Sunday, October 30, 2011

Define A True Leader

A true leader is someone who understands and lives life in line with their purpose. Someone who is authentic, who has a clear sense of their own personal values and is seen by others to embody those values. Someone who believes in giving first, with no expectation of a return. Someone who inspires others to follow their example, just by being themselves.

This blog celebrates the natural leadership we have witnessed in NorCo everyday people who care so much beyond themselves that they have committed to never stop caring. And this blog champions a return to being, rather than doing, and the example we point to is WE THE PEOPLE whom have stood up valiantly against all odds, to the wickedest of the wicked and have survived unscathed.

When you beat a dog the dog will do what you want, not because he respects you, but because he fears you - given the opportunity the dog will run away or worst yet turn on his master with vengeance. When you treat a dog with kindness and respect - teaching him right from wrong, the dog will do what you want out of love and respect for you.

Ron Angle has no real leadership qualities, tyrants rarely do. His leadership style is to grab you by the neck, slap you a few times, shove what ever he wants to down your throat, and then he tells you that you better like it. That's not leadership - that's oppression.

We will once again express to our ready-to-go home FOREVER Councilman that there is a simple way to know if you are actually a leader - turn around and look behind you, if you have just Stoffa and NI behind you...sorry but your not a leader. If you have 3-1 standing firmly ready to do what it takes behind you, then and only then are you blessed with what it takes, just ask the future...

...Councilman SCOTT PASONS
The Peoples Leader


  1. The Tao De Ching by Lao Tzu, chapter 11, says that the best leader is one that is hardly noticed, and when the task is done, the people say "We have done it ourselves." The next is one who is loved and adored. The worst is one who is feared. I feel the best leadership quality is being able to quietly direct, with the ones doing the task getting the credit.

  2. I have to say regardless of what the othe blog says i love this blog because it does post items of interest to me. In my opinion a true leader puts himself last and his peolpe first, he gives absolutely everything because he is last and his people are first.

    to banish skill and discard profit is how leaderships goal was once defined, these days we cultivate skills and worship profits - these things that were once considered the absolute evils of a society are now running ours - how ironic and how far we have come from a simple life.

    they'll have made our children desease free by design and be cloning us before we can ever see what effects that will ultimatley have, they'll infect our crops with Gm modified properties so there are no non GM foods grown on the planet before they even knw what effect that will have, they put us last and use as test subjects when at the same time they feign respect by bans on animal testing for example.

    there's not one governmental leader in the world who is preparing a way to improve his society, even the leaders with goodness in theri heart are stuck in the mould of trying to battle troubles rather than leading by example and putting the people first.

    they could do a lot worse than folowing the tao te ching these world leaders - they shuold at least be aware of it

  3. Way to go Trish



  5. Sounds like Angle is the exact opposite of a good leader.

  6. Well just when you though he couldn't go any lower, O'Hare has bested even himself. He has posted a vicious, mean spirited hit piece on Tricia. Get this, he won't open the discusssion' only to his friends who don't fear reprucisons from his connected friends.

    He makes outrageous claims about Tricia. Nothing like a stalker wannabe lover scorned. Tricia, I hope you contact the Press even Bill White. I wish she could sue his lazy ass. I know he doesn't own anyhting but this shows what he and Angle have in common. The lady tells him shes not interested and he goes all evil madman on her.

    He is a vile creature and why the Express and other media types give him any credible notice is shameful.

    This folks is the real face of the Angle, Stoffa, O'Hare crew. And they run our county??

    God help us all!!!

  7. This was a very nice post. We in the trenches, we the little people working for Scott in all parts of Area 4 thank you. I believe in Scott Parsons as a fundamentally good human being. He will make a good leader.

  8. Here are a list of lies that Bernie posted:

    1. I never put up a website that states I am a doctor. This is untrue, and I contacted the webmaster to have it removed.

    2. There was one, not three disorderly conduct charges. in 2000 an ex-boyfriend started a fire on my living room floor and threw me out of my own house, landing me face down on ridge street. He was arrested and I was charged as well for domestic fighting. That was the last time I saw him. My insurance company paid in excess of 3K for the fire damage.

