Friday, March 16, 2012

Ron Can Be Your Mirror John

John can look at Ron Angle - the broken man, humiliated by his deeds to see what his own future holds for him.

We The People have been lied to by our trusted County Executive John Stoffa one time too many, and while We The People are not vindictive, we are tired of the deception.

If we want smoke and mirrors John - we'll check out Harry Houdini/Eric Weisz - the best at the game. You know Eric don't you?

But that's not what We The People want guess at what we want, just one guess, come on you can do it. Wrong John, not another deception...we want HONESTY in our government. The type that will tell the truth even when they know We The People won't like it - The TRUTH John, we just want the TRUTH...we can handle it!!!

Explain this John - You told the world that no solicitor or attorney working for the county had ever coached Ron and Bernie relating to their private citizen law suit against the TAX you remember that John -  Explain please this excerpt from your email which was magically posted online by your friend, you know, the one that sometime has lunch with you.

From:John Stoffa

CC :John R. Conklin ;
Wednesday, February 02, 2011 6:20 PM
Subject:RE: Agenda Initiative case

thanks nice job Mark

-----Original Message-----
From:[]Sent: Wednesday, February 02, 2011 5:32 PM
Cc: John R. Conklin; John StoffaSubject:
 Fw: Agenda Initiative case

Ron and Bernie

As you know, Otter filed an Amended Motion to Dismiss in which he argues(1) the Election Code does not apply to initiatives, (2) the Nutter case is somehow applicable and controlling, and (3)the court lacks subject matter jurisdiction because the Election Code does not apply (redundant). As explained below,he's wrong on all points. We've attached the case cited and have previously provided copies of the other casesreferenced.

Note: full email click here:
This email John, was from you to Mark Stewart, praising him for the good work he was doing coaching Ron and Bernie - PLEASE EXPLAIN YOUR WAY OUT OF THIS ONE!

It's all on video John. What will happen now John...will the video disappear?

This is great -  even Angle who claimed he did get email because he does not know how to use a computer is caught in a lie here. Who's email is farmeragnle@hotmail . com?

And Bernie who claimed during a recorded Council meeting that he was never coached by anyone - who's emil is

Is it us...or is it getting hot in here? Step down John before it gets hotter.


  1. Word on the street is, an E-MAIL from bo to Mr. Onembo. in response to MR. Otter's latest document I feel obligated to make you aware that Mr. Angle one of the "interested parties" mentioned by Otter,does not use a computer and would not know how to turn one on. Mr Onembo is court administrator. I guess bo is not below lying to the court.

  2. I see Mr. Stoffa got his handpicked Gracedale board approved by County council. Is County Council slow or are they part of the game.

    The people on the board are all picked because for there ties to John Stoffa and to his biggest campaign contributor. that would be Jack Bradt, former Republican County Chair, he gave Stoffa thousands in Stoffa's run for Executive and is hooked to many of these folks.

    This is a travesty and is another sad example of the Stoffa game being played at Gracedale.

  3. Is it true that no members of COAF were selected on the advisory board?

  4. Word on the street is, Yes no one was picked, Stoffa has the final word.

  5. Word on the street is, there is two openings left on the board, we will see what happens.

  6. I am not happy with how this Board was handled. I am upset with county council for once again just doing what Stoffa wants. This Board is packed to tell Stoffa whatever he wants them to tell the people.

    Shameful display of arrogance by Stoffa. Another shameful display of cowardice by the County council.

    I thought the positions were going to be advertised for people to apply not be called by Stoffa and Marcus.

  7. I think the term is "kangaroo court".
    Meaning assembly of "vigilante committees".... among other things.
    It seems this administration excels in this type of governance.