Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Callahan Says - No Voice For We The People!

During a meeting on November 26, 2012, scheduled for the purpose of discussing the possibility of a single trash hauler in Bethlehem, Mayor John Callahan seemed unwilling to allow the question to go on the ballot, where We The People could express our true desires by way of our vote.
Let us be clear! We (COAF) are not in favor of, or against the issue...but we are very concerned about the control that Mayor Callahan seems to be seeking.

In NorCo, after the Gracedale saga, we vowed to bring light to all things hidden in darkness...and so we will!!!

If the taxpaying residents of the City Of Bethlehem (who fall under the jurisdiction of NorCo) want to have some input by way of a vote - they should be afforded that right…after all – it is their right. And this is where our concerns collide with Callahan's view that We The People should just submit to his will, instead of representing us, and doing our will.

Yes, we understand fully that in our democracy we vote elected officials into office to handle business for us, we truly do! However, there are occasions like this, and matters like this issue, that We The People want to weigh in on. So why precisely would an elected official deny We The People the right to chime in? And why would an elected official like Callahan respond to an audience member who asked: “the public will have no input is what you are saying?”, with a ridicules statement like: “Well, you will at the next election”.

Now, how belligerent does that sound? And exactly how stupid does Callahan perceives We The People to be?
We all know he can’t run for Mayor of the COB next year! So why would he present such nonsense? - perhaps because much like John Stoffa, John Callahan doesn't care what We The People think. And ask yourselves this folks...why would he call a meeting of the public if he is not genuinely interested in their opinion, nor intends on listening to it? Perhaps, just to say that he did? Sounds so much like his friend Stoffa.
Ladies and Gentlemen of the City of Bethlehem, and all of NorCo - take note: you may not be able to vote for Callahan in the upcoming COB mayoral election because he is out of time in that neck of the woods, but, he is said to be planning a run for Northampton County Executive...and you have the right and the duty to vote for, or against Callahan in that election. Consider and remember this...if Callahan before getting into the County Executive seat (seeking power and control above all) is behaving like Stoffa did during his terms in office, what makes us think he will perform differently when he's sitting in the CE seat? Just some food for thought.

We The People must continue to be vigilant! And we must watch this matter closely, with the understanding that NO...we DO NOT have to trade in one John for another! We must simply discern the truth, and then make the right choice.


  1. Great points! We know he has O'Hare on his campaign team. O'Hare has mocked and attacked other good people who were considering runs for County Executive, no doubt on the orders of Callahan.

    If Callahan becomes Executve, let us see who he selects to head his Admionstation in the government. Will it be as with Stoffa, paid for incompetnets who are there to just do what he wants. Or will it be qualified honest people.

    It is a bad sign right now. The man is known to be arrogant and dismissive of all who are not in hois inner circle. Sound like anyone?

  2. I believe we need to wait and see who is actually going to run. Then I for one will look to see who the coaf endorses. These people have really done the county and community a realservice because of thier involvmenet. our government needs to look at these people and understand that that is how they should be serving us. Unless they endorse someone that I have knowledge about, and believe the person is not a good candidate because of my knowledge. I will definately cast my vote in the direction of thier endorsment. God bless uguys.

  3. Callahan is said to need to run for County Executive, otherwise he wont be employed next year.

    First, he wanted to be President of Northampton County Community College. So not to embarrass him they told him not to apply. Then, he wanted to be head of the LVEDC, but his mentor effectively elbowed him out of that gig.

    Finally, he wanted to take over Geoff Parks job at Artsquest. No one wants him anywhere near that.

    He's rumored to be asking for 150K. Yeah right!!

  4. His hecnhmen are pulling out all stops to make sure any possible Democratic opponents get no money. They even have a prominent Democrat pretending to run to keep others away.

  5. I beleive anon 7:41 is talking about Jerry Seyfried. I heard that one too. Don't know why he is playing with the Callahan group.

  6. The time is coming so stay awake!

  7. This whole situation is obviously Bernie O'Hare's fault, word on the street is Callahan will do whatever he tells him to do.

    That man is a menace. Thank God for all you fine people who are doing God's work in ending his reign of terror.

  8. Former Executive, and current punchline Glen Reibman is getting ready to make a comeback. Ut oh.

  9. I would take Glenn Reibman over Stoffa and Callahan any day of the week.

  10. Reibman is one of the few Dem's that has the money to tell the people of the county the slimy Callahan story. Once they hear it Callahan won't even carry Bethlehem.

  11. Agree with 12:27.