Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wind Gap Debate - One Sided

During Monday night’s debate We The People believe that Steve Barron successfully defend all questions, leaving his opponent appearing stunned and dumbfounded.

Angle spewed nothing new, in fact, same old garbage. He wants people to believe that he does not want to raise taxes because he cares about The PEOPLE in these hard economic times - TRUTH be told, he only cares about all the taxes he has to pay if taxes are increased. The People's understanding is that Angle owns between 75 and 100 properties in NorCo, so any tax increase for whatever purpose will cost him tens of thousands of dollars. So you see NorCo, he does not really care about anyone but himself. He's not protecting your interest, he's protecting his own.

On a very important NOTE: any person running for office who says he will never vote for a tax increase should never ever be elected...he will run your house into the ground, which in Angles case it is very evident he has done that with the Governor Wolf Building (as well as many other facilities such as Gracedale) which by the way he stated during the debate - is worth nothing due to neglect by government. If Angles has been in office for 11 yrs, doesn't that mean that he too is responsible for the condition of the building? Perhaps he's saying it's worth nothing because he wants to buy it he does with the county foreclosures. Anyone who goes to a Sheriff's sale will see Angle taking advantage of someones misfortune. "He Cares about us during these hard economic times"...YEAH RIGHT...he care about no one but himself.

(While We The People are not proponents of raising taxes, we are reasonable and understand that in some cases it is the responsible thing to do) He also spoke against the Police and first responders of our County...imagine that our vigilant protectors, as well as all emergency responders who risk their life and limb every day of their lives cannot receive a well earned raise because Angle will never ever raise taxes - he spoke over and over about government being too big "we need smaller government" and We The People believe he is let's shrink government by removing him.

INTERESTING NOTE - It appears that the hosting body was one sided - Questions posed by some attendees directed at Angle were not asked intentionally, and during the debate between Mr. Steve Barron and his opponent, the moderator stepped in to quell a question by Mr. Barron to his opponent. A question that shocked his opponent, and baffled all in attendance when the moderated refuse to allow the question from Barron, which dealt with his opponent inability to handle his own finances. The PEOPLE displayed resentment toward the moderator for not allowing the question.

And The Peoples choice? Mr. Scott Parsons handled himself very well, remaining very calm which we all know is hard to do around Angle. He staying composed and civil as he promises he will always do. Refreshing was his expression of listening to everyone if elected, including his opponent. That means that we won't have to listen to Angle tell The People to sit down and shut up! It was quite clear that Mr. Parsons is the right person to sit on Council. Refreshing is he, thank you for your civility Mr. Parson.

There is a new wave on the horizon bringing in fresh water, and We The People welcome it.

The Calm After The Storm


  1. Mr. Angle always has the same thing to say " I may not be warm and fuzzy" No Ron you are not. Can you believe that when entering the fire hall last night walking by two women handing out literature he said " you are the greatest bunch of phoney's around", when asked what do you mean he kept on walking. He can never stop and talk to someone only make sly remarks while walking by. Ron you should know by now we are not phoney's. We started our group years ago to speak for those who could not speak for them self's and continued on to fight to keep their home GRACEDALE and we succed by hard work and the VOTE of the people of NORTHAMPTON COUNTY. and we are going to continue this effort.
    A Gracedale goon and proud of it .
    Maryann schmoyer

  2. Of course Angle has alot of experience in politics, but the old always has to give way to the new and something different.
    It was such a pleasure to watch and listen to another candidate{another choice} speak with dignity and conviction about the way in which he feels that he should deal and communicate with his constutuents.
    How refreshing not to hear alot of yelling and screamimg.
    But never fear,the bully just could not contain himself near the end. One slip- same old Angle.
    The last comment refers to his calling TWO WOMEN names.
    How can anyone continue to have this man demean women. VOTE HIM OUT!

  3. Ron,
    Your age is showing. The cliche is "warm and fuzzy" NOT "warm and furry."
    But you are correct about one thing, you do not fall into one of these categories.
    And please, do NOT call youself a leader. Effective leaders are not BULLIES.
    I would also instruct your personal blogger that the word is PROSTATE not PROSTRATE.

  4. Angle cannot control himself. He cannot resist the urge to bully or try to intimidate or insult. In reality he is like a chicken---pecks and runs. He hurled sarcastic comments to us as he entered the debate hall last night but failed to give an explaination for his comment. Typical Ron. Peck and run. If we have something to say to you we say it to your face and tell you the reason. If you did the same then at least we could respect you. You make it impossible to be nice to you! You called us "phonies" The COAF TOOK A STAND AND HAS NOT SWAYED FROM THAT STAND---SPEAKING FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.

    Peg D'alessandro A PROUD COAF MEMBER

  5. Steve Barron was the MAN at last night's debate. He made his opponent look like a deer in headlights. Steve deserves to be re-elected. He has already saved the County millions of dollars and has proven that he not only cares about our tax dollars but the well- being of the taxpayers. I know I don't want his opponent to win--if he can't handle his personal finances I don't want him handling my tax dollars. Re-elect STEVE BARRON on Nov. 8th.

  6. According to the other website
    Ron proved last night that he is a
    Master Debater

  7. Word on the street is, did you know who the real coward of Northampton County is, bo he will not leave a meeting alone I wounder why. He even had an escort in and out of the courthouse. Cute isnt it.

  8. Word on the street is, Ron belongs in a pen with his stock. The only thing he is a master of comes from the end of his stock.

  9. Last night the moderator deleted several valid questions for Angle to the angst of the citizens who wanted their questions answered,
    When the moderator was questioned about this he shrugged his shoulders and walked away? Fair? Balanced? I think not. Surprising for anything involving Angle? No!

