Friday, March 30, 2012


There are many questions to be answered, and "WHY" is a good starting point.

Lets ask one - Why didn't our County Executive John Stoffa pull the trigger on the swaption when the bill was under ten million dollars? Yes, it still would have been a loss, but it would have save us millions of dollars.

John Stoffa took the gamble and lost

Instead of acting frugal with our finances, John Stoffa allowed over fifteen million dollars more to be added to the SWAPTION loss. Why?...well wait just a minute - couldn't we have guaranteed Gracedales future for at least several more years with $15md, and at no additional cost to the tax payers? Of course we could have. But that was not his was to sell Gracedale!

Stoffa can try to blame the County Council, but really...consider that he has veto power to stop something CC wants to do, so it stands to reason that he can act on behalf of the TAX PAYERS and explain his action to CC later.

Realize that if Stoffa had in fact done so, today he would be seen by ALL as a financial genius, more brilliant than the "legend in his own mind" Ron Angle.

But NO...because Stoffa's plan was to sell Gracedale all along, no matter what! It was more convenient, and more important to simply say "we don't have the money". And when County Controller Steve Barron stood up and said...wait John, see here, we do have the money - John, instead of just DOING THE RIGHT THING, turned on Controller Barron, releasing his rabid dogs of destruction.

Well, as we all know today, and gratefully so because we have history to look back on, we can confidently, and without any doubt say that we in fact had the money,  just like Mr. Barron said we did. 

We also know today that instead of wasting less than ten million of our hard earned dollars, by his action or lack of action Mr. Stoffa ended up wasting over twenty five million dollars of the money WE WORKED SO HARD FOR.

Okay, so that we're clear on this...under the first scenario John Stoffa had the opportunity to do what was right, and had he done so he could have actually been re-elected easily if he chose to run again (he has indicated he's not running again). Well, what did he do you ask? John Soffa chose instead to foolishly waste our hard earned tax dollars on the gamble that Gracedale would be sold.  We MUST make the point that he lost what wasn't his to play with.

TAX PAYERS of NorCO...consider just how much a reputable Executive could have done with our FIFTEEN million dollars, which simply stated was thrown away by Stoffa. And to add more insult to our painful injuries - we end up with a grim outlook...possible future tax increases because of our "poor excuse" of an Executive - John Stoffa.

We had no idea there were degrees of rape, because based on the definition, there seems to be only one type. We were wrong. There are, in fact, different degrees and types of rape. The degree of offense and corresponding sentence depends upon the alleged force used to perpetrate the offense, position of the alleged perpetrator to the alleged victim, injuries sustained by the alleged victim, and the age of both the alleged perpetrator and alleged victim.

ALL IN ALL - this was RAPE in the First Degree and Mr. Stoffa should be held responsible and accountable!


  1. You are absolutely right. In fact if Mr. Stoffa and Angle thought the swaption was so evil, they could have gotten out of it the first year of Stoffa's term. Guess what it was, it was still a positive number then. The county would have paid nothing. Easy procedure. He waited and did nothing.

    That is the watchword of this Administration, seven years of doing nothing. The only projects he pursued was to sell Gracedale in order to fun his Abe drug addict lounge. It was obvious to all. He also bought another needless county building to add to the many we don't need.

    He is a very bad man. The worst County Executive in county history.

  2. Oh no here comes the R word. The R word is precisely and curiously and coincidentally applicable to the former big fat psycho who likes to rape.

    The former big fat ( but still psycho) loser is incapable of rape (literally) because he lacks the required male body component that is needed to carry out the crime.

    It should be noted, no less, that a big fat psycho can and will be prosecuted for attempted rape, even though he rolls around on the floor, foams at the mouth, and continues to look in sewer drains all over West Easton Borough in search of his missing d**k