Friday, March 23, 2012

Otter Says

We had a conversation with Attorney in good standing Otter this morning and he asked if we would relay this information to any and all concerned...we agreed so here it is...

It has come to our attention that certain parties in the Gracedale matter are concerned about the filing of the COAF petition for allowance of appeal to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on March 19, 2012.

Please see PA. RAP 121 infra.
There is a blog post regarding this matter in which a disbarred blogger frets about the postmark date on HIS copy of the petition for allowance of appeal.

Said blogger and his co counsel pro se objected in the past to receiving courtesy emails of the filings and INSISTED on receiving paper copies. Accordingly, that is what they received by snail mail.

Now disbarred blogger complains that he did not receive his papers before the news media.
Cry me a river!

Said blogger is well known for putting out no truth, quarter truths  or sometime even half truths. Disingenuousness is his stock in trade.
His trash talk on his blog contains the usual threats of litigation. There is already current litigation in place, Karnak the Magnificent can foresee a new piece of litigation called a SURCHARGE ACTION.

Why even Judge Baratta saw that action in his prior rulings in the case at hand--look it up. April 1 may be a fitting  day to file that one.
Said Blogger and his email associates will be the star witnesses in that case.
Let me suggest that the blogger put those 2011 emails up on his own blog and let the people decide who is telling the truth.

Follow the trail of EXHIBIT A
(Watergate/Bonusgate--It's all the same) Cross examination under oath  of certain adverse parties, including the Blogger and his co counsel pro se, a certain Farmer, should be very enlightening to the alert citizens of Northampton County."

"Conservative or Liberal, Deist or Pagan, Jersey transplant or Lehigh Valley native, we're all in this mess together. Let's talk. Let us do no harm."


  1. Word on the street is, a shot in the dark. If you put out enought BS some thing might stick to the wall. bo has two interchangble parts and he is talking through the wrong one.

  2. Yeah. Poor O'Hare. He's always the victim. Poor guy. Somebody should give him something to feel truly victimized about. Like say a jail sentence or a wired-shut busted jaw.

  3. I can see the orange jumpsuits now!!! All of them.
    I can see the ulcers forming ~~~~~they have ulcer medication in jail don't they?

  4. BINGO! I wrote a post on BO's blog -- that was deleted -- that said, essentially, "what's the big deal about the postmark? The appeal filed by Otter (as posted on Gracedale's site) clearly states service was done via email."
    This is the perfect example of how BO shades and twists facts.
    Even the language BO cites in the state rules says the postmark only applies to mailed service.
    Then again, maybe BO isn't twisting the truth, maybe he's just dumb.

  5. Just remember, BO created a blog and invites people to post. He controls what the topic is, he censors and deletes the comments he wants. Now he will bring a suit against people who comment on his and other blogs because he was called names and feels in danger. Is this junior high court??

    That could apply to every person who ever disagreed with his buddy Ron Angle.

    O'Hare is again being the drama queen he plays so well.

    If he weren't so despicable, I would pity him.