Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Represented Myself!!!

Those are the words of the self exposed LIAR Bernard O'hard III.

O'hare does not have the intelligence to understand that we IN FACT welcome any law suit that he, or anyone else for that matter, may be planning. We The People are tired of his nonsense, and we are poised to prove that he is a LIAR - and we can do it right here...right now.

The Disbarred Attorney - Bernard O'hare III
Proven here to have lied to - We The People.

O'hare who was disbarred for among other things, lying - on May 2, 2011, he was dense enough to go on WFMZ's Business Matters inspired by Ron Angle - to attempt to expose Rev. Mario Martinez as a fake, instead he exposed himself again as a LIAR.

At approximately 16 min 25 sec into the episode "Selling Gracedale - The Debate Rages On" We can all hear the Coalition representative Rev. Martinez tell Ohare what We The People will not except...At approximately 16:52 -17:03 we hear Gracedale Union Representative Justus James say clearly "we have people sitting next to us" (meaning Ohare and Stoffa) who sued "We The People" with our own "TAX" dollars...and while O'Hare chooses to lie, Stoffa decides it might be better to just keep quiet...does not confirm nor deny it.

17:04 Tony Iannelli ask O'hare - "I think you hired your own law firm right?"...

...Then at approximately 17:08 we hear the great words of the DISBARRED LIAR say - "NO, I REPRESENTED MYSELF" - "I PREPARED MY OWN CASE".

At approximately 17:14 the Reverend says "you did a poor job cause you lost" and the DISBARRED LIAR says "well maybe I did a poor job cause I lost - but I DID IT MY SELF". GOTCHA!!!

Yeah right...sure, okay...if that has an ounce of truth in it, then why is there an email on-line today: 
Which clearly shows that Mark Stewart of Eckerd Seamans hired by County Council SPECIFICALLY to assist in the sale of Gracedale, is also on our dime assisting O'hare and Angle in their case preparation?

And to add insult to injury - it also shows clearly that the County Executive Mr. Stoffa was not only very much aware of it, but his remarks to Mr. Stuart in the email can only be construed to mean that he approved of it.

The time is coming to answer some questions...

...lets do it under oath.


  1. IS THE COUNTY COUNCIL AWARE OF THIS E-MAIL? IS THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY AWARE OF THIS E-MAIL? IF SO, WHY AREN'T ALL OF THE PARTIES INVOLVED BEING INVESTIGATED? I don't believe the people of the COAF had the benefit of the services of Mark Stewart on the taxpayer's dime. Something needs to be done about this and done NOW!!!

  2. Everone who can read, and all who follow this blog are aware. What will be done is yet to be seen.


  4. Word on the street is, bo and his lies and half truths, there is more to come.

  5. They say that when u play w fire u get burned
    theyr going down in flames yippi kaye

  6. Disbarred Bernie is lawyering it up at LVR about the NIZ lawsuit....what a sad d**k smack he is. Cant he see what a complete nincompoop he is? No law license in 25 years, and probably cant get a job cleaning out garbage cans at Walmart either. What a loser.

  7. You can't hide the truth sooner or later it comes out.
    The trio belives they are invincible well they better think again. it is in color -tv ,- and black and white -
    e- mails - kinda hard to get out of this one.

  8. ther is alot more proof it will come out a little at a time untill

  9. When will the Northampton County Council start an investigation to look into the inappropriate and possible illegal use of county resources by the terrible trio.

  10. The President of counsel has the information why is he sitting on it?

  11. Is it true, did the Lehigh Valleys biggest hate blog win an award from the Morning Call? someone told me "Lehigh Valley Rambling Hate", won some sort of journalism award. That is absolutely crazy.

  12. Neither O'Hare, Stoffa nor Ron Angle can get pas the fact they lied about this matter. The county did in fact allow a private county tax dollar paid vendor to assist Mr. O'Hare a private citizen in a lawsuit against other private citizens.

    That action in and of itself should require an immediate censure form county council, at the very least.

    In my opinion the county council should ho;d a special hearing and i believe they would have to refer the matter to the state attorney general.