Monday, March 12, 2012

Mr. Stoffa - Can You Answer These Questions?

Thanks to Eric Weisz,  our Brother in arms - an email that we were not privileged to or aware of in the past has surfaced, and perhaps this new information can help us get answers to some questions today or tomorrow...but answers MUST come in response to these new facts.

Our new governing body (CC) in good conscience MUST look at this information seriously, and pursue the facts to wherever they lead them, and at the very least should ask the listed questions.

We agree with Eric that the following questions MUST receive answers:

1. How did petitions get from the Elections Office to the Law Offices of Eckert Seamans?

2. Who ordered lawyers and paralegals to review the petitions filed by COAF for the ballot initiative?

3. Why was over $10,000 paid to Eckert Seamans to review petitions as this was not part of the resolution passed by council or really part of the facilitation of the transfer of Gracedale?

4. Why was that work shared with Bernie O' Hare?

5. Why was Bernie O'Hare part of a conference call with John Stoffa and Eckert Seamans?

6. Why did Mark Stewart of Eckert Seamans in an e-mail ask one of his partners how to over come preliminary objections in a case where the county was not a party to the case? This was clearly the petition challenge which was brought by Angle and O'Hare and they represented themselves. Eckert Seamans should not have been involved.

Thank you Eric for your continued effort to bring out the TRUTH. We The People are grateful.


  1. Absolutely, On board 100%. It is time for county Council to call for a full hearing on this before them. They must determine oig taxpayer money was used inappropriately to fund a "private" lawsuit against other county taxpayers and residents. I Believe the answer is , "no it should not".

    O'Hare claims the council resolution gave Stoffa sweeping powers. if that ois the case I believe Council has the responsibility ot re-examine that though a hearing, as they either want to repeal; that thing or be clear that Stoffa exceeded the scope of the resolution.

    As a taxpayer why did I have to subsidize O'hares lawsuit?

  2. Good point 0708pm. But a greater question is why did any taxpayer have to subsidize a private law suit? Angle, although a council member at the time had no right to any information from ES because he filed as a private citizen n bo is nothing more than a PC. If this does not reek n imply corruption then what does?

  3. Glad you guys liked the post! I try my best! I think those questions will be answered soon.

  4. What Eric has revealed is just the tip of the iceberg.
    If the council fails to investigate why tax dollars were spent on private litigation then they too should be investigated for failing to safeguard our tax dollars.
    Stoffa should just man up and accept his role in this debacle but don't anyone hold your breath for that to happen.

  5. Pretty clear that Stoffa and Conklin not only knew but signed off on the firm helping and sharing confidential information with O'Hare and Angle(acting in a private capacity) in a non-county lawsuit against private citizens.

    if county council can ignore or turn their backs on this, then all incumbent at-large county council members will be defeated in 2013 and an investigation will commence.

    This email is disgusting in its clear abuse of tax dollars by Stoffa.

  6. It would seem natural that COAF supported candidate Scott Parsons would ask these questions. I bet he doesn't though because Atty. Longenbach wouldn't like it. Ask him, see what happens.

  7. 4:56

    Up a bit early Bernie?

  8. And don't try to deny it.
    Attention Kmart shoppers.
    There is a rat loose in the store.
    Ohare usually posts his new stories just after midnight.
    Today he has 5 or 6 new stories posted.
    And by coincidence they are posted between 3 and 5 AM.
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    Coincidence.......I don't think so

    Forever vigilent...your humble servant

  9. He gets up very early to delete overnight comments he doesn't want on his hate blog. It has been O'Hares mo for a long time. Then he usually goes back top sleep for a few hours before recording the playing of children.

  10. Please forward a copy of this post with questions to both reporters from the papers. Also to Channel 69. I hear the Philly news is trying to break into the area. They may not be as protective of Stoffa as the local ones are.

    Lets get these questions to the reporters and county council.

    Thank you!