Thursday, November 22, 2012

Let Us Forget...

...Just for the day - the troubles of our County.

 Thanksgiving is America’s harvest festival - a special day dedicated to giving thanks...a time to acknowledge the help of family and friends, and a reminder of what a gift it is to be alive.
In NorCo we have much to be thankful for...
Happy Thanks Givings Day
From your friends - The Coalition of Alzheimer's Families


  1. A great Thanksgiving to all the members of COAF. The People appreciate all you have done.

  2. Thank you ! and I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Day. I had a great day with my family but also remembering the sad Thanksgiving of last year.
    Love ya all

  3. Speaking of Thanksgiving, have you read Mr. O'hares piece about Lincoln and how we should all just get along.

    He had a very involved converstaion going. Then he reverted to his old O'Hater ways. he is now deleting any comments that call into question his "facts", in claiming African American would never come out to vote at near 100% numbers, so it must be fraud. He dismisses white turnout or Romney on some souther states at the smae numbers as lies. In O'Hare world whiote folk don't engage in fraud but those black folk can't be trusted. Isn't he just like his hero Lincoln?

    He is allowing all his tea party friends to comment and make fun of others and he is of course deleting all the folks who disagree and calling them all "one" troll or "crazies". If you don't make racist jokes you are crazy in O'Hares world.

    He implores us all be like Lincoln and his "team of rivals" but only if you agree with BO and his right wing friends.

    The guy has no idea how insane he really is.