Monday, October 24, 2011

Is He Trying To Get A Lehigh U EDU?

Word on the street is that the nonsensical ignoramus has been spotted at Lehigh university just minutes ago, you think maybe he's going for and EDU or is he stalking a member of the Coalition?

The Calm After The Storm


  1. Word on the street is, at least he is leaving someone in the court house alone.

  2. He was there to give insight to college students about blogging. I am not a fan of O'Hare myself, but you have to stay the course people. Stalking a person yourself doe not promote a good image.

  3. I'm this a blog about Gracedale or just a Ron Angle bashing site? I came here looking for more information on what has been going on with the Gracedale situation and all I found was a bunch of garbage. Perhaps you should rename your blog to more accurately reflect the topics you write about.

  4. Keep up the good work on this blog. These last 2 comments are plants.
    Iknow that much of what I have read on other blogs in patently untrue.
    You cannot refer to Gracedale without referring to the 3 people,Angle, Stoffa, and O'Hare who are saying and doing everything to hurt Gracedale.
    The truth is not always pretty, but at least you will get it here.
    Check out the facts for yourself.
    And where were you guys when the Gracedale Goons were being bashed with all kinds of name calling, insults, and lies.
    Maybe that blog should be renamed?

  5. Actually, I would like to state that I am not a "plant" - I read Bill White's write-up of having the bloggers come to his class and I was curious about the "Save Gracedale" site he mentioned. When I came to check it out I was really put off by the topic posts and especially many of the comments. I do not ride O'Hare's blog either - maybe you are right, I would find that just as terrible. I am a former Lehigh Valley resident currently living in North Carolina and I was just perusing some news from my hometown. I have no vested interest in what happens to Gracedale, so I think my perception of this blog is pretty unbiased.

  6. Erin, everyone is entitled to thier opinion and on this blog at least we can vent our frustrations with what the terible trio do so as to bring it to light. I hopw you reconsider your position on Gracedale because you may someday need GD yourself. Please know that it will not offend anyone if you never come back we know this is you bernie.

  7. He was probably stalking the person who saw him, anybody consider that?

  8. For pete's sake, you people are ridiculous. Do you want me to send you a photocopy of my passport and birth certificate along with a couple professional references? I AM NOT BERNIE. Lord knows that if he is involved with you he is probably just as paranoid and off his rocker. Glad I left the Valley when I did. I won't be wasting any more of my time with this blog (or his either, just to keep you from thinking that he hired me to say this).

  9. Word on the street is, Blogging 101 How to stick a camera in someones face, if you do not know the story lie, make something up. To disrupt a debate crunch a plastic water bottle when they are talking. Last step check with Brenda NO 1, and, Brenda NO 2.

  10. Erin, good luck and God Bless. For now Gracedlae is somewhat safe. Since you have not been around you do not know what a hard battle it has been and continues to be. The beloved nursing home with all our famlies was purposely run into the ground by our governement leaders. The local media including Bill White would only write the press releases given them by John Stoffa.

    When you are battling the powers that be, you become tough. In order to win a war you better become a warrior.

    If you feel we are not all warm and fuzzy, it is because we know the battle is far from over. The unholy three with the blesing of the local press continue to harass and intimidate. They continue to let Gracedale wither on the vine dispite the mandate of the people.

    You need to completely research the topic before you judge to quickly.

    God Bless

  11. Anon 1:05 - How do you know what he was there for? The person who reported seeing him is a member of the Coalition fearful that he was stalking her. Can you assure us that he was there on genuine business? Because if you cannot, this matter is getting close to criminal on his part. The Coalition does not follow him around, but there is plenty of evidence on his blog alone that he is following us around with his stupid little camera, stalking us, can you see how that could be disturbing?

  12. I'm sure you have a fake birth certificate to show
    Probably signed by the doctors in Hawaii
    and witnessed by Saul Alinski
    Just kidding

  13. Dear Erin,
    Please check out all the facts for the last 2-3 years pertaining to GRACEDALE. What should have become an issue for all of us in the County to discuss became a fight to ruin a simple group of citizens.
    The other commentor was correct.We had to get tough or lose Gracedale and our reputations because of vile things said even about our personal health problems.
    We,too, wish that it could have been better
    An interested group of citizens did not have to be dragged into court 4 times.

