair up by a cabinet person he liked, early in Stoffa's first term.

    He is so slimey, one feels dirty reading his blog. He and his hating friends are on there attacking anyone who disagrees.

    Again, thank you for a place to come where we are not treated like dirt. I guess O'hare is used to that, seeing how he, Angle and Stoffa became used to treating people like dirt for so many years.

  6. Please be advised that I am being impersonated. Unbelievably, another West Easton Foot Print Blogger just appeared on rumblings. The comment about "gentle lover" was not posted by me. I am contacting blogger to find out how this happenned.

  7. Trish, O'Hare claims you and the COAF have hijacked his blog and he has to deete over 40 posts a day. He claims you have runined his "business aqnd reputation.

    To which a clever blogger wrote, "What Business? What reputation?" The post disappeared immediately. Of course he is allowing vicious and mean spirited posts directed at you and the people of this blog.

    In this Holiday season, the spirit of Christ will find no home in the cold heart of Bernie O'Hare.

  8. Deleting 40 posts a day isn't enough. The Hairy One should have to delete 400 posts, that sounds more like a real job (which he desperately needs). Those envelopes from Ron must be pretty rare these days.

  9. I found out some intersting facts from blogger last night when I reported the problem. The fake West Easton Foot Print is easily seen as a fake, because when you click on the blogger Icon name, it links to a url called, and up comes a dummy West Easton Footprint blog.

    Blogger told me no one will be able to take out a url for West Easton Footprint, so on its face, the comment looks like it comes from me, but if you check the blogger ID associated with it, you can see it is a fake.

  10. Also, I found out that popular and welcomed commentor "mongo" on the O'Hare hate blog also links to the dummy West Easton Foot Print impersonated blog.

    He continues to post fake comments under fake West Easton Foot Print about the libel case, but make no mistake folks, those comments are not from me. I make no deals with the devil. We will have to wait for the judge to rule. And I also have no lawyer to tear him to shreds. Thats been done already by me, pro se defendant.

  11. Please also know that his threats about contempt of court and forcing me to answer his discovery questions are all bark no bite. His discovery questions were a total farse, a fishing expidition and a total abomination of the law. In hindsight, I could have filed for a protective order to stop the fishing expedition, but I never even bothered to do it.

    They were sent to me months ago and they were rightfully ignored. He never pursued a subpeona to compell answers either. ALL bark no bite.