    Scott Parsons provided the public with how a public official should act. Civil, knowlegable, willing to learn, willing to listen.

    Angle can't get beyond "I did this". It's as though he's run the county single handily for the past 11 years. Perhaps he's part of the reason the county and most of it's buildings are in such bad shape. The way the county has failed to maintain them reminds me of slumlords.

    Vote for Scott Parsons Nov. 8th

  10. as a union "thug", I just want to let everyone know that every penny spent on the campaign was accounted for. We did file an expendenture report. everything was legal! Also, I want to tell everyone here, that the union is trying to negotiate a fair contract,but the county isn't. they are not negotiating in good faith, hell they aren't even negotiating, they just want us to give up the "farm" so bare with us, we aren't holding back, we want to negotiate! Its time they do a little negotiating!! Thank you for everything you have done!!
    signed: Union Thug!

  11. Master Negociator!
    I would imagine that after TEN YEARS in office, he ought to know something.
    However, one man rises out of Wind Gap in order to face this BULLY who only works for himself;he is courteous and polite. For a first timer, he answered the questions quite well even with a moderator who decided not to read a persons's question(remember the detention center's BRIEF question/answer session?}because he did not want to put Angle on the spot.
    Thank God that there is at least one decent person who is willing to bring some ethics BACK to Angle's position.
    Hopefully, the people of his region will breathe a sigh of relief to finally have a choice to vote without Angle knowing. For if he knew who did not vote for him, he certainly would become VINDICTIVE.

  12. Scott Parsons did a great job last evening for his first debate. He is a hard working guarry worker, he knows what hard work is like and that while working you get dirty unlike the flyer that was sent out by Ron in the barn yard and not a spot on his cloths. You can fool some people but not us farmers we might look dumb but we don't shovle the s--- into a bucket ,that is what the loader is for.

  13. Word on the street is, why did Brenda no 2 work on his farm with new shirt, new pants, new hat. He should be wearing a suit. What farmer is going to beleive that picture. Why is he trying to insult people the country folks know better, nice stupid try.

  14. Word on the street is that Angle is sweating the race out this time. Finally he is up against a fair and decent man, and that is hard for him to face. This man he is running against is every thing he is not, and yet he runs him down. A man that is willing to listen to the people he will represent.A man that has no extra bagage like Angle does. The people in Upper Mt. Bethel must not read the Daily paper because Angle made it there quite a few times and the headline were not in his best interest but he still continued to be a councilman in Northampton county.WHY ?
    Do you not have to have some integrity to hold this position ? Enough is enough, we need a change.

  15. As Scott Parson said many times last evening,it is time to bring civility back into BIG or SMALL government.
    Civility is bi-partisan.
    Take a good look what pure ideology has gotten us so far out of both Harrisburg and Washington.
    Our politicians had better learn how to communicate with us taxpayers or we might be looking at continued hard times ahead.
    Learning how to talk, bargain,and comprmise in a civil way following our Constitution is NOW what we need.
    ANGLE'S RANTINGS HAVE TO GO.Our future depends upon ridding ourselves of this dictator in disguise.
    Let's vote into NORCO a decent,average, and civil person who wants transparency.

    Did you know that NORCO'S county council has a CODE OF CIVILITY which has never been used in my presence to stop this raving idiot ,Angle,when he loses control of his emotional self.

  16. Still don't trust Barron. He seems to be using the Gracedale issue to get votes

  17. Word on the street is, Barron has done more for the employees of Northampton County and the taxpayers than the 3 Brendas, the Brendas want to run the the county into the ground and give it away. Is it true that there was a stock option in the sale of gracedale for Stoffa and Angle? Is this the reason they wanted to sell it. We need a change SCOTT PARSONS FOR COUNSEL.

  18. Did you read the EXPRESS to day seems like Angle wants to move the plant to Portland, May be he is trying to get the votes he lost from the Portland area or wants to keep his school taxes down by the move. Rember Angle covers all the Angles, in his favor first, the people?

  19. Of course Ron Angle appeared to know more about Northampton County Government...he should, he has been a one man show for how many years and that power has resulted in more turmoil than Northampton County has ever seen. But remember, all this arrogance and power has enabled him to be more knowledgeable and involved with the bad things such as "pay to play" and "backroom dealings". His years in office have left him arrogant and Northampton County in a quandry. Northampton County needs someone who will be bi-partisan, work with fellow councilmembers and NOT try to intimidate his constituents when they disagree with him. Add to this factor his personal woes.....if he is doing/charged with illegal things in his personal life, just imagine what is going on in your government when he is involved. Ron Angle has been a one man show for way to long and residents of NORCO need to stop it, only they can do it! Vote Scott Parsons for Northampton County Council.


    P.S. Calling HIM a bulldog is a disgrace to the breed!

  20. Word on the street is, calling Ron boy anything is a disgrace.

  21. His conduct is embarassing. Nothing else needs to be said. If he gets elected, then we deserve him, it will be because we didn't do enough to get a good man to send him home. If you are not talking to people, knocking on doors, handing out flyers and encouraging people to vote, then now would be a good time to start. Live it for the next 3 weeks. Make it your mantra. Go to work, take care of your families and campaign for Scott like there is no tomorrow.
    If Angle wins, the worst that will come out of this is that he will become so drunk with power by his own arrogance, that he will most certainly spell his own political demise before the next election. Less than 3 weeks...ITS ON!!!!!!!!

  22. Lot's of work planed for the next few weeks.
    Many appointments to talk to groups of people,lot's of bingo halls,lots of doors to knock on, and they have been handing out litiure like crazy.Great work being done for a great canidate.