    3. There are no RTK Law requests under appeal. I have made several requests, most of them denied. I think 89 is pushing it, but I never counted them. The right number may be 30 or so in the last 2 years. Mostly financial info which is being hidden.

    4. No banging on windows with my box of change. Some turbulence with Borough Hall on this matter, but not how O'Hare describes it. I dismissed the harassment charge for lack of hard eveidence.

    5. Never thrown off of someone's porch while campaigning.

    6. Unlisted number was listed on voter list. I called it and left a message. Mrs. Nodoline called me back the next day to tell me never to call her house again.

    7. While in Borough Hall Kelly Gross shouted "You have half a brain." I responded in kind by stating I have a Master's Degree, and what degree do you have?" That was the only time I spoke of my education.

    8. Not sure about the Cadillac and truck comment, though Mayor Gross always has cadillacs, for as long as I can remember.

    9. I stated that West Eastons Impact may not be a public safety concern, and that the impact fee should be delivered via a contingency fund. I live here too, and dont want more tax hikes. I also spoke to corrections director to let him know that the rear corner of the DUI center is missing part of the fence. He said 'This is not maximum security."

    10. Bernie kicked my pig in the throat while at my house. He yelped, and then shoved his leg with his nose. That was the last time O'Hare was welcome in my home. He was in so much pain that he cried whenever I tried to pet him for a week straight.

    11. Tim Jones has been absent for 9 meetings this year, and the only time I spoke to him was over the phone a week ago. He was courteous and wished me luck. The conversation was about 20 seconds long.

    12. Lou Nikko also wished me luck as I passed his house on my way home from a walk. We spoke briefly, and he said "If you want this you have to work for it."

    13. I have never called Kelly brain damaged. I was aware that she had a traumatic injury years ago, and was told by several that she has been collecting disability ever since.

    14. I know that I am a nuisance to the Borough because I make RTK requests that they find annoying. I never called the Borough Manager a fat slob. I think it was "scum-bag," after she sent me a Cease and Desist order, while allowing another Borough Business to conduct massage out of her home on 9th street. The 9th Street property belongs to Dan DePaul, a 20 year member of Borough Council.

    15. She passed away in June of 2010, 4 days before my zoning hearing. Her health had been failing for quite some time, and I expressed my condolences .

    I think that its time for Bernie to accept the fact that I will never speak to him again for any reason. He needs to get over it. His perpetual stalking that occurs on the Palmer bike trail has caused me to change my walking route. He is downright dangerous.


  9. Oh, I forgot to address the bankruptcy. Its not a secret, and I am not ashamed. I moved here in 1999, and found few suitable employment options for college educated people. I was laid off from LVH from my position there as assistant controller of budget and finance. I received a severance package and tuition for a semester of nursing school. I did not work for the 2 years that I attended nursing school. I graduated with student loans and massive credit card debt. My nursing salary was not meeting all of my expenses.I tried on 6 occaisons to settle my credit card debts with the credit cards for less than the total amount owed. Those efforts failed because the credit cards would not settle for less than 95% owed. I entered a chapter 13 bankruptcy to alleviate some of the debt, but had to make scheduled payments to the bankruptcy trustee for 5 years. All payments were made and the case was closed. I recovered financially and continue to meet all of my obligations on time each month.


  10. Also, I never opened up a massage parlor in my home. There is no business at my home. Massage has been a 15 year hobby, where I occasionally have friends, family or co-workers stop in for a massage. I was never attempting to open a massage parlor, but Borough Hall received a fictitious complaint that I was. Instead of investigating this bullshit complaint, Kelly Gross decided to stalk craigslist for advertisements and found ones that were never posted by me. One false ad contained a photo of me at a pool wearing a white thong bikini, that was never posted by me. This ad wound up in my file at West Easton Borough Hall. How do I know this? Dan DePaul saw it and notified me. A Cease and Desist order ensued, and the fight went on for 2 years straight. I brought the zoning petition to clear my name after this photo was circulated to all zoning board members. The zoning battle was fought to prove a point, and I was successful in that matter. West Easton wasted thousands of dollars in legal fees to battle me, as well as the other massage business on 9th Street, but rolled out the red carpet for a jail. Go figure. As of today, I still have no certificate of occupancy. I paid $140 for the inspection, but West Easton has refused to inspect. West Easton has refused to return the $140 for services not rendered, and will hear from me again on this matter.


