Saturday, October 22, 2011

Angle Calmed By Pauls Healing Hand

SCOTT PARSONS received 30 seconds back on the clock when Angle blew his top and Paul had to step in to exorcise Angle...expelling his evil spirit by adjuration "your not that far out of control yet" Paul said - OUT DEMONS - OUT I good now Ronnie or I'll have to restrain you all night.

The lunatic blogger says that Angle blew away his oponent, but what he really meant was that Angle once again blew his top...aye bendito ;)

The Better Man


  1. Angle blew Parsons out of the water? Are you kidding me?
    Word on the street is that the moderator decided which questions he liked and did not like;of course, he is a friend of Angle. Could the rumor be true that Angle saw the questions before the debate?
    How can any decent American citizen vote for such a cheat?
    With all that going against Parsons, he did one hell of a job without cheating.
    Not bad for a first timer on the County scene.
    I bet that the majority of Council would like to work with a decent man who wants to help people not HIMSELF.
    Ask Gilbert. His buddies gave him the good ole shaft even when he tried to be in their pockets at every turn.VOTE PARSONS FOR HONESTY,CHARACTER,AND INTEGRITY.
    Angle does not even want to help his mentally challenged nephew and you think that he wants to help us with NOTHING in return.
    Guess again.What a change 10 years make.

  2. Angle is the product of a poor upbringing. He has never played neither good nor right, and no one had the smarts to restrain his actions, his evil mind, nor his big mouth.

  3. AMEN !
    Truer words were ever spoken.

  4. Angle say's he gets the job done.
    yea ! like GHOST BUSTERS

  5. Angle has done things his way for so long he doesn't remember how to do things the right way.
    He has fooled District 4 for a long time but hopefully this election they will see the light and toss him out. Almost any negative adjective there is can be applied to him. SCOTT PARSONS will be a great councilman willing to work hard for the citizens of the county. Remember his name on election day Nov. 8th. Angle has a slate filled with mis-deeds,lawsits,questionable deals. SCOTT PARSONS has a clean slate. District 4 which man would you want to represent you?????

  6. How about Sarah Cassi from the Express Times. She is trying to convince people that she can write a story after it takes place without her being there.
    No way could she write the story of the debate because too many shifty things were seen and heard.Unless she were there, her "facts" cannot be as she was told by either party.
    Congrats to Ms. Portnoy for making the right move and do her job by being present and feeling ,seeing,hearing, and asking questions of all different types of people there.
    Too bad, Sarah, you have been spending too much time with people who spin.

  7. Lets be fair to Sarah Cassi. She works for the Express Times and they have been in the bag for Stofa from before his first election. Hell, they should be noted as in kind contributors.

    If Stoffa farts, they write about how he just improved the air quality. They have had their reporters back off any real stories. They basically print Stoffa/Angle press releases.

    Throughout the Gracedale debate they printed whatever Stoffa,Angle or O'hare gave them. When told of other facts brought to light by county knowledgeable people they ignored it.

    So in fairness to Sarah, the word is if she wants to keep her job, no hard hitting factual stories on the Stoffa/Angle screw ups and the consistently mistaken costs and facts of their management. In this economy, I cannot put any blame on Sarah. Lets put the blame where it belongs on Stoffa, Angle and their enablers in the editorial rooms.

  8. Word on the street is did anyone read bo comment on the Chrin deal, Ron is now making policies for Stoffa saying there is going to be a signing after the meeting no one was invited to the signing except Sara. Why was bo there? Yes with Stoffas protection he goes where he wants, does what he wants.

  9. A true dedicated reporter would REFUSE to have their work controlled.
    Perhaps the reason someone stays in this position is because it's "comfortable" and they like not having to take risks. What a waste of potential talent.
    But I guess it's hard to get the courage to climb out of safe comfortable ruts even if snakes sometimes share the ruts.

  10. As per the comment on S.Cassi and her job dependency with Stoffa and Angle,BS. A reporter with integrity, a belief in freedom of the press, and a devotion /enthusiasm for the profession would walk away from such a vile and undemocratic situation.
    She is one sided and everyone knows it.
    As per her very lips about Angle's rude behavior toward women,"that's just the way he is."
    I cannot even begin to think of what the women of the sixties and seventies would say about HER remark.She set that cause back to the 19th century.
    Get with the program, Sarah.

  11. Word on the street is, sounds like they are lower than snakes in a wagon wheel rut. As for Angle who covers all tha angles the only thing out of his mouth is I WANT, I WANT, I WANT. It is not what is best for the county, it is I WANT.

  12. Word on the street is you are being distracted. Remember that Angle has lots of money and area 4 is republican. If you want to end the backroom deals, taunting, and insults stay focused on the election.

  13. Word on the street is, Angle who covers all angles, will not use his money for this or any election. He will spend your money only. Look at the bills for the law suit. The county paid the bills for the lawyer, ThAT IS YOU THE TAXPAYER PAID THE BILL. Thank Ron and Stoffa.

  14. court ordered therapistOctober 23, 2011 at 8:48 PM

    I envision that the truth will come out in due time when the court cases speak for themsleves. . When it does, the holy trio will tumble from their great wall, much like Humpty Dumpty.

    When this happens, the most likely outcome is that they will have a complete mental breakdown. O'Hare first, followed by Stoffa, then Angle. They will be a terrible mess and will need more than medicine.

    I see them as the first tenants in the Atiyeh Psych hospital that he is planning in Bethlehem. They will be fashioned in the same room, wearing straight jackets, appointed in six point restraints.

    For those not in the psychiatric profession, six point restraints are worn around each arm, each leg, the forehead, and a rubber ball in mouth.
    A sight to behold.

  15. Region 4 may be Republican in make-up, but they must know by now that their neighbor, Angle, is taking everyone's money for himself.
    It may look good for the taxpayer;but if there is nothing in it for him, it will not take place.
    To entertain this point of view ,it does not matter what your party affliation is. Angle wanted it;the people did what was right, and he backed off. But not before he got his free dinners and his hefty poitical contribution for bringing the company in.

  16. Many people give Angle a pass on his terrible behavior by saying, "that's the way he is". As a public figure he is a disgrace that acts like a spoiled four year old. In all his many years as a politican he has accomplished nothing for his constituents. He has brought discord and bigotry and hatred to every board he has been on.

    The way you deal with Angle sucessfully is through your strentgh on numbers. Angle is a favorite of Chamber President Tony "big boy" Iannelli. Let businesses that are Chamaber mnembers know you won't patronize an establishment that pays to let the bigot anti-semite Ron Angle on their TV show.

    Believce me if it hurts their pocket book they will get the word to Iannelli.

  17. I did not renew my membership in the Chamber because of Tony's political donation to Ron Angle. The Chamber is flawed at its roots because of this.

  18. Let us please all not be distracted. To truly save Gracedale we must work to send Ron Angle home. Call folks in district 4, walk the streets in district 4, talk to people who know people in district 4 and above all, stay focused!

  19. I think the Chamber has become anti-American.
    I try to avoid patronizing the stores that are members. And cast my eyes in a different direction when the billboards on 22 flash their propaganda.

  20. I am working hard to get my friends to vote for Scott Parsons. I am also telling them how the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce gives Angle free airtime to spew his lies. Also how the Chamber President gives him money. I urge them to boycott Chamber businesses.