Thursday, October 20, 2011

Leadership - Parsons Style

In the world there are three types of people:
1) Leaders
2) Followers
3) And those who should just get out of the way (Ron Angle)

There are four factors of leadership:
We have already discussed two - Leaders  and Followers,
3) Situation
4) Communication - ops, that's something Ron Angle knows nothing of.

Communication is definitely a two way street, that's where Angle truly fails - you see, he always want to talk, and talk, and talk...that's why any conversation with him turns hostile. He really does not know how to listen, although he is taking lessons from SCOTT PARSONS, who explained to Ron during Tuesday nights debate that civility is the key to successful communication. And that calling a peer a F_ _ _en PROSTITUTE accomplishes absolutely nothing, and that calling the citizens of the county GOONS accomplishes absolutely nothing, and that calling the Union thugs accomplishes absolutely nothing, and that screaming and yelling at his constituents can only get him FIRED.

Ron Angle has no clue how to lead so he takes mental notes from SCOTT PARSONS:

District four - if you want someone to tell you to sit down and shut up - vote for Angle again...

If you want a humble leader who will listen, on November 8...

The Calm After The Storm


  1. "It takes a Village"
    Scott needs everyone and anyone who is dissatisfied with the current District 4 representation, to help him get his message to the voters.
    Please consider contacting Scott and offer him any type of assistance you can provide.
    You won't be sorry, and you will make Jesus smile.
    That last comment was meant to raise the hackles on the neck of a certain individual.
    He will no doubt assign blame to the wrong party. Wink, Wink.

  2. How lucky the good people of Region 4 would have it if they elected a MAN like Scott Parsons who is real in every sense of the word.
    For example, they would have known every detail of the detention center proposal before it got to the heated point that it did.
    Effective leaders do not have to yell,scream, and try to ruin people to get their ideas across.

  3. Northampton County -

    Closed door meeting's

    Back room deals

  4. After Angle loses and is out of office. he will show up with his lapgog O'Hare and heckle people. I hope the council president has the sheriff throw Angle out when he makes a scene.

  5. That is exactly what county council should do and bo too.

  6. Word on the street is, more back room deals after the meeting Stoffa went to his office followed by Angle and then their lap dog went in makes you wounder?

  7. wORD ON THE STREET IS sARAH cASSI WAS NOT AT THE DEBATE, DID SHE GET HER INFORMATION FROM aNGLE AND BO IN STOFFAS office after the meeting ? The County Goons are at it again. Since when is the DOLLAR more important than human life.

  8. Didn't Angle announce, several times, there would be a signing ceremony in Stoffa's office right after the meeting? Isn't that why Sarah was there?

  9. Since when is the dollar more important than the human life?
    Think of who you are dealing with.
    My pocket before your pocket their way of doing thing's.

  10. Word on the street is you must be the only one that heard that , I will check on the video for sure.

  11. Amon:2:00 pm it isn't on the video it was on
    Amon: 8:42 "s comment.

  12. Ron Angle- A Belligerent Sociopath
    Ron will do anything to hold on to power. He is powerful because of his minions, of which there are many. He instills fear in his constituents, he makes them feel as though they should fear him not being re-elected. In actuallity what they should fear is him actually being re-elected. He lies about and sensationalizes his actions and people up here buy that crap. Hey preys on the old and the weak, but indirectly, in a way they do not recognize. He is so dellusional that he does not even recognize that he is doing it himself. Most people are unaware of his crap so they vote for him because of his sensationalism.

    Area 4, stop pulling the lever for this belligerent sociopath. He is dangerous and will do or say whatever it takes to hold on to power. After all....that's exactly what a sociopath would do. If it were not for his power and money, he would be prison. There is no more miserable a person to represent us.

  13. Word on the street is, Ron cover all the angles was given the questions before the debate . Some of the questions got lost and were never asked. Moderator was asked about the questions that were missed he shruged his shoulders and walked away, no answer. As usual Ron had the upper hand.

  14. Word on the street is, Read the comments for local residents intrigued by Primus Green energy pitch in Slate Belt, Eexpress, Slate Belt news. You can see what his region thinks of Angle.

  15. Is this a surprise to you ? One can never trust some people. That is a real shame to attend a debate and find out it my have been rigged. There are no morals any more. what is this world coming too? These people are suppose to be respectable leaders in the borough,and county.
    It just never ends.

  16. Word on the street is, seems like anything Angle has to do with is rigged.

  17. Did the chamber of commerce have anything to do with it? How much did their president give to angle? Tony ianelli right?

  18. Hello COAF,
    I have read LVR this evening, and saw the video O'Hare posted about the Jack attack. Since I was at the meeting, and witnessed this, I wish to comment. Of course I would not post this on his blog, because, not only will it be deleted, but he will announce to all readers that I am punished, censored, and permanently removed.

    I commend Jack for what he tried to do. There was a point in the meeting where people were laughing at the argument council was having over the TIF. I was laughing, and so were Maryann and Jack. My guest, Laurie Denegar, a West Easton Borough Council candidate, was also laughing. O'Hare turned around to make Jack the focal point, and started videotaping him for no reason.