  11. 2 more lies I did not include in the list:

    1. I called Borough HAll to obtain the name of the stenographer who recorded my zoning hearing. The new secretary said nothing about not knowing how to find it. SHe told me she was not permitted to give it out. I got the info over the phone in 10 seconds from Palmer Township, where this same stenographer also does business. The transcript from the stenographer was the way that I was able to win my appeal. Without it, I would have lost. AFter being treated so shabbily by this Borough secretary, I filed a harassment suit that was approved and docketed by our District Attorney. I already stated that I dismissed it on my own, having realized that it was a waste of the courts time, and that this secretary follows orders from Kelly Gross.

    2. The architectural drawings of the 9th street massage business were requested by me in a RTK request. I was informed they would not fit on a copy machine, and told them not to worry about it. I inspected them at Borough Hall instead. To my knowledge, they were never copied.


  12. Hey Trish, the only way to make a diff is 2 weed out the garbage, and when we talk about trash Bo is it. Keep fighting and never give up. I know someone that ran 3 times b4 getting elected, was told that the community was not ready for someone like the person running, response was "Abe ran seven times before getting elected I only have four more to go" with that the person won and made a huge diff.

  13. Good day Trish,

    We certainly understand your frustration because lie after lie has been told about us too, but can we humbly ask you to please refrain from using profanity on this site. We want to keep as clean as possible so that our youth can follow the site as a good example. Thank you and good luck.

  14. Yes, I understand. I have seen lie after lie posted on Bernie's blog, and have come onto this blog to post the truth. His blog has lost its credibility, and in a recent conversation I had with Bill Villa, his site meter gets very few visits. Very few people read his nonsense because they realize that it is far from accurate. O;'Hare never sent me an email to get my response, and I am unsure if he even talked to the people he quoted in the blog about me. All of his viscious attacks on Gracedale had no effect on the referendum. It will have zero effect on the election, and I will be on my porch as planned tonight for Halloween. The most sickening part of the blog was actually about my pig. O'Hare knew that Earl was placed on antibiotics for a tusk abcess that was growing very large into his throat. The vet told me he was dying of bacteremia. The medicine has helped so far, and the huge abcess had just started to disappear, when O'Hare hauled off and kicked him for no reason at all. There is no one more disgusting than him.


  15. Trish
    I haven't read theis hit piece on you as I don't like to frequent his blog. I applaud your honesty and admonish his sculduggery. Good luck on Tuesday.
    I do have a question
    Is your campaign staffed adequatly?
    Prehaps some assistance can come your way if not.

  16. Trish thank you for sharing your personal experiences with bo. I'am sorry that your pet pig was exposed to such inhumane treatment. Have you considered reporting bo to the proper authorities for what he did is surely criminal/There is no use apealing to bo's heart for he has none. He gets his thrills by hurting others. That fact is obvious by the content of his blog. What slight fact he may posess he twists until it becomes a hurtful lie.
    Hang in there Trish. Best of luck in the Election, West Easton get out and vote for a change in your government!

  17. The best way to deal with a liar like O'Hare is to work as hard as possible to defeat Ron Angle. With Angle gone one of his protectors in the county goes away. When Stoffa is gone the county staff will finally be able to tell O'Hare to get out of our way when we are trying to work.

    Now we are forced to offer him special consideration because of fear of losing our employment. Electing Scott Parsons is the first step to getting the county back on track.

    Tricia, no one believes any of the nonsense O'Hare posts. He is an entertaining insane troll and that's about it. Out of respect for his late father some people throw him some work. Remember this is a guy who was thrown out of a courthouse bathroom by an administrator for putting on a dress with a male friend of his. He is not all there if you know what I mean.

