Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Not Over Til Team Angle/Ohare Sing

Angle and Ohare, two bully's who enjoyed 12 years of horrifying anyone in the county who spoke up against them with court cases, now find the tide has turned.

This is not a frivolous tactic used to harass them, by no means - they sued us and they should pay our legal fees based on the fact that they lost. We did not want to spend money on legal fees...they forced us to. If they would have won the case we can understand...but they LOST.

We feel that anyone who initiates a suit should pay all cost if they lose, period. One of the reasons that our legal system is so bogged down is that people pay a measly fee to bring an action, and if they lose, oh well, they walk away.

Run fast RON - BERNIE, theres an Otter coming...

...have a seat and enjoy the reading :-)


  1. When an Otter bites is it appropriate to say
    "sic 'em" ?
    Good for those delinquents.

  2. You might need to tell Mr. Otter to ammend that brief.
    One of the first dates mentioned has 2001 I think it was meant to be 2011. You know the former lawyer will want it tossed on this type of mistake.
    Because he has nothing....nada....ziltch.....zero

  3. I hope County Council reviews this entire matter independent of any court. This was a misappropriation of county funds pure and simple.

    Mr. Stoffa used a county paid vendor to help a private individual in a lawsuit against other private individuals.

    I cannot believe one person on county council isn't screaming about this. To sit back silently while misdeeds occur is the same as consenting to them.

    Sad, very sad. I expected more.

  4. ohare and angle may not realize that the exisiting email on that other site may bury them. the one that show that they were assisted by eckerd seamans and stoffa knew it to

  5. Word on the street is, John Cusick along with the ET and the MC have the bills from Eckert Seman. Cousic has all the E-Mails too, why are they sitting on them? By the way bo address is 68 South Main St. Nazareth, Pa. Just in case anyone wanted to know. Now the war protesters know where to find him.

  6. Word on the street is, John Cusick along with the ET and the MC have the bills from Eckert Seman. Cousic has all the E-Mails too, why are they sitting on them?

  7. E-Mail From MSteward Sent Tuesday Feb 01 2011 To John Conklin subjectGracedale Initative Petition amended motion to dismiss. FYI> Otter's citing a case that he claims stands for the proposition that Election Code challenges don't apply to initiative unless Charter says so. Given that we have numerous petition challenges cases under the election codethat involve either an initiative or referendum issue, I think this should not hold up but it's a 2007 case and these cases can be all over the place in terms of their holdings and contradicting each other without overturning each other I have someone working on it and will pass along whatever we find. And bo got no help.

  8. WHY ISN'T COUNTY COUNCIL ASKING STOFFA FOR AN EXPLANATION???? Are all nine of them afraid to speak up for what is right? It's unbelievable that our elected officials would look the other way when they have been provided with written proof that tax payer money was misused~!!! AT A COUNCIL MEETING WHEN SOMEONE SAID THEY WERE COACHED BY MARK STEWART BO AND ANGLE BOTH LIED TO COUCIL. Demand that ET,MC and Councul reveal the e-mails that prove Stoffa, Conklin.bo,Angle are liars.

  9. Word on the street is, does the E-Mail posted at 8:52 go with Eric's E-Mail that he posted? Makes you wonder but bo and Angle recived no help.