Saturday, October 22, 2011

Curly Was Always A Stooge

He is said to still be warped over his alcoholic binge that led to his removal from practicing law, so he is now nothing more than a go for - for his sugar daddy Angle. Hmm, what exactly is a sugar daddy? MW says 1: a well-to-do usually older man who supports or spends lavishly on a mistress, girlfriend, or boyfriend...HMMM, didn't he once say about Angle - "he's my bastard?" Wow, it makes one wonder.

During Thursday's meeting we discovered that in his twisted mind he believes that he can still defeat the referendum question by trying to antagonize the members of the Coalition Of Alzheimer's Families, who by the way defeated him over and over again in court. He and Angle looked like a bad TV episode potentially called - Curly Defends Perry Mason, hahaha, HAHAHA, and they both lost. Angle even said on the steps of the court house " Justice will prevail", and when it did - he could not except it, couldn't find him for days. Now fearing for his benefactors job, he is trying to murk the truth with his little camera...not to worry, we have camera's too...

(-; We got this shot didn't we? ;-)

Keep counting Curly, Moe and Larry will soon arrive to help you - NOT

In the end the truth will be the TRUTH...stay tuned.

The Calm After The Storm


  1. I have nothing to say about this piece of trash.I won't waste my breath on him.

  2. A pitiful excuse for a human being.

  3. I agree with the 2 last descriptions of this "human being,"but you do realize that he gets off on this type of thing.
    That will really show you just how badly off this jerk really is.
    There are no better ways to describe him than the adjectives used by the Supreme Court of PA to explain his bizarre personality and behaviors.
    I am certainly glad that he is NOT one of my children.How could any parent want a child who ENJOYS inflicting pain and ruination on others.
    He and Angle think this fun stuff.
    O'Hare once told someone that he knew what he was saying about this person was incorrect, but that he would think it "hilarious" to watch the other person squirm.

  4. 6
    o'Hare has a way of provoking people and then crying foul when he gets a reaction. He plastered this video on his blog, then told outright lies about what occurred. Funny, if a woman was knocked off her seat, and he was assaulted, and a sherriff had to break it up, then why didnt channel 69 news camera choose to film it? Ch 69 news was there and filming this part of the meeting. Oh,...I know wasnt news worthy at all, and these things didnt actually happen. O'Hare spins and lies again.

  5. Please bring flip cams nd keep them trained on O'Hare and Angle the entire meeting. I garantee they will flip out.

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  12. court appointed therapistOctober 22, 2011 at 8:58 PM

    I see Bernie has stalked the blog again. Even without his name being mentioned in any of the comments, it is quite apparent that he sees this behavior as an exact fit to his own unusual personality.

    Subsequently, he demands that the posts be removed. We can now add that another disorder exists....schizo-affect disorder in which the subject has paranoid delusions, and thinks that everyone is out to get him.

    Bernie, I suggest that you seek out professional help to assist yourself in dealing with the delusions of paranoia that you are exhibiting here. I will add that, it seems his obsession with preying upon the elderly and disabled further exacerbates his unfortunate mental condition.

    Since you are broke, there are several outreach agencies that may be able to assist you. But remember, as you experienced in your alcohol detox program, the first step in recovery is to admit you have a problem.

    I suggest that you focus your efforts toward assisting yourself, and stop blaming others for your abhorrent behavior.

  13. court appointed therapistOctober 22, 2011 at 9:06 PM


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  14. WORD ON THE STREET IS, IF BO CAN GIVE A PERSON $18500.00 dollars for a car he is not broke.

  15. No where is bo's name mentioned in reference to being a pedophile. Why does he make the unfounded assumption that the information was aimed at him? Now he is dictating what generalized information we can have on this blog. Isn't that againt the freedom of our speech?

  16. Looks from these posts, Bil Somebody is fixated on Bernie, again.

  17. Let him see cameras in his face everywhere he goes. Trust me, you'll see just how scared BIG,BAD Bernie will get.
    Dear Bernie and Ron,
    How do you feel when you can no longer intimidate people? Usually name calling and nerves begin to overtake the bully, please take a peek in the mirror.

  18. Wow! These people are absolutely crazy.

  19. Don't let some people scare you. There is power in numbers and the unholy ones only have intimidation to play on. That failed during the Gracedale debate and it will fail now.

