Saturday, November 17, 2012

Kathleen Kelly...

...Was, during the November 15th County Council meeting, given some high praise by a well intended John Pierce. A renewed member of the Mental Health Early Intervention & Developmental Programs Advisory Board. An honorable person whom we consider may not be fully informed on the realities of the person (Kathleen Kelly) he spoke about.

Ms. Kelly, Administrator NC MH/EI/DP, should (in our opinion) explain why she hired Ilisa Sacknoff.

Ilisa Sacknoff was known to be a very poor employee at Gracedale by most of, if not all of the resident family members who had the misfortune to have her as their social worker. As well as many of the Gracedale employees who could not stand the sound of her heels coming down the hall.

Ilisa may believe that we have forgotten about her, but if so...only for a second - meaning we have not.

We will never dis-remember the sheer hell she put us through. What we're not certain of, is why Ms. Kelly, if she really is so sharp...would hire someone like Ilisa?

Why she (understanding and knowing the particulars) would provide employment to a well known undesirable employee?

Ross Marcus, who was also praised, was very well aware of the Gracedale situation...

...As was his boss, County Executive John Stoffa.

Can you please email us at with an explanation to this legitimate question? Or better yet, post it right here under our comments for all to read.

Thank you in advance Ms. Kelly. We appreciate your response. (Although truthfully, we don't anticipate it)


  1. I doubt you will get a response, and if you do it will be a snotty remark. Ms. Kelly is not in her office long enough to compose a response. She is well known to spend most of her time at meetings all over the state, delegating work to her subordinates.

    When Mr. Marcus came on board she was eleated claiming he was a good friend and she could finally do what she wanted. She has. Marcus is terrified of her.

    Unfortunately the only Board memebers picked are ones she wants Marcus to allow to go to council. They have let some go who wanted to stay and ignored requests from others. In their world the Board works for them, not you. The Stoffa Adminstration beleives the Boards and Authorities are to be very incestous groups that exist to agree with their policies.

    So I wish you well but I doubt you will get very far. If you think Ms. S was trouble wait till you hear more about Ms. K. Just ask some of her past and current staff and you will learn a great deal.

  2. All of these devious people must go. Our county has many good hard working employees, but unless we get a whistle blower, these malicious directors will continue their wicked workings, giving ALL employees a bad rep!

  3. Let's start forming a group,and then let our politicians know who the boss really is.
    One would think, however, that they would have learned their lesson already.
    Let us start to investigate with those who have worked or knew Ms. K on the job. From there, we shall, once again, spread our wings and learn the TRUTH.
    If there is nothing to it,then all will be fine. If not,
    We The People will then continue our work.

  4. This Kelly woman is some bad news. Ask around. In fairness though, I blame bad leaders like Stoffa and Marcus. If they were doing their jobs bad management wouldn't be tolerated.

  5. This whole situation is obviously Bernie O'Hare's fault, word on the street is Kelly will do whatever he tells her to do.

    That man is a menace. Thank God for all you fine people who are doing God's work in ending his reign of terror.

  6. No Bernie it is not your fault, you just help it along. It is Stoffa and Marcus' fault. They are incompetent.

  7. When is the clown Marcus going to his new job? I thought he would be gone by now.

    Once the new Admistration comes in with the new Human Srvices Director this nonsense will be cleaned up.

  8. How long will the Hairy One think he can pretend to be somebody else making comments? You can smell him a block away before he arrives.