  18. Bernie has written one of the biggest posts about T. Mezzacappa that I have ever seen on his blog.
    I think that he protests too much for me.
    Could he kick a pig?
    From what I have heard coming out of his mouth and actually being present went some of his written versions go on line, YES!
    His honest opinion I can accept;but when I actually SEE the truth and he twists it and lies, what can one begin to believe?
    Re-read his posts and comments,allow yourself to Read and Compare for yourself.
    The truth always surfaces.
    Seems to me that every male who is reading about the Adventures of Trish and Bernie knows why the big, nasty post.
    Clean up YOUR act,Bernie, Fear is gone.
    Rightest or leftist,no one deserves the trash that comes out of your mouth.


  20. Stay focused. Don't lose sight. Don't believe Ron's poll, not for a second. He is the master of deception and may be trying to put us to sleep. He has been down and out before, and as I have posted several times, on election day his supporters come out of the woodwork. Please keep working to help Scott. Remember, it's the 4th quarter in this game. Expect anything from Angle and fight like a drunk octopus for Scott. Believe the numbers on the 9th of November, until then fight like Holy Hannah.
    Stay focused all. Sorry for your hardship Trish. Please fight with us.

  21. I am prepared. I actually expected this from O'Hare. He is scorned and cant get over it. There are actually more embarrassing comments I chose not to post about what actually happened the last time O'Hare was in my house. Kicking the pig was only one problem. The second, more embarrassing problem came later. Actually, I had to notify the Easton police department, who caught him just as he was waddling out my door, banished from my home for good. The rest I wont bother to mention, because it will cause him horrendous embarrassment. He has enough in his miserable life to deal with, so it stops there. I did discuss all of it with Steve Barron, who will win on election day. If he tried to get my answers before he posted his lies, it would have been impossible because I had to block him from my phone, my email and my facebook. As you can see from my response, O'Hare is nothing but a repugnant liar who tries to silence people with humiliation tactics. It wont work.


  22. Anon,
    Thanks for offering to help with my campaign. I have been so busy lately, and will continue to be busy through election day. If its of any interest to you, see Mezzacappaforboroughcouncil page on my facebook. It has a wall, and you can post there. My last election mailer will be in the post office shortly.


  23. " He yelped, and then shoved his leg with his nose"

    Ohare, or the pig?

  24. Mezzacappa is a personal friend of our family. She is a kind , intelligent and informative young woman who lives independently...not an easy task in todays world. She has taken care of our pigs in our absence.

    Though our family has consistently voted for Ron Angle, after seeing a vulger attack on Lehigh Valley Ramblings, we will no longer support him or his friends.

    My family and extended family has 18 registered voters, and this year, those votes will go to Parsons.

    Republican Slate Belt Voter

  25. Oboe, The Merry PranksterOctober 31, 2011 at 9:18 PM

    As I amass my conjuring bag.
    Secluded the toungue of the Snake does wag.
    He of sactimonious Pecksniffian words,
    is nothing more than the Devils Curd

    Dried frogs, Swallows hearts, wings of bats and amulets.
    Red for love, orange for change and prehaps a dire warning.
    This audacious collection of tools amassed
    assembled pre the spell is cast
    The right concoction
    The correct amount
    Ensures that the spell will count
    War Waters sprinkled on the threshold
    vaporizes staying undetected
    everytime one passes thru
    The vapors do your do for you
    You took the path, the one with forks
    You offended all even the porks
    A rift, a chasm, a fissure will form
    You former friend looks at you with scorn
    For have caused him to lose his dream
    On the 9th you endure his scream.
    Mojo Boo....ooB ojoM.....Mojo Boo

  26. I have heard O'Hare is a pig licker but not a pig kicker. Just ask Angle.

  27. I live in the Borough of West Easton and wanted to make a few things clear. The Gross family is exactly what what quoted in mcall...a monarchy and nothing else. Kelly collects disabilty and does more damage to this town than she does anything else. She and her father are assholes who took kickbacks from Atiyeh

  28. Beware that the all consuming west easton drug lounge is the reason for the tax hike, not Gracedale. VOTE PARSONS, GET RID OF ANGLE. VOTE MEZZACAPPA get rid of GROSS

  29. First off, I thought there was no cursing allowed on this blog? Secondly Trish, after reading the above comments, you've lost all credibility with me. Stick to the issues at hand and stop making things a personal vendetta and maybe you'd be more believable.

