Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A degree in Stupidity

Only those in this world who have aspired to receive credentials in stupidity can comprehend the density of the rambling man.

Really, think about it...he says that we "are happily throwing stones at our PERCEIVED ENEMIES". Perceived?

Question: What level of stupidity does one have to be at to say "perceived"?
Answer: At Ohares level.

Why? Because even an uneducated person can identify their enemy when the enemy is trying to do them harm.

It also seems to us that when Bernie begins a sentence with "people like" and then mentions "The Fake Rev Mario Martinez" he is clearly displaying his racist side.

He also on the fly mentions the Easton Police Dept saying "An Easton Police Officer" but does not reveal a name. Why not? Perhaps because there is no truth in his statement. Perhaps he is trying to put a blemish on the the Easton Police Dept that it does not deserve! Well let us tell you Mr. Disbarred Attorney - We The People are proud of the Easton Police Dept, and we consider them among the best in the state, and the Country.

He say's that we "Consort" with Tricia what? We don't consort with him, that's what matters. And why exactly is it that he is always terrorizing Ms. Mezzacappa? Is it because she refused his sexual advances?

Wait, hold everything...what...breaking news? In response to Ohares attack on Ms. Mezzacappa she provided us this statement:

"It has come to my attention that Officer McMonagle wrote a police report after responding to a call at my home last year. In that report, he incorrectly injected his opinion that my comments were racially biased. I demand a complete retraction and apology for this mistruth, and direct you the, to see it for yourselves. Again , Bernie O'Hare must harass me over and over, by using your department as a vehicle for defamation. I strongly suggest that action be taken on this today."

And as for "the Guv' is happily chopping away" - they can only do so until we vote them out...and that WILL happen to any elected official who believes they are above We The People.


  1. Is this the GOP Presidential delegate candidate who posts blogs about the size of penises? The one whose blog reveals she has some kind of foot fixation? The same person who, according to an Easton police report, called her neighbors "niggers"?

    Let me guess. She must be backing Gingrich.

    She fits right in with you whack jobs.

  2. A comment was just removed that we consider derogatory and discriminating - please stay off our blog with that nonsense

  3. The COAF can withstand name calling. Can Stoffa, Angle, bo,Conklin & Stewart withstand being put on the stand in a court of law under oath and answering questions about e-mails proving tax payer money was used to interfere with the referendum process???? I can see the ulcers forming now!

  4. Thank you COAF. I have posted the truth over on my blog as well. The truth is excrutiating, but necessary

  5. It's time we all stop complaing about the cuts to nsg. homes and start contacting the Governor! Public out cry has been known to have powerful effects.

  6. Exactly what needs to be done and after what has transpired in referendum city USA, they willl listen.

  7. Keep doing a good job COAF. Angle/Stoffa/O'Hare and even old "single issue"Panto can bray on all they want. Keep the faith. Any one of them would put a dagger in the heart of Gracedale for thirty pieces of silver.

    As to Mr. Panto, wearing a green shirt for a couple of hours on primary day is fine but were was the passion and support when it was needed. By the way the shirt was off the night of your celebration party. Didn't want the public to see that support did we. His code words of lets not be a "single issue" told me everything I needed to know. I want an honest and competent handling of Gracedale not a slicker redo of the Stoffa Administration. Can you imagine how the Express Times will carry water for Panto on this issue.

    God Bless you Reverend and stay the course. The battle is never ending and the enemy takes many forms.

  8. Keep voting republican and you can expect more cuts to safety nets, facilities, like Gracedale and other programs. Meanwhile back at the ranch the fracking operations are safe from taxes and impact fees.
    Thanks Corbett

  9. Let's keep our heads focused on Gracedale , and forget all this other crap.

  10. Yes - focus on the email!

  11. Remember, that Tricia has tired to get Mr. Panto to attend to this matter and he has ignored her, dispit ehis claims here that he ignores no one. He continues to support the hateful rants of the O'Hare hate blog. He calls it "social media".

  12. My take on this is that Panto should spend less time nail-biting at every swipe he takes on all of the local blogs. As a Mayor, a high profile politician, he needs to realize that having thin skin will get him nowhere fast. He should be using his time to figure out a way to make easton clean and safe, as it is the highest taxer in Norco. He should man up, act like a Mayor, instead of an irritable little school girl, chasing around bullies who bother her.

    I think he clearly lacks the qualities needed in a County Exec, and doubt he will have any success if he enters that race

  13. I agree. There is only one person with real promise that can do the job but has not yet thrown in his hat. If he does we will all have some campaining to do.


  14. Off topic read Broad and Pennsylvania, great post on Gracedale. The COAF has one member that worked at Gracedale and is retired. We all bring a speciality to the group.

  15. Seems like Bernie and Attorney Otter are having a heated conversation on his blog. Bernie plans to sue you people for a list of things.

  16. Well thats OK, those folks have so much to disclose so that's fine go ahead and sue them again, you will lose again. I keep telling Mario to sue you berny for slandering him all over the place. I have seen his credentials and I have seen his certifications. If he chose to sue you yoy would lose for sure lucky you he turns the other cheek.


  17. Mr. Otter needs not worry. When is the last time BO ever won a case? And you notice who will be funding the threatened lawsuit? Angle. Looks like Ohare got himself another paying gig practicing law without a license. Anoher paying gig playing the bully.

  18. Here is a question.
    Ohare says you folks have deprived him of a living by telling people to watch out for him and his M.O. .

    yada yada yada

    Wouldn't the same hold true when Bernie on Business Matters, in the Courthouse during council, and everytime he refers to Mario on his blog , he adds that he is a "fake" minister?

    When I got married we gave our minister a fee (gift)

    When clergy preside over a funeral or other event they receive a fee (gift)....INCOME.

    By telling everyone in earshot that Mario is a "fake" minister doesn't that affect his potential income?

    Care to comment on that Attorney Otter?

    I think pre-emptive lawsuits are in order.

  19. i think Bo will have about as much success in a defamation lawsuit as we (and about 275,000 others) would be convicted of a hate crime should he

    1. pop an anuerism
    2. Jump off a bridge and croak
    3. choke on a tic tac and croak

    Also noteworthy, if he did croak, and a coroner ruled his death as suspicious, there would be about 275,000 suspects.

  20. All his lawsuits, like Angle's, are nuisance suits. They won't go anywhere but they divert attention away for the real important issues. He may have been disbarred but he still knows you can sue anyone for anything. He was an attorney and knows how to file the papers. He has nothing else to do and a benefactor, so why not? It won't go anywhere but that isn't the point, the point is to try and be a pain in the ass.

    How can someone who has himself posted hate, called people bigots, frauds, fake Reverends and a host of other hate speech, sue anyone on a public blog. He is just being his usual nutty self.

    This is probably his way of diverting public and county council attention away form the real issue of diverting taxpayer paid services to a private individuals lawsuit.

    Still waiting for one, just one county council member to question this practice by the Administration.

  21. Very well said 0919.

    The fact that anyone can sue anyone for anything in this nation without any real consequence for losing is his rational for playing his "I'm gonna sue you" game. but he better understand that all of this is sure to catch up with him. COAF has not displayed ignorance. And as I understand it COAF really hopes that he sues them because they have alot they would like to share with a judge.