Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Curruption MUST be Stopped!

Rumors of dissension among the COAF ranks are yet another falsehood illusion created by those who desire to collapse Northampton County. The following comment tells the real story:

"The core group of COAF has become a single unit of strength, determination and courage that has dealt with devious people who think nothing of telling lies, twisting the truth and casting doubt about the COAF'S agenda. It doesn't surprise me that they will initiate yet another falsehood. While maintaining our individuality each member of COAF has contributed to the group as a whole in order to achieve the goal of preserving Gracedale for future generations. Every member of COAF will remember the hard work and personal sacrifices it took to give the voters an opportunity to weigh in on Gracedale's future. That effort bonded us together for a lifetime. Knowing that there are still threats to the future of Gracedale by Stoffa and others we are steadfast in our commitment to continue to remain united. For those who say we are" splintering" "arguing" I say---you only wish we were! WE ARE TIGHTER AND STRONGER THAN EVER!!!"

That being said...we MUST continue to press forward to protect and safeguard our gem Gracedale. We have received word that Gracedale is again being set-up for failure - We The People will not allow it to be dismantled - IT WILL NOT HAPPEN ON OUR WATCH.

Those government officials who are responsible for the latest destruction attempt BETTER take notice of the conviction of yet another corrupt politician who believed himself above our laws:

Please read full details:


  1. We are of a single mind set:"SAVE GRACEDALE" for our future generations of NORCO's infirmed and/or elderly.
    Our hope is that our leaders WILL find a way-instead of fighting the will of the people- to create a plan for Gracedale to become self-sufficient.
    Mr. Stoffa is a disgrace to all of us.He should be working for us and not himself.

  2. Gracedale at the very least deserves an honest chance to succeed. That is something that did not happen with Stoffa/Angle and O'Hare. There was no doubt they wanted it gone for a quick buck.

    No one believed or trusted their consultants and financial reports. As time went on we found out how they rigged the results.

    The numbers kept changing as people learned that we were all being lied to.

    At the end of the day, I am thankful that the COAF remains strong. We deserve honest and competent government and we have not had that for some time now.

  3. O'Hare is bragging about how nice his Angle and Ppanto class was. Don't need that in the county.

    O'Hare is disgusting.

  4. Word on the street is, if the class was so nice why did it take bo a week to post it? Since bo does not get the inside news any more he has to post something.////

  5. let's see...obvious dissent in your "organization" or you wouldn't need to publish this...you delete any and all posts that question anything...and when questioned, immediately lob bombs at O'Hare and Angle to deflect the legitimate criticism coming your way....

    Yep you're fine.

  6. Word on the street is, I did not see anything on the post that mentioned angle or bo. I must have mised something, this is not the hate blog. bo said LET US DO NO HARM.

  7. let's see...obvious dissent in your "organization" or you wouldn't need to publish this...you delete any and all posts that question anything...and when questioned, immediately lob bombs at O'Hare and Angle to deflect the legitimate criticism coming your way....

    Yep you're fine.


    You all realize THIS IS Ohare!

    syntax,...even though he started the sentence in lower case

    tagline... "Yep you're fine"

    leave him up.....he amuses me

    HELPFUL HINT : try misspelling some woeds next time

    and I annoy him.....right Bernie? LOL


  9. It is either O'Hare or some of the Panto operatives who are hyper sensitive to the criticism Panto is getting for seeking O'Hare support. O'Hare is doing a great deal of deleting and censoring again. Every so often he goes into one of his more psychotic moods. He posted a slam piece on the union and is deleting any comments that point out his erroneous remarks. Rigtht now he is going on about other "hate" blogs while defending himself, Angle and Stoffa.

    He is a fraud and sick person.

  10. Dear Ms. Vanderbilt,
    Play any word and/ or psychological game that pleases you, but the truth is that COAF is still pretty tight after 3 years.
    Actually, we are like family. Perhaps, you will soon see this in action.
    Please know that you might be interested in setting up an appt. with our Spokesperson in order that we might talk and dine together.
    Consider this an invitation to the TRUTH.
    Nothing like seeing the truth for yourself in person.

  11. 6:27
    I posted as Vanderbilt Do me a favor and go back to school and learn to comprehend what you read. I'm on your side, you dope!
    You're really ticking me off with your ignorance.
    Winston Smith

  12. Really Winston Smith, really. And who's campaign are you schilling for, Panto or Callahan? You guys think a few late in the game empty words will get you votes. You want to "own" the COAF, good luck with that. Words are cheap, actions have meaning.

  13. Did Panto or Callahan announce they are running?
    Let us know where you heard this !

  14. Word is both camps are meeting to decide on how to carve up the county. One will run for executive but the other will get certain political concessions, jobs and etc.