  30. BO, go back to deleting the truth on your blog and leave this one alone. VOTE PARSONS

  31. Word on the street is Bo was paid by the Gross family to post a page about Trish. Where is all that money, Bo? Was it from Atiyeh?

  32. bo is going going gone off the deep end. He has done another no comment slam on Trish. He defends his assult on the pig and he posted some dummied up alleged email from Trish.

    By his compulsive obscession with this issue it is obvious O'Hare's rebuffed love has him going off the deep end.

  33. Yes, the email was dummied up. The "cut and paste" function seems to be alive and well. I wont stoop to his level and post things on here to really humiliate him. The police call should be on record. It was placed to the Northampton County non-emergency 330-2200. In fact, O'Hare was so incensed that the cops were waiting outside my house when he left, he returned again moments later to question me. I never pursued that matter any further, because the only witness to any of it was poor Earl who was kicked in the throat by O'Hare earlier that day.


  34. Hey folks,

    If it were determined by a judge that O'Hare is not to be within 100 feet of me, would he be allowed to attend County Council?


  35. No, but his flipcam would be allowed to attend.

  36. Take the high road.

  37. I am a former employee in West Easton. Mezzacappa has hit the nail on the head, and backed her opposition up into a corner. They have been called out on corruption, financial mismanagement, discrimination, raising taxes and wasting money.Since they cant factually refute anything she says, they resort to shit slinging. Very telling...just a group of bullies who have declared a war on their "turf". I hope she wins.

  38. Trish,

    O'Hare is trying to slience you because the drug lounge pet project of Stoffa is on its way to being done. You made great points about the contingency fund, and how people in West Easton protested. His mean spirited remarks are an attempt to assault you into pure silence. Dont stop and dont go away. Keep going, and never forget that the truth always wins in the end. O;Hare is a liar and everyone knows it.

  39. court ordered therapistNovember 1, 2011 at 12:11 PM

    Psychologists often group individuals who stalk into two categories: psychotic and nonpsychotic.[14] Stalkers may have pre-existing psychotic disorders such as delusional disorder, schizoaffective disorder, or schizophrenia. Most stalkers are nonpsychotic and may exhibit disorders or neuroses such as major depression, adjustment disorder, or substance dependence, as well as a variety of Axis II personality disorders (such as antisocial, avoidant, borderline, dependent, narcissistic, or paranoid). Some of the symptoms of "obsessing" over a person is part of obsessive compulsive personality disorder. The nonpsychotic stalkers' pursuit of victims can be influenced by various psychological factors, including anger, hostility, projection of blame, obsession, dependency, minimization, denial, and jealousy. Conversely, as is more commonly the case, the stalker has no antipathic feelings towards the victim, but simply a longing that cannot be fulfilled due to deficiencies either in their personality or their society's norms.[15]
    In "A Study of Stalkers" Mullen et al.. (2000)[16] identified five types of stalkers:
    Rejected stalkers pursue their victims in order to reverse, correct, or avenge a rejection (e.g. divorce, separation, termination).
    Resentful stalkers pursue a vendetta because of a sense of grievance against the victims – motivated mainly by the desire to frighten and distress the victim.
    Intimacy seekers seek to establish an intimate, loving relationship with their victim. To many of them the victim is a long-sought-after soul mate, and they were 'meant' to be together.
    Incompetent suitors, despite poor social or courting skills, have a fixation, or in some cases, a sense of entitlement to an intimate relationship with those who have attracted their amorous interest. Their victims are most often already in a dating relationship with someone else.
    Predatory stalkers spy on the victim in order to prepare and plan an attack – often sexual – on the victim.
    Unprovoked/Malicious/Obsessive Stalking is often carried out for no reason other than to cause harm to the victim.

  40. Did that last comment originate from LVR ?
    If you can check it out, as it appears to be the same type that was posted about sexual preditors.

