Monday, March 12, 2012

Are Gas Prices Sinking Obama???

BO...the question you should be asking yourself is - DID I REALLY SINK ANGLE? Yes you did buddy. Thanks to you - the ousted councilman is history.

Now ask yourself another question genius, HOW CAN I SINK THE COUNTY EXECUTIVE? Your mental capacity may not allow you to understand this, but your involvement with Stoffa in that recently exposed email may brilliantly become the hole in the hull that sinks his ship. Again we say...thank you for being so smart.

Some advice if we may - lay low and maybe all of this will blow over...perhaps NOT - probably won't because you just can't help yourself.

It simply seems like every time you open your mouth or pen your thoughts you sink somebodies ship, like you once sunk your own, you you became a bottom feeder.

There is a better way chum, seek it or forever eat the manure at the bottom, you know...that garbage that all creation in the world moves.

Keep up the good work, we could not have done it without your intelligence.


  1. This is a great story. I linked to this post on my blog. Awesome! Keep it up!

  2. O'Hare has his usual cronies on his blog blasting the COAF over pushing this to far.

    I have to laugh. I think ,I will think it is not to far until someone pays back my county tax money paid to an outside firm to help Bernie O'Hare in his private lawsuit against other private citizens. That is what is at the heart of the matter.

    The Press has covered it up and Stoffa has covered it up but at the end of the day, the Administration subsidized a private citizens lawsuit against other private citizens. I know the Stoiffa bobbleheads on council will be shocked but tough. I would like Mr. Stoffa or other Administration officials to explain that under oath to County Council.

  3. Have to give you people credit for not giving up or believing it is over hip hip hooray

  4. BO is on his blog begging people to vote for his blog in the mcall. Thats how he feels big, because the mcall says he has the best hate blog around. Thats how he gets his kicks. Man oh man, what a joke.

  5. Apparently there are some meetings at the government center. The Stoffa gang is nervous that this county council investigation thing could get some traction. Given that there has never been a story in the paper about all the details, this would put some pretty embarrassing emails out there. Also a few of these guys are pissed that they could be subpoenaed to testify.

    We will see what happens but don't be surprised if Stoffa doesn't soon dispatch his propaganda minister O'Hare to run some interference for him.

    One source tells me Stoffa and company will actually throw O'hare under the buss if they feel it will keep them out of the entire mess. I don't see how that can work, seeing as how the emails put Stoffa at the heart of the misappropriated tax money controversy.

    Should be interesting to see what happens. But it shows what happens when people in government use sneaky and underhanded methods to try and thwart the will of the electorate.

  6. Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.............Marmion...Sir Walter Scott

    I wonder if the "Earl of Angus" will be under the bus as well?

    What say you, Bernard?

  7. BO is awfully quite on his blog about this, could it be that he has taken the advice suggested on this post? Could it be he has taken the harbinger seriously?