Monday, November 5, 2012

Who Does That Sound Like?

It's always amazing to see the deception presented by O'Hare on his mis-information blog.

Talking about the swaption he says: "Financial Advisors recommended rolling the dice, and kept the campaign coffers flowing for Reibman.  Five Council members decided to gamble with your money."

The interesting thing with this statement is that he blames Reibman for the swaption, but does not name the five Council members. Why not? Isn't it so that without the five council votes, Reibmen's recommendation would have failed? Well, yes.

His math is also wrong because if we recall correctly, the final swaption cost was 27.5 million. He says "It only ended up costing us around $25 million." We suspect he's using the lower number to try and protect his benefactor - County Executive John Stoffa.

Then he puts out: "That's just one of many reasons why he's former Executive Glenn Reibman. Others include, depleting County reserves to irresponsible levels"

Well doesn't that sound like what Stoffa is doing? Yes it does...depleting our reserves with foolish expenditures. And he also forgets to mention that while Reibman may be tied to the commencement of he swaption - approved by five council members, John Stoffa is the one responsible for allowing the swaption to swell to 27.5 million. We have said it before, and we'll say it again, if Stoffa had paid off the swaption when it was well under 10 million, say about 8 mil...we would be able to blame the five council members and Glen Reibman for that amount. However, by doing nothing on purpose, Stoffa actually cost us 19.5 million more. 


  1. As usual, excellent points..Someone also mentioned that when Maziotti was asked, by Angle of all people, whether to pay it off earlier, he said no...He wasn't working for Reibman if memory serves me right..I think it was at about 10 million at the time..Can't blame Reibman and that council for anything after ten million for sure..The so called conservative council that was elected in 2009 also shares a big blame for this!!!

  2. In retrospect, is it possible that Mr. Stoffa was not demonstrating urgency in dealing with the problem of the swaption, so that it served as a justification for selling Gracedale ? Does this sound like the kind of political strategy Mr. Angle would employ ?

    1. Yes! It is rather apparent that they were in bed together. Mr. Angle has always flexed his temper on those around him, which usually made those around him take cover. The suprising thing is that many beleived that Mr. Stoffa was an Angle victim until he thought he could lie to the COAF and get away with it. COAF did not allow him to get away with it, they called him out on the lies, exposing Mr. Stoffa as possibly a manipulator pulling Mr. Angles strings without even Angle knowing it. In any scenario, they were in bed together.