  41. Remember oust Angle""""Vote November 8tH""""



  42. O,Hare's post about his friend,Tricia, is too long. I just think that he got caught with his pants down,and his ego has been wiped out.
    Perhaps he would do better with one of Angle's cows. But, keep him away from the piggies.

  43. Dear Ms. Mezzacappa:

    I have been told that you are requesting that the Borough of West Easton provide you with the documents that are the subject of your most recent Right to Know Request.

    As the decision plainly states, the Borough has 30 days from the date of the decision to provide these documents. The reason this 30 day period is in the decision is so the Borough has 30 days to determine whether to appeal the decision of the Right to Know Office to County Court. If Council takes the appeal, then the documents need not be addressed until the appeal is decided.

    The decision to appeal is a decision that can only be made by Borough Council. Borough Council has not met to consider this issue since the decision was rendered on October 20.

    Peter C. Layman

    Sent by:
    Nancy L. Jones
    Secretary to Peter C. Layman
    134 Broadway
    Bangor, PA 1801
    610 588 0484
    610 588 3455 fax

  44. I have spoken to a civil trial attorney and provided him with each and every defamatory blog post that Bernie O'Hare has written about me. The website depicting me as a doctor has gone over the top, and fits the proof test for a reckless disregard for the truth. The website that hosts the doctor listing is actually in Russia. Their phone number, which was retrieved by a web specialist, is +48.338.181118. They have not responded to my call or my email demanding that the listing be removed. I have also requested the ISP of the person who posted the listing, but this will likely have to come under a subpeona. I was advised by this attorney that I have 2 years to sue, before the statute of limitations runs out on a libel claim. If there is a subpeona, and the web address comes from O'Hare, there may be cause to issue a search warrant on his computer. The other avenue to take on this matter is criminal stalking charges, which I will consider as well. At some point, at some time, this pathetic piece of garbage must be stopped.


  45. I thought this blog was a way to voice our comments. Last night I posted a comment about Mz. Mezzacappa and it seems to have disappeared. Where in the world did it evaporate to? So, I will repeat myself. I have lost all respect for you and your thoughts. Why someone would have a vendetta against someone who's never done anything to you is beyond my comprehension.

  46. court ordered therapistNovember 1, 2011 at 7:39 PM

    I am a clinical psychologist that works in Northampton, Lehigh and Berks counties. For obvious reasons, I must not name myself. But in regard to a woman named Trish, I have a word of advice for you. I hope you read this post and carefully consider my opinion. "Ohare is exhibiting stalking features that fit into three of the five stalking categories. I am very interested in his posting about you being attractive and wearing clothing he described as 'suggestive.' Right here, the language dissects itself, as he feels an entitlement toward you because of your looks and your dress.

    But there is another problem. A predatory stalker feeds off the attention, even if the attention is rejection. This is the most dangerous type of all stalkers. Each time you react Trish, you are feeding his need to obsess. It wont matter how many court cases you pile on top of O'Hare, he is not capable of stopping this behavior. He posts his commentary with the hope that he will get a response, no matter how vile the response may be.

    The best way to stave off the seeker who stalks you is total starvation of your attention. I know this is hard to do Trish. But he must be wiped out like a virus that is starved from one's system. Once that happens, he will divert his attention to another victim, but he will never be cured.

    I hope this helps you.

  47. What are you talking about?

  48. Lets' see you lost respect for this blog, however, were going favor us with a post, . You speak of vendettas however your post was some sort of comment about Trish.
    I don't run this place however if your comment was in the vein of the hit piece that the upstanding icon and bastion of society has written , no wonder it was removed.

  49. -----Original Message-----
    From: Tricia Mezzacappa
    To: Bernie O'Hare
    Sent: Thu, Jul 14, 2011 10:26 am
    Subject: Re: Larry Otter

    You are overreacting. I fished to see if I could get a thought on the injunction matter. I would have called Blake, but I am certain his answer would be no. I asked him to challenge Atiyeh's ordinance in West Easton and his answer was no. Otter found out nothing about you or anyone else. I spoke to him about the RTK officer position as a conflict to an elected council member who happens to be blocking my requests. ANd BTW, you have defended Kelly Gross, my biggest problem of 2 years who has cost me thousands of dollars, but I never took it personally
    On Jul 14, 2011, at 1:47 PM, Bernie O'Hare wrote:


    I am frankly blown away that you would consult with an attorney who is very much out to hurt me, especially since it is on a matter in which I offered my own help as recently as this morning. True, I cannot practice law, but I could have put you in touch with other attorneys that at least won't draw snickers when they walk in a courtroom.