    Jack tried to cover the camera with his hat. No one was knocked off a chair. A young man took offense as his space was invaded and yelled "excuse me!" A sherriff did not haul Jack out of the meeting. Jack left the room and returned a few minutes later.

    I saw that O'Hare wrote an enormous dissertation on the psychological features of the "Gracedale goons." He did the same to me a couple of months back. Its sad to see such a mess of a human being calling out the flaws of others. He should focus on his own troubled life and why he has the troubles that he does.

    Those are the facts. Enjoy your weekend. Silly season is almost over. We will toast, win or lose.


  19. Thank you Trish for telling it like it was. I put a post on Bernie's blog the same story as your's 'and of course he twisted and turned it to suite himself, so why even waste your time.Like you the people that were there know just what happened. The people that know our group know what kind of people we are.we can go any where and hold our heads up high. We have do nothing wrong and have no baggage like some people.If BO or Angle think they scare us they should know by now they are dead wrong.
    We are not going away.
    Thank's again Trish for speaking up.


  20. It is so wonderful to know that the word on O'Hare is finally out.
    It amazes me that anyone would find him credible.
    Not even the PA. Supreme Court believed him.
    A year or so ago, no one was allowed to bring cameras into the council chambers. We did not realize that the "staring guy" was not a reporter. BO had his camera in everyone's face.
    Why don't we all go to the next meeting with our cameras and keep them on Bernie.
    Perhaps the reversed role will give him a thrill.
    If he has free reign in the Court House-Stoffa says he does not- then all taxpayers in Norco should be able to come with their cameras in hand. The meeting is filmed anyway.
    Let's teach "lover boy " a lesson!
    Let us, the people, maintain the rights of all in our great nation of Liberty for all not just Stoffa, Angle, and O'HARE.
    Especially O'Hare,for he has no more rights than all the rest of us.
    I'll bet Stoffa and Angle are so happy with O'Hare because he is not helping them at all. He is only the butt of many jokes being told all over Northampton County.
    Let's get ready to take our photos.

  21. Whenever a person enters a public meeting, speaks at a public meeting or is disrupting a public meeting it is reasonable to be expected to be photographed. It is part of the Sunshine law. However, like almost anything else in life it can be abused. For more than a year bo has made it a point to aim his camera at members of COAF. Even before the meetings begins, when they are just chatting with other officials or members of the audience he has his camera aimed at us. We havew asked him politely to refrain from taking our pictures so often but he has ignored our request. We have moved our seats to avoid his camera but he has gone so far as to hold his camera with one hand and aim it at us from under his opposite armpit. How stupid is that????? If we were doing anything at the time that was unusual I could understand but his constant focus on us is his futile attempt to intimidate, annoy and harass.
    All those present at the Thurs. meeting know that no woman was knocked from her seat. Jack had told bo to stop with the picture taking and he persisted without reasdon. His camera was preventing Jack from watching the Council's procedings. Jack left the room to complain to the sheriff's deputy. Also, Jack was not taken out by the deputy. Bo is quick to recommend psych counseling for the COAF' perhaps he should consider the same type of counseling for himself to discover why he needs so many photos of us!


  22. "Just a little bit of sugar makes the medicine go down."

  23. Word on the street is, bo should learn to tell the truth. I guess he can not he has to protect his meal ticket and his free run of the court house.

  24. It is just awful how HE taunts people with his little flip cam and then edits and writes nothing but lies! Until you become a victim of Mr. O'hare, you have no idea what he is really like. I for one have seen it first hand with my 82 year old father. How shameful is it when you taunt an 82 year old man just because he made simple comment "oh come on" at a meeting. Yes anon 1:39am I was at the meeting when a spectator was told he could not have his camera on during the meeting. I then went to the sheriff and discussed the matter with him and asked why was Bernie O'hare allowed to have a camera if others weren't. He apologized and said he did not realize that Mr. O'Hare had a camera. SERIOUSLY!!! Mr. O'Hare always has his camera to disrupt and taunt.

    Don't worry if people viewed it carefully, they can see that Mr. O'Hare was the one taunting with the camera and did his usual cackling to go along with it. I like how he added another sound effect to try to cover his cackling! Pathetic!

    Don't worry, you will have a new spectator in November, his name is Mr. Angle. Lets see how he behaves, thinking I need to buy a flip cam for myself!


  25. Can you tell me wich one he is (Mr. Angle ) ?

    A toad sitting on a lilly pad ?

    1 Clean dressed farmer slinging plop ?

    2 Fruit hanging from an apple tree ?

    3 Elephant running the plains ?

    4 Perfect republican councilman ?

    5 None of the above

  26. There must be something quacky about this guy.I wonder what other type of pictures he likes to take and look at.
    How is a person allowed to take other photos of normal citizens without their permission and then use them as he sees fit,for good and evil purposes?
    Every citizen who now attends council meetings should take a camera and start shooting film.
    Then, they could use the photos the way in which BO does.

  27. Remember O'Hare is a single 50+ year old man that takes video of children playing sports. One can onlu surmize what goes on in O'Hares head. Be careful he is an angry man capable of anything.

  28. He's a pedophile....has every single characteristic...hasnt been caught...YET