    Do not let those who use "freedom" as their shield to harass and intimidate stop you from shinning a light on the behavior of people who think they own government.

    The Gracedale Guardians are a refreshing change in Northampton County and you scare the Hell out of the little dictators. when they threaten laugh in their face, they are powerless.

  20. Word on the street is, someone is getting close to some thing big and it is scareing the three stooges, is that the reason they want to stop them. I do not feel that can be done, they havent done it in a year and a half.

  21. Many sleepless nights are in the future of the big bad trio and their assoc. Not even a prescription sleeping pill will lull them into restful dreamland.

  22. I read those comments about Bernie Ohare this morning and did not have time to post. I just want to say that although you disagree with him, although it has been a contentious relationship, although he may or may not have provoked you at various times, I must agree that those statements are totally uncalled for.
    We can have a spirited debate without that type of commentary. Whoever posted that should be admonished. The comments definitely should be removed.
    I, as a contributor only have no control over the comments in here. That said, this with sincerity,
    Bernie Ohare I am sorry that those things were said about you.
    It is a extremely serious matter we are dealing with in regards to that crime. Children are our most precious resource and need to be protected.
    I in harmony with Bernie Ohare call for those comments to be removed.

  23. Bernie, if the shoe fit's wear it.

  24. When will Stoffa ,Angle, and ordinary citizen,BO with a camera, realize that they can not intimidate us,period.
    The more they try, the deeper their hole gets.
    Gracedale,informal petition,formal petition for referendum,4 lost court cases, historical public referendum races to the ballot to demonstrate democracy to ,for, and by the people,3-1WIN,HISTORIC IN THE STATE OF PA.,swaption scandal comes out, DUI in West Easton surfaces,Jail in West Easton is uncovered,asbestos is now a problem with our council and the state of PA.
    Now you all know why they WANTED TO SELL GRACEDALE.They needed money for all these other things.
    After all of that "uncovering", how could we become intimidated by a group of 3 deceitful people.
    Bring it on guys,then the public will really know what you have done.
    In the beginning of 2012, The real truth about taxpayer's money being used in "funny" ways will SURFACE at some judicial LEVEL.
    No one is afraid of the big bad wolves, in reality, we can't wait. Good luck,guys.

  25. You go guys. Many people who still fear the evil three may be silent but they admire your guts. Keep up the good work. You saved Gracedale even though the unholy three are still trying to destroy it.

    You are respected and supported. Even by some of us less courageous than you. You have shown us what a phoony John Srtoffa and his pals are. We and our families thank you.

  26. Angle brages that he has had no raise in our taxes for so many years. Do you know why they don't have to raise taxes ? Because they do not take care of any thing in the county. No maintance done on the Wolf building,
    the Becthel building,
    the county home Gracedale
    except for the window work that was done 2 years ago that should have been done 30 years ago.
    When it rained they would put blankets on the floor so the water would not run to where the residents would sit. When Stoffa was asked about why the work was not done he answered " it's water under the dam. And work was done on a few other things at the same time. Why would you ignore taking care of our county's building's and assets?
    Did any one take notice to the light towers at Rt. 33 and Rt.512 in Wind Gap? The light fixtures are down at the botton of the poles instead of the top - WHY ?
    The county never maintained the poles and now they are not safe enough to support the fixtures.
    A little paint once in awhile would have solved that problem.
    Your tax dollar at work - no raise no work
    What do they do with our tax money ? ? ? ?
    Does it go into their so called slush fund ? ?
    The asbestos problems in the county buildings that is going to come out big time soon. Why would you not want to protect the people that work in those buildings? The people that come and go in the court house?
    Stoffa, Angle only think of them self's not the people they represent.


  27. Send John Stoffa a message, elect Scott Parsons.

  28. The light towers are PennDOT not county.
    They are slated for removal due to the interchange work.
    They currently are seeking bids for removal.
    Where do you get your info?

  29. Unseat the unholy trio by unelecting the ringleader, Ron Angle. Remember, a vote for Scott Parsons is a vote for honesty and decency. It is time for district four voters to get back their region from the current office holder.

    Make this the season of Democracy for District Four