Thursday, October 27, 2011


beast, brute, devil, evildoer, fiend, meany, miscreant, monster, nazi, no good, rapscallion, rascal, reprobate, rogue, savage, scalawag, scamp, villain, wretch.

Now tells us NorCo/Slate Belt - who does that sound like?

When there is a wild fire raging out of control in the forest, headed for a heavy populated area, the courageous firefighters some times resort to fighting the fire with fire. Hence, in the fire currently raging out of control in Norco (election), the courageous firefighters (We The People) are standing strong against the fire (Ron Angle and His sidekick) with fire of their own, but some how the fire does not like fire to be used against it. Why not? Doesn't it make the fight fair? Oh, perhaps it's because they don't like fair, they just love to fight dirty, but when you fight their fight they cry foul...this coming from the few that believe that the only rule is no rules. 

Get use to this fact - if you slap us, we will slap you back to see how you like it, and if you don't like it...stop doing it to us, it's as simple as that.

So We The People say - we will gladly see you in court if that is your choice, we have much to declare, and boldly will do so...just remember, we did not throw the first, second, or third stone, you did - we're just tired of the abuse and We The People will stand for it no more.

We The People will bring civility, dignity and integrity back to NorCo, even if it means using fire to fight fire.

Vote Scott Parsons
A Hero In Our Eyes


  1. Angle is on the O'Hare hate blog making fun of your misspelling "scoundrel". You should re-post it. You are right but Angle and his kids will continue to mock you on the puppets hate blog.

  2. Tonights debate went well there was only one person who had to recline in his chair lay his head back, and roll his eyes, and make face's when he heard something he disagreed with from any of the other candidate's.
    Bet you can't guess who that was ?
    The rest of the candidate's were gentlemen for the night except Matt Connolly at the end had to sling a little mud . To bad Matt.
    Northampton County needs change
    We the people can make this change on Nov.8th
    Get out and vote.

  3. Ron Angle acting like a two year old again. Nothing new there.

  4. WOW SCOTT PARSONS is already famous. He must be!!!!! People are already "COLLECTING" his campaign signs as keepsakes. That HAS to be the reason his signs are disappearing in Region 4. It certainly wouldn't be the ILLEGAL work of his opponent's supporters!!!


  5. I had 3 signs removed.
    All in different locations.
    I suspect foul play in (1) instance only.
    Also if you ever want to take your family out for a good meal. Go anywhere except JR's Smokehouse in Wind Gap.
    There is a sign for former councilman Angle there as well as in front of the owners doublewide. I mean McMansion. He lives in a beautiful home. The owner is a immigrant success story which I applaud, however "no soup" for me after I saw the signs. I don't think he had enough oppression in his life when he lived in Europe, hence the support of the Nazi Party.
    Also, unfortunate weather report for this weekend. Everyone get out and make the final push next week and next weekend. Maybe we can coordinate in here.


  7. Hey Bernie
    JR can support whoever he likes
    but he won't get any Gracedale workers pay when they read this
    Thanks for the free advertisment on your blog....JR will be happy
    It offends half of your clientele when you own a business and advertise who you vote for.
    He should know better.

    Here are couple other businesses to boycott

    any advertiser on FOXNews
    The Easton Express
    Allen Audio
    and anything Tony Ianelli has his grubby little sausage fingers in.
    And as I drive through the Slatebelt I'll add more so
    blog away
    oh and
    Real Estate investor?
    sending out Mr Greenjeans flyers
    lies lies lies lies lies lies lies

  8. O'Hare appears to be losing weight rapidly. It is now noticeable that his triple chins and 100 inch waistline are becoming smaller by the day. Though he is shrinking, and now fitting into older clothes, he looks like he pulled his suit out of a subway station suitcase.

    Should be take up a collection to assist him in finding suitable clothing?

  9. PENN JERSEY Gas and Ceasar's Auto are also Angle Supporter's.


    If that is the case why is he NOT SUPPORTING the building of a YMCA in the Slate Belt which would benefit residents of ALL ages??? Could it be there is nothig in it for him??????????

  10. There was no campaign contribution to the tune of at least 3k like with the illegal detention center

  11. O'Hare is deleting truthful comments big time. He is again lying on his hate blog. He claims Scott called someoone a Nazii.

    He has now shut down comments to keep the truth off.

    Good work, lets finish out strong. You have the main Angle mouthpiece O'Hare running scared again.

    Oh by the way Mr Bill White, since you read this blog, why not write a piece on the entire Gracedale mess and the lies and manipulated information put out there by Angle,Stoffa and O'Hare. This was mentioned on O'Hare's hate blog but he made the comment go away, as he often does.

    There are many people you could talk too, including some experts on county governemnt and Gracedale. Rather than just prining the Stoffa press releases, do a little research.

  12. If it is true that bill white had the lunatic blogger at lhu teaching students about blogging one has to wonder if the lhu administration is aware that such is bringing miscreants like that loser to condition our youth. if I was paying 50k plus to send my child to lhu and discovered that a villain like that was instructing my child I would be up in arms with the administration. Just saying

  13. If it is true that bill white had the crazed blogger instruct students at lhu, one has to wonder what he was thinking, and one has to wonder if the lhu admin is aware that a miscreant is involved in the education process at a facility that cost 50k+ one has to wonder just saying

  14. Wow,as a parent I would certainly protest if I learned that a disbarred self-proclaimed bottom feeding alcoholic blogger was instructing my child on any topic.
    There should be lists for people like that simular to the sex-offender lists that are available to warn folks that someone of his/her character is in the area.
    What kind of a respectable human being brags about such repulsive character flaws anyway?
    Someone withoute any degree of dignity or self-respect I would imagine.

