Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Brighter Future

West Easton has an opportunity for a bright light to illuminate it's future. No longer would this tiny community be kept in the dark about important issues like the DUI CENTER /JAIL.
Tricia Mezzacappa is an intelligent, hard working, fearless woman who believes in transparent goverment and increased citizen participation.
She doesn't want to see any more deals made in the dark back - rooms.
West Easton voter's on Nov. 8 th make a choice for a bright future and elect



  1. Go get them Trish.

  2. I am glad she saw the light with O'Hare. She learned what a deceitful disgusting man he can be. He is so angry he won't even let her post on his blog. Beware a smelly man scorned.

  3. She does wish to help the citizens of West Easton. The people should give her a chance and "let the sun shine in."
    I admire her for standing up and making every effort to expose the deceitful things which could be happening there.
    If Angle, Stoffa, and their personal lapdog are involved in any way, it is only to see how they can get something either to make money or something to help themselves.

  4. The drug rehab lounge is the real reason Stoffa needs a tax increase. That was the entire reason he wanted to dump Gracedale. He wanted and needed cash for this thing. It will cost millions a year in pure county tax dollars. This is the ugly secret that has been at the heart of the Dump Gracedale movement.

  5. Word on the street is, is it true that Abe Atiyea partner gave Angle who covers all the angles a donation of $3,ooo.oo to get reelected? You have to wonder why no one in counsel is talking about the lounge, seems that it is being hidden in the back room, WHY?

  6. Hello COAF,
    Thank you for your words of support. I have been campaigning for weeks, and have found out that few people know the DUI center is coming to town. Such a shame that the back room deal was planned to take effect after the election. We have 4 excellent candidates running this time, and one incumbent that positively must go. There are three seats available. Time will tell. Hope everyone is having a happy, safe election season. Hope to see you at the meeting tonight.


  7. Northampton County also needs people to shine some lights on the back-room deals being made--like the latest Chrin pay to play deal. Tom you hit the nail right on the head! The Stoffa/Angle team think that they can just do whatever they want sans council's approval.
    This duo has brought about more problems for the county than anyone else in recent history.
    Gracedale/the prison/neglect of the buildings/asbestos/lawsuits--just to name a few of the issues that remain unresolved. Can only imagine what other surprises they have for the taxpayers of the county---what a legacy Stoffa will leave behind him.

  8. This post is for bo. Mr. D'Alessandro hasn't posted or even read your blog in more than a year. I , on the other hand occasionally will scan your blog to see what spin you are putting on the truth. I have only posted twice in the last year. In fact the last time was out of concern about your repeated gastric problem with a recommendation to see a physician and consider getting a colostomy and I signed my initials. In fact you responded to that post with a ty. The reason I bring this information to your attintion is that I notice you frequently refer to my husband as being the author of posts when he infact is not. By doing this you are denying the true author credit for their words. I am sure you would want to be enlightened to this fact. Peg D'Dalessandro

  9. Oh my--once again Stoffa has suffered a lapse in recall of an event. This seems to be happening to him a lot lately. He now forgets ever having lunch with Steve Barron. Again there is a witness. Stofffa also denies ever saying he'd close Gracedale and yet he's on channel 69 tv saying it but he still denied it in front of three witnesses. Should these lapses in memory be a cause for concern? If they are because he's just a liar-yes. If he's suffering from some type of dementia -yes. This man is the County Executive . He should be in peak condition---his moral and mental functions should unquestionable. He still has a long time to serve---how much more damage can he do to the county before his term is over?

  10. Unfortunately between Angle Stoffa and O'Hare, they can still do a lot of damage. Wait till you hear their plan to sell Attiyah all the county buildings. By the way, who ever voted for Bernie O'Harey.