Saturday, October 29, 2011

WHAT?...Angle Believes WHAT?

"That citizen participation is the key to accountable government." WOW...he's really shoveling the manure now. Get a load of this nonsense..."For many years, Ron has been an outspoken advocate for the people and taxpayers of Northampton County." Yeah right...

...We The People can guess that being an advocate for us is the reason that Ron "the oppressor" Angle sued us with our own money - he must be hard of hearing and couldn't hear us saying "WE WANT TO KEEP GRACEDALE!" LEAVE IT ALONE!!!

The excreta gets deeper - listen to this poop "Ron is a person that many people call when they have a problem and need someone to help them cut through governmental red tape. He has a keen understanding of how to make government work for the people."...really, 23,000+ called on him and he thumbed his nose at us, that's what he did, and the whole of NorCo is now aware of the kind of person Ron "the dictator" Angle truly is.

Keeps on shoveling - "Ron understands the importance of cooperation and open communication" you just have to say "WHAAAT" are you kidding? With what We The People have had to endure over the last year and a half, it is quite evident that Ron "the despot" Angle does not comprehend the significance of cooperation unless you are giving him 3k, and he can't possibly appreciate communication because he is always yelling, and swearing, and telling We The People to sit down and shut up.   

All this from the Olga that had the audacity to fight the Gracedale Initiative.

Enough is enough...on November 8, get out and VOTE Angle OUT...can you hear us NOW Ron?



  1. I absolutely agree with you but here is the problem. without mailers on behalf of Mr. Parson's no one will know. the average voter is not up on all this stuff. they will get Angle bullshit and think, this guy is great.

    Without mail going out telling the "real" Angle story people won't be aware of just how bad he is.

    I'm sorry folks, I would love to see Angle gone but this campaign has been pretty weak. Without mail telling people the "Angle"record, he is going to win again and be twice as bad. Vengeance is his middle name.

  2. Thank you for your comment, but, please refrain from using profanity, It is not necessary.

    While we understand your point, we feel that in general the NorCo public today is more and more aware of Angles neg record and can't wait until November 8 to vote him out. We have actually talked to people that have told Angle that they will vote for him, but have actual intentions of voting against him. Most people in the SB are afraid of him, however, he won't be in the booth with them. GBA

  3. I must strongly, strongly agree with the first post. People up here buy his crap. Angle makes them fear him not being on council. In actuality he screws up most of what he touches. His minions are many and they come out of the woodwork to support him. Get the truth out there Scott!

  4. I must strongly, strongly agree with the first post. People up here buy his crap. Angle makes them fear him not being on council. In actuality he screws up most of what he touches. His minions are many and they come out of the woodwork to support him. Get the truth out there Scott!

  5. Yeah, sadly District four has bought into the Angle nonsense for a long time. The Express Times made him into a legend to get at Reibman. Now the county is stuck with the guy. Usually he runs his course on most boards he has been on and the people toss him.

    He is now featured on TV shows and in the Press telling his lies and no one in the media challenges his nonsense. It is amazing that a cited anti-semite and bigot can stay on a county office but 9 out of 10 people in the District don't know that about him and the media isn't telling. They love the headlines he provides, they could care less about good government. One informative mailer about that might have made all the difference in the world. As one reporter said about Angle, "that is all in the past". So there you go all you anti-semites and bigots, as long as you don't say that stuff now the local press is OK with you being in office.

    I fear that Scott may have relied on the Democratic party and in Northampton County that is a big mistake. I truly hope I am wrong on this one.

  6. too much rum or not quite enoughOctober 30, 2011 at 1:20 AM

    Rons' numbers not mine

    Angles most recent private poll numbers according to Ron himself as shared to a neighbor who he thinks is his friend and who will remain anon

    61% Parsons

    this is why he hasn't been mouthing off like he usually does

    he is toast

  7. I sure hope you are right. For the sake of Northampton County and our future, I hope you are right.

  8. When Ron
    Angle loses on Nov. 6th who will he blame? Also, who will he sue?

    He will be pointing his crooked finger at everyone but himself.

    he will put on a show to beat the band. It should be amusing.

  9. to much rum or not quite enoughOctober 30, 2011 at 10:46 AM

    Please don't vote on the 6th vote with the rest of the country on the 8th
    You must have received one of those Republican fliers they send out to poor areas telling them to vote on the wrong day or that their polling location has changed.

    In deep do do
    out on a limb
    vote on Sunday the 6th


    Check it out

  11. I posted the 3rd and 4th (yes by accident) comments here. Thank you for the rallying information. There is much work to be done however. What if Scott lost by 2 votes, and we wasted our time by sitting on our derrieres on this cold day? Could you forgive yourself? Scott is sticking his neck out for us, and if we are not yet doing the same for him, in effect for ourselves, then please start. If you are invested in a victory it will taste sweeter, and if God forbid he does not carry the day the blow will be lessened because WE THE PEOPLE got out to right a wrong. It's the 4th quarter folks so please talk to everyone you know and ask them to talk to everyone they know.

  12. Word on the street is, The Drug Lounge is costing 1.7 Million first year. 1.15 Million second year. Why is the cost going down when expenses are going up? Now we are begining to see Angle, who covers all the Angles, did not want the people to vote on Gracedale, 4 meetings to have you to vote to sell. People left the meetings in the middle, on the way out they signed to save Gracedale. Scott Parsons is looking better every day.

  13. To be honest the Drug Addict Lounge will cost much, much more. They are hiding the numbers till after the election. Within four years it is estimated to cost over three million a year in county tax dollars.

    You can now better understand the urgency to sell Gracedale and all the lies Angle,
    Stoffa and O'Hare had to tell to cover up. I hope one day thre is one media person who has the guts to tell the real story behind the Gracedale scandal.