  15. Has Ronnie boy put up any of his farms for preservation or is he saving his land for developers...just wondering?

  16. That is a good, no make that, a great question. Why didn't you ask it at the debates?

    As to this Bill White / Bernie thing.
    His problems aside, Ohare does have a continuously operating blogspot. He doesn't get that many unique visitors however he is diligent. And it is at times entertaining. That could be the reason he was asked. If I posted on his site I would ask if he used any of the Gracedale issue threads and if he included any of this one. If so, what type of response he received.
    I know you are peeking so......

    How about and answer to that in here Bernie?

  17. Bernie has a popular site because he has allowed anonymous comments. When he blocks those comments, his hit list drops like a rock and is no better than nay other blog.

    So I don't think it is his blog that is so great but the ability to comment free from most harassment. He and Angle do try to find out who is blogging and have erroneously attacked innocent parties.

    O'Hare's hate blog was one of the first Lehigh Valley politically oriented blogs and he has that going for him. Even if his threads are of dubious nature and accuracy.

    His problem is that his already shitty reputation is diving even more by his constant editing and deleting of comments that do not support his views or those of his mancrushes.

    In time I think you will see other Lehigh Valley blogs attract the same attention and readership.

    The other thing O'hare can do is hurl insults at people. He owns nothing so what is the point of suing his ass. Most people have something to lose. He also is supported by Angle and Stoffa, so hie doesn't really work and has all the time in the world to spin his crap.

    To be fair it is a popular blog but there are many reasons and truth and accuracy are not on the list of reasons.

  18. Word on the street is, Bill White has all the bills from the law firm from harrisburg and is sitting on them. bo is hidding money he offered to pay 18 thousand for a girls car cash.

  19. Word on the street is, what is bo going to do when Brenda no 2 loses in November? I guess he will have to depend on Brenda no 1 to keep him in good graces in the county goverment. b.o. rember the GRACEDALE GOONS are not done yet.




    No matter how you put it


  21. I have seen a nasty and hateful attack on Maryann Schmoyer posted by Bernie O'Hare on his blog. He states that Maryann is virulent, and disrupts all of the County Council meetings by catcalling and shouting at Mr. Angle. He wrote this in a response to her post supporting the re-election of LaMont McClure.

    I have attended all county council meetings since March 2011, and have never seen Mrs. Schmoyer disrupt, cat call, or shout. In fact, earlier this year, Mrs. Schmoyer had the class and decency to apologize for negative posts made about me on this blog. She is not the terrible person O'Hare makes her out to be. This is a perfect example of hatred being spread by Bernie O'Hare because of a difference in opinion and a difference in political support. Very sad.


  22. ANd one more comment....Mr. O'hare likes to use the "Sunshine Act" to intimidate and harass people in a public meeting, who are not speaking at courtesy of the floor. By this, I am referring to the recent video he posted about Jack D'Allassandro.

    If Mr. O'Hare bothered to research the sunshine act, he would see that its intent is to provide adequate public notice of all meetings, and to provide for a recoding of those meetings. Nowhere does the Sunshine Act address the voyeuristic actions of those who choose to video tape spectators at a public meeting.

    In fact, if Mr. O;Hare did this outside of a public forum, my guess is he would become an unsuccessful defendant in court on harassment and stalking charges. My advice to him is to research the recent court case in NJ, in which a group of parents sued to stop a bystander from recording cheerleaders at school sponsored sporting events.


  23. Trish makes a very good point. The way Mr. O'Hare jams a camera in the face of certain people on a consistent basis may not be protected, it may in fact be harassment. Even if Angle and Stoffa have told the sheriffs to let him do as he pleases, it may be illegal.

    You may want to check with Atty. Otter to see if he is violating anyone's civil rights by his actions.

    He loves to cite his knowledge of the law but let us not forget the law profession threw him out. As one lawyer told me, you have to very very bad to be tossed as a lawyer.

  24. To every law there are exclusions. The manner in which bo stalks certain citizens and then uses the material to defamed the same individuals is against the law. Beware of evil people with evil intent with cameras.

  25. Mr. Smith in response to your earlier question as to: why the question about Angle's farms not being preserved. It was provided at the Wind Gap Debate. Perhaps it was one the moderator or Angle himself chose not to have asked. It is alleged by many that Angle previewed the questions prior to the start of the debate. It's always easy to take a test if you have the questions before hand. In school there's a word for it.........oh it's called cheating.

    At the last debate the questions asked were ones that all of the candidates could respond to.

    I would love to make Angle answer that question in public myself.

  26. Northampton County needs to know that Body Odor O'hare has trashed Trish too. Why? well out of respect for Trish, who once was fooled by the unholy trio and since has seen the light, I won't devulge everything here, but, all the weight that bernie has lost was with the help of Trish, who as a trainer began to work with BO to sincerely help him with his weight problem but then he took her kindness beyond the scope that Trish had in mind. When Trish made BO aware that she was just trying to help him and had no further interest than a good friendship, he became inflamed, I guess because Trish without meaning to, crushed his black heart. The the attacks against her began and her eyes opened to the truth. I certainly support her for a seat on government in west easton. Great job Trish.


  27. Whatever one thinks of Trish, at least she has taste in men. O'Hare is a troll. The weay he sits at meetings with his fly zipped down is disgusting.

    No wonder parents are creeped out when he shows up at kid events with his camera.

  28. O'hare will soon be arrested for acting like a peeping Tom at child sports, with his flip cam, recording every move. Lets hope someone has their flip cam on when he is stuffed into the back of a patrol car.