Monday, October 24, 2011

No Matter How Small...A Lie Is Always A Lie

In a recent SPG post entitled "Curly Was Always a Stooge," a series of informative (and "anonymous")comments on pedophilia and types of pedophiles inexplicably appeared...which were then immediately followed up by a signed comment from disbarred lawyer Bernie O'Hare recklessly accusing SPG of labeling HIM as a pedophile.

After an examination of SPG's traffic resources and analyzing data, we conclude that we have more hits from LVR than any other traffic source, it is the opinion of SPG that all those pedophile comments were posted by Bernie O'Hare himself. Once again living up to the findings of the Judicial Disciplinary Board that barred him from practicing law while noting that O'Hare shamelessly and routinely engages in less than moral and/or ethical practices.

Anyone associated with this person can not be trusted - Angle and Stoffa both are associates of this person.
Vote Scott Parson
The Calm After The Storm

To better assist us in identifying more accurately what this misfit is doing on our blog, we implemented today SiteMeter(R), a statistical tool that will help us keep a better vigilant eye on his traffic, and traffic from his cronies.


  1. Well that does not surprise me!!! It sure is a way to cause drama. How pathetic...............

  2. I am trying to view the county council video. I go to the meetings tab, select the meeting, and then I click on "view video" ...but nothing happens. All I get is the documents. Why cant I view the video? Everything else appears to work except for the video. Any suggestions?

  3. Does more hits mean without a doubt that it was Bernie? I am not up to speed with these things however I don't think the frequency of him checking in on your musings makes him the author. Although stranger things have happened .

  4. Handout - Regressed Offenders

    This handout is used as a supplement in training and workshops and is not meant to be a complete document in and of itself. To those who have not attended our training and/or workshops this handout will appear incomplete, vague, and confusing.

    Regressed Sex Offenders

    Their primary sexual attraction is to adult females. They do not have a sexual predisposition towards children

    The regressed offender typically is involved in consensual, age-appropriate sexual behavior.

    Typically at the time of the first offence, sexual relations with an age mate is unavailable, perceived to be unavailable, or in conflict.

    The regressed offender seeks out children to act as pseudo-adults to fill a void left by an adult relationship which has become unsatisfying or riddled by discord.

    Generally, but not exclusively heterosexual conduct

    Sexual involvement with children often develops as a result of their responses to external stress and situational difficulties that they experience.

    In other words, they usually turn to children as a way to cope with the stress they are dealing with in their lives—as a way to feel better about their situations and themselves.

    In many instances, these individuals replace the conflicted and problematic relationships they are having with adult women by becoming sexually involved with children.

    Their sexual abuse of children may increase or decrease in frequency depending upon their levels of stress and, they may go for months or even years without molesting.

    The behavior is a maladaptive response to a situational issue.

    There is often precipitating stress before the regressed offender engages in sexual relations with underage children, and the first act is impulsive and unplanned.

    The complexities and responsibilities of a peer-oriented relationship can become overwhelming and frustrating; to cope, the adult can find his attention and sexual attraction focusing on children.

    Whereas the pedophiles attention is overwhelmingly focused upon the arousal of the child, regressed offenders focus primarily upon their own arousal and release.

  5. continued

    In general, the victims of the regressed offender may be a little older than those of the pedophile.

    In addition, while the sexually abusive behavior may begin prior to the time when the victim enters puberty, it may continue after the victim enters puberty.

    Involved in intra-familial sexual abuse

    Is usually a known and trusted adult

    Impulsive behaviour

    Sporadic conduct

    Egocentric individual

    May be associated with drug or alcohol use

    Mixes nurturance and sexuality

    Shame and guilt are common

    Children of a variety of ages and young adults

    Many regressed offenders in treatment are far more successful, intelligent, and adaptable than the therapists and social workers treating them.

    It becomes a cakewalk for these offenders to keep hidden any portion of their make-up they feel is to their benefit in hiding.

    Many, if not most regressed sex offenders, have experienced abuse as a child (often sexual abuse).

    Many regressed offenders have learned a rigid, traditional sense of manhood, and stereotyped attitudes about sex roles for men and women.

    Many regressed offenders have come from backgrounds of emotional deprivation.

    Have often had a succession of experiences which reinforce their view of themselves as failures.