    Also, I have told you things that I would not want Otter to know, or that Gracedale crowd. I would think that you would have had enough respect for me to stay away from the very people who are actively out to nail me.


  50. to Anon (9:02 and 9:1 pm)

    What I'm talking about is orginally I thought these blog posts were supporting Scott Parsons and somehow Mezzacappa morphed it to be all about her. I am a supporter of Scott Parsons but I AM annoyed by all this Mezzacappa commotion.

  51. you sound more like BO

  52. Samuel Youngs (Ichobad Crane)November 1, 2011 at 10:34 PM

    Variety is the spice of life.
    I like the "out to nail me" comment.
    Nail you for what Bernie?
    Feel free to use the back of the test paper for your answer, and don't forget to show your work. LOL

  53. Leadership is a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more cohesive and coherent. COAF has these qualities. Thank GOD for the bunch of you.

  54. Hey Anon 6:19 you sound just like BO so you must be BO weve got a pretty thick skin so we dont really care that you of all people have lost respect for us infact you flatter us with this posting we know why you dont respect us but why dont u respect urself?

  55. While I wish Trisha luck, I am frankly more concerened about Ron Angle. As this blog prnounces, "Saving Private Gracedale", we need to focus.

    The anon poster, who is probably Bernie, does make one point and that is this is not about Trish, it is about protecting Gracedale.

    Please folks, we must focus. If we wish to save Gracedale the first step is dumping Angle. If re-elected, you all know he will take out his revenge on Gracedale and there is no one in county government who will stop him.

  56. Vote ANGLE out......Vote SCOTT PARSONS in

    Vote for decency and civility....

    Vote for a man who believes in Gracedale ....

    Vote for Scott Parsons on Nov 8th!!!!!

  57. The Amazing KreskinNovember 2, 2011 at 12:41 AM

    Parsons 61%
    Angle 35%
    4% choose no candidate

  58. Every sane, God fearing person in the county hopes your right.

  59. Hi Folks,
    Its seems that there is going to be no end to the O'Hare hit pieces right up through election day S. ee the comments on his Pig Catapult story. I'm regretful that some of it has taken up space on your blog. His incessant attacks do not stop, and I will continue to defend myself after each and every lie that he posts. I have decided to explain exactly what happened the last time Bernie was at my home. However, it is so sinister, that no one under 18 should read it. Therefore, I will tell the very end of this saga to you in person, if you are interested. I can tell you for sure, he most certainly did kick my pig, and later, the police were called. The incident surrounding the police call is so embarassing that I never followed up on it. His actions were so gruesome, that I probably would not be able to even testify about it. Thats how unbelieveable it is. I saw a side to O'Hare that night that would shock alot of people..even those who detest him. SO where's the police report? I didnt file a police report. Why? There was no violence, and I was physically unharmed. What was the problem then? Stay tuned.


  60. 3-1 ladies and gents, just like the GDI.

  61. I think Mezzacappa and Ohare should get their own blog or better yet their own reality TV show.


    I am in agreement, much effort and support could be wasted allowing this nonsense to continue!

  62. word on the street is, bo could be trying to take the heat from Angle who covers all Angles. The election is next Tuesday, Angles latest flyer is how many old people he chased from there homes. And how many old people he got their money. He was not woried about them then.

  63. Ron Angle's latest mailer shows a list of Sheriff's Sales is it true that Ron buy's most of these places that go up for sheriff's sale ?
    And could it be true that Ron keep's taxes down only because he does own so many homes, and would not want to pay the increase on them ?
    Would it be better to raise the taxe's once in a while and get some work done in the County that has been neglected over the years?
    It is great to say no tax raise but then they should say no work getting done either.