  14. Humble ladies and gentalemen of NC, do not address erin or orly or anyone else, they are all one and the same nonsensical ignoramus. Let him continue this behavior, he can only dig himself in the menure deeper and deeper. Eventually we will have enough documented on the web to prosecute him again, and then perhaps he will receive a just punishment.

  15. I pity Erin,she seemed authentic to me.
    I posted as Orly Taitz as an attempt at humor.
    Didn't you read the "just kidding" at the end?

    You would be well advised to try not to let your mind wander. Sometimes a horse is just a horse.

  16. and ur a jackass just kidding

  17. Okay either this site has been hijacked by the mindless. Or has been turned over to people that are incompetent.
    Either way here is some free advice take it for what it is worth. Get back on track or your group will lose my support.
    By that I mean I will continue to support the Gracedale issue however leave this blog for all of you to "eat your own". Realize you are making fools of yourselves to the amusement of those people you fancy are your enemies.

  18. The only fools are Angle, Stoffa and O'Hare if they think that planted comments will weaken or stop the People from cleaning house of crooked politicians and those who would throw the most vulnerable citizens of the county to the wolves. If some find that passion distasteful they were probably never with the people to begin with.

    Won't get fooled again. Stay vigilant, stay strong.

  19. Scott Parsons:
    Average citizen
    Great Character
    Mingles with the regular people,and yes, with a few brews now and then like many of us in a Sports Bar.
    Restore PRIDE to NORCO.
    Let the crap sink into the manure and let him be average and get dirty. If the crap likes flying from the apple trees,good.But VOTE PARSONS.


    Today we ask: Is it from God? Is it from the Devil? Or is it from the bread we eat?

    In 1976 Linnda Caporael offered the first evidence that the Salem witch trials followed an outbreak of rye ergot. Ergot is a fungus blight that forms hallucinogenic drugs in bread. Its victims can appear bewitched when they're actually stoned.

    Ergot thrives in a cold winter followed by a wet spring. The victims of ergot might suffer paranoia and hallucinations, twitches and spasms, cardiovascular trouble, and stillborn children. Ergot also seriously weakens the immune system.

    Now Mary Matossian tells a story about rye ergot that reaches far beyond Salem. She studies seven centuries of demographics, weather, literature, and crop records from Europe and America.

    And what about witch hunts? The symptoms of bewitchment are consistent, but the way those symptoms were received was not. Crazy behavior was commonplace in the medieval plague years. The mad "Dance of Death" is a theme shot through medieval iconography. The spasms suffered by ergot victims were called St. Vitus Dance. Do you remember Ingmar Bergman's wonderful movie about the plague, The Seventh Seal? It began and ended with the figure of death leading the doomed in an eerie dance across a hilltop.

    Then, in the 1500s and 1600s, the symptoms of ergot were blamed on witches -- all over Europe, and finally in Massachusetts. Witch hunts hardly occurred where people didn't eat rye.

    In the 1740s, the so called Age of Rationalism, ergot symptoms became a mark of holy, not demonic, possession. Visions, trances, and spasms were read as religious ecstasy. It was a period of religious revival that historians call the Great Awakening.

    And we're left to wonder just how we cope with diseases we don't understand, today. I read our kinship with those old ergot sufferers in something Kipling wrote:

    I have eaten your bread and salt.
    I have drunk your water and wine.
    The deaths ye died I have watched beside
    And the lives ye led -- were mine.

    I have wondered lately and I stumbled onto this.
    Cold winter, wet spring an obvious affection for butter bread. Buttered Rye bread?
    I think this might explain pretty much what is going on.

  21. First and last time I waste my time on this "blog".

    Not Bernie, or Ron, but from the S.B.

  22. Please don't go , please!!!!
    Do you live close to Cousinhumperton?
    What am I thinking all roads lead to Cousinhumperton in the S.B.