Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Scott Has What It Takes...

Courage and guts...and understand what it means to serve.

Many good folks in the slate belt want Ron Angle out of office but are afraid of him for various reasons, and fear running against him...but when Scott read what he said about Peg Ferraro, Angle calling her a f_ _ _en prostitute - he said enough is enough.

Scott truly has what it takes to bring civility and dignity back to NorCo.  The quality of mind and spirit that enables a him to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear.

It's up to you Slate Belt brothers and sisters - Nov 8 - DO THE RIGHT THING...

Civilty - Dignity


  1. Angle can send out a thousand staged flyers telling the voters in district 4 how wonderful he is. If he REALLY IS SO WONDERFUL the people would already know that --right? Angle is trying to make us forget all the lies and devious schemes he's been involved with in the recent past. Ron that's not going to happen. People are not going to forget how you benefitted by accepting dinners and a $3,000.00 contribution for your war chest from the company that wanted to bring illegals into the Slate Belt. That was a real winner. Then there was your stand on Gracedale. Sell---Sell---Sell. Now we know you and Stoffa wanted the money from the sale to pay off the Swaption. Nothing like selling granny for a few bucks. Then there's a question out there about possible stock options for you and Stoffa if that deal had gone thru. And how much did the Law firm hired to sell Gracedale give to your war chest? And then there's the mysterious DUI/Prison in West Easton. You don't want a lot out about that until after the election. How much did the developer's partner contribute to the war chest? Was it in the area of $2,500.00? And this Chrin deal...farmland preservation,,,sure. It's more like pay to play.
    How much of your farmland do you have preserved? Perhaps you are just waiting for the right developer to come along. Angle you have too much baggage to be re-elected again. And the above isn't even touching your personal problems. So you keep sending out those fancy flyers----they are good for a laugh.

    November 8th--VOTE SCOTT PARSONS--Honest,Hardworking,and without unwanted baggage.

  2. The simple fact is what have county council really accomplished in the last two years. NOTHING but tring to sell Gracedale. Had they listened to the people of the county in the first place they could have spend zero of our tax dollars and saved Gracedale themselves. Now it is our time to let these council men and women know that they are elected by the people for the people. Vote Scott Parsons get rid of Angle and let the bobbleheads know they could be next!

  3. The first comment is 100% correct in every way.
    vote SCOTT PARSONS NOV. 8th

  4. The people in Region 4 must know how Angle has operated only for himself over the past few years.
    They need to be represented by an honest person with good character ,devotion /loyalty to the PEOPLE who are being served, and above all, integrity.
    Here are all the partial lies and cover-ups which came out as a result over 3-1 vote to keep Gracedale in County hands:
    Gracedale has no money.
    The swaption comes to light.
    The West Easton DUI surfaces.
    The West Easton jail appears out of nowhere.
    Asbestos invades NORCO.
    Rt. 33 interchange decided in back room.
    Angle forgets to include the Easton School Board and calls them names because they call him on it.
    I am tired of keyboarding. You MUST know all the rest so far. Imagine how much we will learn When Angle loses.
    I close with the fact that such a rich man is fighting a few thousand dollars to give to a mentally challenged nephew who Angle's father wanted to help.

  5. Angle with his well connected friends is pouring thousands into his campaign. We know the truth, we know what Angle is and has been.

    Our job for the next two weeks is to get that information into the hands of the voters of District four.

    If Scott needs to send a mailer, get him the money. If a third party can send a mailer with the "real"Ron Angle record lets get it out there.

    Everything mentioned and more has been the history of Ron Angle.

    Call anyone you think can help and lets get the Real Ron Angle story out to the people.

    The O'Hare/Stoffa hate blog is spreading filthy lies about Scott, we have to fight back.

    The time is now and it is running out.

  6. Another thing about Scott. he does not embellish his service record to make it sound like he did things he didn't. That is honor and I salute him for it.

  7. Angle has planned and led Stoffa into a long line of cover-up reasons why Gracedale had to be sold.
    None of them were true for Gracedale. They needed to sell Gracedale to apply the money to their "pet projects or bad financial deals."
    People must know how they have been lied to;and if they do not, then they have to suffer the consequences.
    That is the reason that the majority of voters in Region 4 are now ready for a change.
    Sometimes a change brings honesty and integrity back to government. A little fear and the eating of some humble pie may bring about a wonderful change for all.
    Look how it worked for Gracedale and the Detention Center.

  8. The only reason the Angle/Stoffa behind the curtain no tax increases worked last year was because they were counting on Gracedale sale proceeds to fund their shenanigans.

    Now that the People stopped them, they have to come clean and admit they have screwed up the budget.