Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Ron Angle Question...

Do we really want this guy representing us on Council?

Please read:

His latest flyer - he is hanging off a tree lim, indicating he is ready to fall...how ironic.


  1. NO! Bring civility and honesty back to NORCO with one vote per person in Region 4 against the VILE/SELFISH ONE, RA.

  2. I beg of my fellow District four voters please get rid of r0n Angle. he is the Lindsay Lohan of Northampton County politics. He has done nothing for the people of our District. For all his boasts he has not helped our area in nay way.

    Because Of him, people think we are all ignorant, self-absorbed boneheads. Angle is about Angle, he always has been and always will be.

    Remember this is the guy who took a mans social security and fed him old tasty cakes, don't beleive it ask Solicitor Longenbach. This is the man who presented a Will, thrown out twice, trying to deprive his special needs nephew from just one quarter of the boys grandfathers will.

    He is lower than dirt and the "Ron Angle" show has run its course. It is time to get serious. Please vote for responsible change, vote for Scott Parsons. Thank YOu

  3. Scott parsons.....brings no baggage to the table.

  4. Word on the street is, The Easton School Board is not happy with the Angle, cover all the Angles, and the deal he made with Chrin. The board is going to talk about it tonight. They may pull out of the deal. Brenda N.O.2 got counsel to vote on the deal with out letting counsel see the agrement. SLIC ISNT IT.

  5. It's up to the people in Region 4.If I remember correctly what I saw and heard at the Dentention Center Meeting, the people will never forget what he tried to pull over on them with his double tongue.When he saw the handwriting on the wall, he backed down and walked away with a few FREE DINNERS and a hefty MONEY CONTRIBUTION for this political campaign.

  6. Don't forget to remind the people of Distrcit four of Angle's paid contribution to bring an illegal alien jail to District four. The voters up there were as angry about that as Gracedale. they must remember all of the Angle deals to screw the people and fatten his wallet.