Monday, October 17, 2011

Could He Be A Women Hater?

#*&$%! Prostitute?

How dare any Councilman call peer Councilwomen such a morally crude name? Well, that question needs to be posed to Councilman Ron Angle. Earlier this year the newspapers reported that Ron the BULLY Councilman had called Councilwoman Ferraro a "filthy prostitute" for not voting for him during the council presidency restructuring meeting Jan 3, 2011. It has been noted that the actual word he used was not filthy – but a four letter word which we, unlike some other lunatic bloggers out there - refuse to repeat.

In 2010, Ron Angle during a chamber meeting tore into Mrs. Ferraro belligerently stating "you’re just a school teacher - what the hell do you know?” Councilwoman Ferraro was visibly appalled, shot back at him "I don't need to take this from you" and got up to leave.

He has also spoken very harshly to say the least, to Councilwoman Ann McHale, whom during a council meeting pointed out that we have all fallen short at one point of our lives or another, Angle asked who? And when Mrs. McHale said "you", expressing the incident where he was let go from a radio show for making racial remarks, Angle exploded as he so often does, blaspheming and demonstrating a despicable display of arrogant behavior.

During another meeting, he yelled out at a woman in the audience something to the effect “what’s your problem lady?” simply because she was shaking her head in disbelief and disagreement.

In another instance, he told a female member of the Coalition of Alzheimer’s Families that she should be tied up and shipped away. During a town hall meeting he arrogantly said to the same female COAF member “what the hell are you doing here”?

We encourage everyone (as the saying goes) to go to the video, and we are confident that anyone who views the video of County Council meetings on-line will witness firsthand for themselves the deplorable behavior demonstrated by this BULLY Councilman towards women…Oh, by the way, October is BULLY AWARNESS MONTH.

Let We The People demonstrate to this BULLY that we are not afraid of him, on November 8th

Vote Scott Parsons
The Calm After The Storm


  1. In addition to the way in which he treats anyone who either does not agree with him or doesn't do something to line his warchest,I hope that the people of region 4 remember what he did to them.
    However,he enjoyed his dinners with the company
    and word on the street was that he took money from them.
    I wonder what that means?

  2. Angle connot tolerate strong women!

  3. Personally I think he is a wommen hater, and he also despises everyone who does not agree with his way of thinking. He is always right and you are wrong no matter what. If Ron say's the moon is made of green cheese than the moon is made of green cheese. He uses the word I I I more than there is minutes in a hour, and as he is using it he is patting himself on the shoulder.
    I have talked to women that had encounters with him on many occasions before meetings and after. He is rude and thinks he can say what ever he wants to them . Iam glad their is some that tell him off in a nice way.Ron is for himself and only himself.
    Before you vote on the 8 th of Nov. Remember :
    The prison in upper Mt. Bethel & the 3
    thousand dollars he took from them.
    His fathers will take it away from his challenged nephew
    The land deal with the Bangor dentist
    DUI Center/ jail in W. Easton
    His poor uncle Jimmey.
    Do you want a man with all this dirty wash
    representing you ? I hope not vote for :

  4. I just watched busniess matters and as always
    Angle was his same old arrogant self,what he say's is right and every one else is wrong.
    He say's the show brings the devil out in Mario .
    Well Ron the devil is on your shoulder all the time.They say you meet with Mario to reach out to him -Right - you know he is strong and would like him on your side - like paying for him to go to a real seminary ? Is that true? Something does not sound kosher . Blame everything on the unions. Jerry , John ,Mario did a great job.
    Ron face it your days on the council are few.

  5. We are lucky there are strong women in the coalition. Some don't take any plop from you know who. And RON remember we are not going to go away EVER .We will be looking over Northampton County's shoulder.

  6. The Three Stooges had a short called the

    "Women Haters"

    and Fatty Arbuckle had a film

    "The Women Haters

    coincidence ....I don't think so


    Can something not be "kosher" at a "seminary"?

  7. Winston Smith ....
    It's not the seminary.
    It's who is going to pay the bill?
    Or who offered, that is not kosher.

  8. i know this site likes it clean so i will be polite / wow angle got his manure shined tonight on business matters by the maure that according to bo won't shine this was the best of the three shows great job rev mario great job people watch the show on line tomorrow great show

  9. hey bernie crap shined tonight ha ha ha

  10. Ask former Bangor mayor and county council woman Carol Cunno. She can tell you about the long history of Ron Angle and his woman hating. He is very old school, he can't deal with any woman that isn't submissive to him.

    Any intelligent woman that would vote for this luge head should be ashmaed of herself. He hates women, he was cited by both the Jewish anti-defamation league and the local NAACP. He is the only local politican to have both groups cite his terrible behavior.

    Is this the "man" you want as your elected representative?

  11. I never knew that Angle is prejudiced against Jewish people.
    I knew about the racist remarks on the radio show, but this really annoys me that people like O'Hare worship this racist.
    What is happening to our country when we keep electing a racist to a governmental seat.
    Let's start housekeeping and throw out the racist before he infects others.
    Although there still may be some hope for him. He did want to house the illegals right in the middle of his region where they could enjoy the benefits of good old American rural living.

  12. The only time angle likes women is when he thinks they are agreeing with him. The key word is "thinks". Not many woman I know actually do agree with him but choose to take the high road and politely nod as to avoid an ugly confrontation---then they do what they want anyway. You see angle isn't worth the time or the energy for a serious debate. He can't enjoy a civil conversation with anyone with opposing views. It's a shame. One can usually learn a lot from others even if they don't agree but he doesn't stop saying "I" long enough to listen. I believe bobblehead is the only woman that really agrees with him---but then there is something very strange about that one.

  13. Word on the street is, Angle who covers all Angles told Carrol she would make a good girlfriend for his father. It was carried in the express. We need SCOTT PARSONS ON CONSEL.

  14. Word on the street is, Brenda NO 2, Angle who covers all the angles does not like the COAF. They have followed his for over a year, have heard his lies, and countered them. At Cherryfill fire company where bo gave the bird to two of their women twice for saying good evening to him. You can not reopen the budget in the middle of the year, Because they did not sell Gracedale they can not pay off the loan.

    Under Angle plan they cut spending, they are letting the conty property fall apart. This is going to catch up with everyone at some time in the future, big time. Angle is woried about his pocket first. We need a fresh look at counsel vote for SCOTT PARSONS, we need to get rid of the back room deals.