Sunday, October 2, 2011


Firm adherence to a code of especially moral values - incorruptibility. 

How many members of County Council can say they have integrity? We The People believe that at least five have demonstrated this characteristic, the other four, well, they have left much to be desired.

Of the three CC members running for re-election in November only one has this quality "Lamont McClure", the other two: Ron Angle and Micheal Dowd can truly serve the county by stepping aside, allowing new blood of indisputable probity to take the NorCo helm and steer us in the direction of decency, honesty and rectitude.

In the opinion of The People by way of their vote on the Gracedale initiative...We The People have displayed an unconditional desire for positive change in our great County of Northampton...yes indeed it is time for real change in county management.

Voters take note - every vote counts. Please get out and vote in November, our future depends on your willingness to participate in the process that so many have sacrificed their lives and limb to secure for us. Please be part of the solution that will bring back stability and civility to our small part of the world. To do less will make you part of the problem with no one to blame but yourself for any further disruptions in the county.


  1. Word on the street is, for Brenda NO 3. COURT DOCKET FOR APPEAL IS 1715 CD 2011. This should help you since you cant seem to find it. Maybe you should get the law firm from Harrisburg to help you, they are still on the county dime, since you cant seem to do it, they did every thing else for you.

  2. Click and read:

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