Monday, October 17, 2011

Candidate Debate

Tuesday,Oct. 18th  @ 7 pm.
Wind Gap Fire Hall
Controller  Steve Barron -  - Mr. Seth Salvesen
Councilman Ron Angle - - Mr. Scott Parsons

Hope to see you there ,be ready with your questions.


  1. I can't waite to hear what is going to be said.
    I do hope I will get to ask my questions.
    This should be interesting.

  2. Don't let Bernie O'Hare's videotqaping the entire meeting scare you. Word is Stoffa and Angle want O'Hare to be sure to tape it and especially any who appear contentious to Angle.

    Some county employees are afraid to even atttend. They know how vindictive Angle and Stoffa can be. Stay strong and don't forget all the lies and evil Ron Angle is responsible for. He want's to rewrite history.

  3. People don't let them scare you.
    If you have to just be polite and tell them off or go look for one of the Gracedale goons to do it for you.
    See you all tonite.

  4. Word on the street is, Brenda N.O. 1 was not there last night. Why did some of the questions for Angle who covers all the angles get lost? Why were some of the questions sorted out? Seems to be a little one sided. By the way Brenda N.O. 3 was there.

  5. Word on the street is, Angle who covers all angles was asked who gave the most money to his campaign he forgot GEO. who he had just said gave him $3,000.00, the law firm from harrisburg who gave him $500.00, or Atiyea partner who gave him $3,000.00. HEY RON WHERE IS THE TRUTH? $6,500.00 he forgot he received.