Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Dishonorable Angle

Ron Angle has had his opportunity (12 Yrs) to honor The People of NorCo, and to show The People just exactly who he is in local government, and who he is in the community. He chose instead to dishonor himself, his council position, and The People by behaving in less than a dignified and civil manner, always displaying less than ethical practices.

While he was President of County Council, anyone who has attended council meetings have witnessed first hand the brutal mistreatment Ron Angle unleashes on anyone, including his peers - when they disagreed with his minds eye on any topic or issue.

He hectors all who do not align themselves with his ways, and he will sic his vicious slandering dog on anyone who refuses to conform to Angle's ideas, having his animal rip apart the innocent on a blog that spews nothing but deception and much innuendo.

12 years of punishment from a notorious Caesar wanna be like Angle is more than enough. In The Peoples opinion he has outstayed his welcome...currently we have him on his way out 2-1, but by the 8th we anticipate sending him packing 3-1, then perhaps he will understand just how dissatisfied The People are with his shenanigans.

The Peoples Choice

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  1. I hpoe so. A lot of people will be Thanking God if that occurs. Then, when Stoffa i gone we can finally have a respectable and honest government again.