Friday, November 2, 2012

Can They...

...Justify a pay raise for the County Executive (which will not effect John Stoffa whom in our opinion is not worth the salary he is paid)?

But consider that while the county is asking their employees to make concessions, the concessions now appear necessary so that the County Executive can get a raise! WHAT!!! This is insanity. What common sense does that make?

What sense does it make that there are employees making more money than the BIG BOSS MAN, (perhaps those making more money should be running the County) and how exactly does something like that happen? Really, think about it for a moment. When have we ever heard of a CEO/President of a company making less then those he/she employs? Preposterous!!! Absurd!!!

This is clear evidence that John Stoffa foolishly does not have a clue what he is doing. And our opinion is that County Council should not be considering this matter at this specific point in time.

Why not? Glad you asked! Let us recall that the current CE squandered 27.5 million tax dollars on the swaption, and to be fair, we're not blaming John Stoffa for the swaption itself because we understand that he may not have been responsible for getting us into the swaption, however, he did not rid us of it until it ballooned to the out of control figure. He could have pulled the trigger when the swaption was well under 10 million. Yes, that too would have been bad, but it would have been better than 27.5 million. We are saying that he could have made the right choice at the right time, saving us better than 17.5 million dollars, instead - he failed us. (Consider Bethlehem's SD got out at 8.2 million. Swaption Termination Cost School District $8.2 million)

And what about his handling of the Gracedale matter, suing The People with tax dollars, and we should reward this action? We don't think so. And what about his current handling of Gracedales power outage...It's Friday and Gracedale is still without power folks.

Next year We The People will establish a new County Executive. We are hopeful that he/she will be the kind of leader that will restore the Peoples confidence in our local government. The type that shines good moral principles and character. One who exemplifies excellent ethical behavior, as well as sound foundational judgement. Until that happens...We The People see taking this matter up as a complete waste of time, which always results in a waste of tax dollars.


  1. This is a correct assesment. CC should look at this issue after the next co exec election n after the next co exec proves he deserves an increase.

  2. In this critical time, no pay raises to elected officials. If a raise is approved for future County Execuitve, it should also be approved for the County Council.

    As we learned with Stoffa, we need a strong County Council to not let the Executive become a dictator like Stoffa.

  3. Recommend Documentary - "Obama 2016" on DVD, very powerful insight.

    1. I agree. Watch recently, and I now feel like I truely know who Barrack Obama is. This film is a worldview presented in a proper manner with full explenations that perhaps many of us have not been exposed to. It is in my opinion a need to see before elections DVD. Thanks for sharing.