Friday, October 14, 2011

Tough Choices For Tough Times...

Really? We The People believe it's an easy choice

He (Ron Angle speaking about himself) may not be warm and furry? He's not...he is cold and fuzzy. He may have some warts? We The People are aware of two...can anyone guess which two?

While We The People are not proponents of raising taxes, we are certainly intelligent enough to cpmprehend that if taxes never ever go up the County will surely fall apart, oh wait - isn't that what has been occurring in NorCo? Is it possible that Wind Gap is better off today because of Scott Parsons? We surely would like to hear from people in that area of the county. That does not mean you Olga, you live in Nazareth.

He (Angle) knows how to say NO? Oh yes that's correct...he YELLS NOOO - I'm sick and tired of you, and I don't care that your a voter until election time, so sit down and shut up. Remember that Ron. We The People do.

Simple message -VOTE SCOTT PARSONS


  1. Save Northampton County and vote Ron Angle out of office. He is not just a terrible representative of District four but he is also an embarrassment to the region. Is this what people think of when they see hi, We are him. No thank you. I am tired of this self-promoter who has never done anything fro the people of District four.

  2. Word on the street is that Angle will be re-elected because Parson has no money and hasn't campaigned enough. :-(

  3. O'Hariyass is deleting comments again. He is for keeping Cedarbrook nursing home and against keeping Gracedale. When confronted with facts he just deletes them and calls the posters crazy. This is the kind of nonsense that is running Northampton county. Sadly, until Angle, Stoffa and O'hare are no longer in charge things will not really improve for Gracedale and the County. We must dump Angle and then vote in the right County Executive and the right county council to have honest and competent county government.

  4. Word on the street is that Parsons WILL win because the people are tired of angle and his selfish attitude and antics. He only does things that directly benefit him. Parsons will bring a breath of fresh air to Council. He is sincere, capable, honest and doesn't have any unwanted extra baggage. Vote for Parsons and give dignity back to the District 4 Council seat!

  5. Word on the street is, They said the COAF would lose they did not have any money, Who lost?

  6. Word on the street is, we need SCOTT PARSONS FOR COUNSEL.

  7. "Word on the street" is that the first "word on the street" poster in here was the "impossible imposter" Barney.
    It must be getting "scary" for them, and I don't mean "Halloween Scary" I mean,
    "I conducted one of my famous private polls" and