Thursday, March 22, 2012

What Some Are Saying

Check out what some are saying about our strife.

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  1. I made a few comments today on Geetings blog. Gracedale will succeed. State cuts are not new...they have been happening for years. The private homes are also being cut, and are making their adjustments accordingly. Most private homes have RNs fully assigned. By that , I mean that they have supervisory roles in addition to med passes. The "Supervisory" RN is becoming extinct in LTC. The original buyer offerred about $30 million. That buyer also knew it could make money. If it is managed properly there is no reason that it cant break even...union negotiations are key.

  2. Admisitration has to negotiate with all the county unions for give backs not just Gracedale's. And negotiations have to be done in earnest and done fairly.

  3. Problem is the Stoffa gang has lied and back-stabbed the Gracedale employees so often, how can they negotiate in good faith. I do believe that there may be a need to modify the union contracts for the good of all concerned but it won't happen under Stoffa.

    Can you really blame the union? Stoffa demands give backs form one union while granting big raises to another. This Administration has been inconsistently effective and consistently incompetent.

    There is no trust of the Stoffa Administration, a distinction this Administration has earned with great reason.

    It will take a new Administration that can foster trust. Also an Administration that doesn't play games by pitting employees against other county citizens. When Stoffa and his games are gone, we may actually get something accomplished.