    Many experiences of failure are related to the offender’s inability to develop meaningful interpersonal relationships.

    Poor relationship with father.

    Protective of mother or view her as a victim or helpless

    Low self-esteem

    Regard the world as hostile and uncaring.

    Interpret criticism as rejection.

    They view themselves as helpless, hopeless victims of forces beyond control.

    History of failures in establishing satisfactory interpersonal relationships.

    Lacks a sense of comfort, direction, security and happiness in life.

    Feels sorry for themselves and doesn’t connect with or understand the feelings of others (lacks empathy).

    Usually dependant on their spouse

    Denies the impact of their actions upon the victim.

    The offend does not accept the responsibility for their actions but places them on the victim and/or others.

    Feelings of loneliness and isolation

  6. continued

    The regressed offender may play “mind games” with their spouse in order to minimize their contact with her and rationalize the abuse of his child

    Unable to differentiate what they think from what they feel.

    Impaired ability to express their feelings

    Many regressed offenders have gone to great lengths to distance themselves (as children) from painful emotions

    Fantasy plays an important role in the regressed offenders ability to rationalize the abuse.

    Poor sleeping habits.

    Rigid moralistic parenting style

    May use religion or culture as justification for child’s obedience.

    Sees their spouse and their children/victim as possessions of theirs.

    May refer to the victim by “pet” names.

    Feels a lack of personal power and control in life.

    May use physical or verbal threats to get the victim to keep the secret.

    Set standards for themselves that are unrealistic to obtain.

    May ignore or feel hostile towards their own siblings or members of their family of origin.

    Often involved in incidental forms of sexual conduct.

    Voyeuristic behaviour

    Use of pornography

    Disguising their abusive behaviour as “Sex Education”


  7. Mr. O'Hare has re posted his video of someone trying to stop having a video camera jammed in his face. Hhe is again attacking and theatening the good people from the Gracedale Guardians. Please stay strong. I am sure if you check with a real attorney like Atty. Otter, he will tell you O'Hare is trying to intimidate you and has no real issue.

    Stay strong and focused. On November 8, help make Scott Parsons a newly elected county councilman. Please help at polls and if possible give every voter the pamphlet explaining Mr. Angle's desire to dump Gracedale.
    In the primary ,most of the voters I spoke with told me they came and voted to stop the "crooks" from selling off Gracedale. So please remind all voters on election day, Democrats and Republicans alike, just who the "crooks"were.

    God Bless!!

  8. Who cares about B.O'Hare?

  9. The O'Hare hate blog continues to attack the Gracedale Guardians and Scott Parsons. He must have been given orders by his benefactors Angle and Stoffa to step up his campaign of hate and deception. That means you are succeeding in the hard work of cleansing the government. Good Work. Do not be deterred by his lies.

  10. " is the opinion of SPG that all those pedophile comments were posted by Bernie O'Hare himself..."

    Just curious, how did you come to this conclusion? Is this just a guess? Or do you have proof? If it's the former, you should be careful, as this could be considered libel. If it's the latter, what is your proof? Do you have any documentation or IP addresses or anything indicating it was Bernie?

  11. Bernie says he wil sue once he gets the money together. It costs $135.25 to file a lawsuit in Northampton County Court.

  12. Word on the street is, if he can pay cash for a car for someone he has the money. Where did he get the money for the two law suits he filed? Makes you wonder.

  13. Scott Parsons is the focus of my attention. He is a worthy candidate. Vote for him Nov. 8th. Nothing nor anyone should deter us from our goal of getting Scott elected and to continue being a watchdog for Gracedale's future.

  14. Humble ladies and gentlemen of NC - Please understand that the hateful blogger is just trying to distract us with his garbage so that we will stop focusing on getting Scott elected. Forget about the ignoramus and lets get back on track. THX

  15. He is the Drama Queen remember!

  16. I still cannot figure out why people concentrate on Bernard O'Hare.
    His entire life and being are failures.
    Forget him and elect Scott, the average, red-blooded American from Region 4 in OUR county.
    Return HONESTY to the people.

  17. When asked, by a Republican friend why he should vote for Democrat Scott Parsons, I just said to him you remember the dump Gracedale movement, it was Ron angle's idea carried out by his stooge John Stoffa.

    After that he said, he would vote for anyone but Ron Angle.