Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Watchmen Are Diligently Watching

The Coalition of Alzheimer's Families and all whom have aligned themselves, should be better known as the watchmen who have awaken the people of the village sounding the alarm that harm may be in the wake of morning.

Today, while seen by some in local government like County Executive John Stoffa to be more of a nuisance, they (COAF) truly are caring citizens seeking honest government. We believe it is safe to say that any less than honest politician will despise the group because they continue to shed light, and then hi-light improper actions and behavior on the part of those we have elected to represent us.

With the recent email revelation, the Executive and his staffers must be concerned that the the truth about their wrongful activities has been exposed by a light to bright to extinguish, regardless of the method used to do so.

We The People have elected to office (CC) what We The People believe to be seven of nine bi-partisan honorable men and women to restore trust in government by way of righteous governing, and we have the expectation that they will act as such, and conduct an investigation into the illegal behavior exposed by the email. If the investigation proves our suspicion of wrong doing, then it should be turned over to District Attorney John M. Morgenelli for further review, and possible prosecution.

Mr. Stoffa, We The People are not out on a witch hunt, we are merely holding you up to the standards set forth by The People, for The People. As an elected official of The People at among the highest of levels of local government, we trusted you to act in our best interest, however, you chose instead to defy The People with dishonorable behavior - and for that sir...We The People request that you step down without further scandal.

Note that the level of dishonor brought upon you is less at this point should you chose to follow our request than it will be should you not. The people whom have protected you to this point see for themselves the truth, and can no longer protect you for the hedge has been lifted - to do so will bring them down with you, something they are certainly not willing to allow you to do...NO sir, they will not allow you to bring them down too.


  1. God Bless you all! Many people are counting on you. We need to work hard to save Gracedale at least until we can get an honest and real person elected next year. One who can be trusted to do the best to keep Gracedale working and one we can trust won't lie when we ask questions.

    Again, thank you. I am more political than you and I am trying to convince a friend he must run for office. I think he wants to but has little money. He has the integrity the knowledge and experience but I am going to try and help him commit. He has told a few people he plans to run. However some of the Callahan and Panto heavy hitter politicos have tried to freeze him out.

    Keep fighting your fight and I will fight mine.

    God Bless!

  2. The current administration is STILL holding back on implementing measures that will increase revenue at Gracedale!!! SHAMEFULL!!!!!!

  3. I don't know that much about Callahan but, I do know that Mayor Panto was and still is a big supporter of the save gracedale fight. I saw him in Easton on the south side the day of the primary and he was on the save gracedale side. He is nothing like Stoffa or Angle and posts on BO site when he feels he needs to clear things up. Remember he was a teacher and I'm sure he misses it sometimes. Teaching a class with Angle and BO doesn't mean that they are friends. I'm sure that there is little they agree on. Keep up the good fight and stay strong!

  4. Can the campaign speech, Panto job seeker. Sal Panto never said boo about Gracedale and he would sell it in a a heartbeat if it made him money. The guy knows absolutely nothing about the county and would go down whatever path his campaign team told him to. He is on O'Hares hate blog right now calling people who disagree with his KOZ, morons. He also is acting like Angle daring people to "meet" him.

    The guy is always kissing up to O'Hare and Angle. He is disengenuois at best. We had that with Stoffa, we won't get fooled again. Remember when John Stoffa wished the petition folks, "good luck". How did that go?

    Panto should stay in the city, "he loves", the county doesn't need another Stoffa