Monday, October 3, 2011

Because You Can't Find It

Hello Bernie,

The Docket Number is: 1715 CD 2011

Have a wonderful day ;-)


  1. Word on the street is, Brenda NO 3 you better hope that Brenda NO 1, does not cut you lose, Than what are you going to do on your own? I know sell antiques. Just seems like everyone has to point you in the right direction.

  2. Budget Scenario:
    1. Stoffa asks for a tax hike.Reasons:Swaption and Gracedale
    2. No Republican will vote for a tax hike.
    3. Budget dead on arrival.
    4. Stoffa and Angle make a secret pact as they did to produce last year's dramatic performance when they were keeping the swaption a secret.
    Great show,but obviously as the year went on, the truth about the swaption came out.
    5. If Angle would have kept his nose out of it, there would have been no petition drive. How stupid can Stoffa be to try to rig the budget to help Angle's election.
    6. Enter Angle with another version of the budget that does not raise taxes.
    7. Yea! Superangle comes to the rescue to show everyone how great he is with crunching numbers. JUST LIKE LAST YEAR.
    8. How far will Stoffa go to sell his soul again.
    9. We know that it is a fraud anyway. OUR TAXES ARE NOT GOING TO GO ANYWHERE.

  3. The Word on the street, Brenda no 3 how mutch land is Angle cover all Angles, going to put in farmland preservation? Tye up all the land and his will be the only land left,BIG BUCKS.

  4. MAY BE TOM SHOULD GET PRAISE FOR SEEING A SNOW JOB WHEN IT HITS HIM IN THE FACE. Did the county give him something for the money? Makes you wounder.

  5. Wow, Burnie looks like he's back to deleting comments about his secret spy on council. Is he protecting bobble-head? Is bobble-head now a snitch?

  6. The requests asking if she was the snitch GONE, and now anonymous posting is turned OFF. Name change time, BOBBLE-SNITCH!